Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim A DAY IN WHICH YOU DO NOT IMPROVE IS WASTED
We must try to follow the ways of the Prophet. He has been created to be the best example for all of mankind. He is the praised servant of Allah Almighty. His servanthood has been accepted. Every one of mankind must treat him as the first teacher from whom we can learn according to our capacity. No-one can be a complete servant, we can only do the best according to our level. For every level there is another standard of worshipping.
During 23 years our Prophet taught his companions every level of servanthood. His message was for all of mankind, it covered time and space. He was the best teacher. We must try to reach the perfecton of our level and to be able to give the utmost respect in glorifying our Lord Almighty Allah. Even an ant gives it respect, gives its glorification to its Lord, according to its level. Oh, mankind, you must give your glorification to your Lord according to your level. Maybe your level aquires much more from you, but you don't give it. Maybe you are lazy. Try to give it completely, in its perfection.

Our Prophet was saying, may peace be upon him, that someone who keeps the same level for two days is a loser. You must be better today than yesterday. Tomorrow you must get further. Your daily worshipping must improve daily. This can mean in quantity or in quality. You must not be on the same line like you were last year.

For example with your business, you must also be a step further. Maybe some clever-ones amongst us will say, "Oh, Sheik, there is a crisis, how can we in an economical crisis have an opportunity to improve? We are happy if we can keep what we have and not loose that too." I tell them that this because their business has been established by their ego and not founded on Allah. If you build it for Allah, Allah will support your business. Even if the whole world is in a crisis, Allah may send you from His Secret People to buy and sell for you. They will order one millon of this and one million of that. They will come and pick it up, pay for it and then disappear. Whereto no-one knows. if you do it for Allah, there is no economical crisis. Don't worry. Nothing can affect you if ou are doing business for Allah. But you are doing business for Allah, but most of you are doing it for yourself. You think that you are very clever business people doing everything for yourself and never considering Allah. At least make it between Allah Almighty and yourself.

Our lives are so easy. If we only knew how to open the treasures. But there are so many keys... Yes, our Prophet told us that we should not stay on the same level. This one sentence, if people were listening, could take the whole world to the highest level.

When it comes to worshipping we do not speak about the quantity because it is impossible to increase it daily. But when it comes to obediency and to the quality of the prayings, you must make it better and better and better. What makes it better? If you would put two rakats of the Prophet on the scale on the Day of Resurrection and all the rakats of all the believers in the world on the other, his two rakats would be more valuable. This is including the angels and the jinn!

Look at this ring, it has a stone in it, but it is imitated, maybe it is only worth £5.- There are rings of Sultans and Kings which are as valuable as a treasure. You wouldn't be able to pay its price. One is a ring, and so is the other. It is like the praying of the Prophet, his prayer is according to his respect towards the Lord, Almighty Allah. Everyone gives his respect to the Lord according to his knowledge. The more you know Him, the more you will respect Him. No-one can reach the level of Knowledge which the Seal of Prophets had been granted by his Lord. So when he prayed his two rakats it was so lovely for Allah Almighty. So we should try to improve our quality. Don't let the 2 rakats we pray today be the same as the ones we did yesterday.

So we need much more Divine Knowledge. We must look to learn much more Divine Knowledge from Divine People who belong to the Divine Presence. You must look for them. There is a sign. You must ask for Divine Knowledge. If you ask and you know that there is someone even in China teaching Divine Knowledge, then run to him to ask and to learn fom him. But nowadays people only run after wordly things, so how can their prayers improve?

What does knowledge give you? It gives you love. The more you know about the perfection of someone, your heart will run to that direction. Love comes to your heart and takes away everything except the love of your Lord. You are then full with Divine Love and your prayers will be liked by Allah. Allah likes to be praised with love, full love. You cannot buy love in Harrods. There you can find everything except love. Harrods gives you only the love of this world, not of the next. Oh, people, we must try to increase our Divine Love from day to day. You must think that our life is fixed to a limit and that today we are coming one day closer to the limit of our life. From day to day you must feel and fill yourself with more love and anticipation of getting closer to the Presence of the Lord. That will fill you up with more and more love from day to day.

Try to fill you prayers with more love and that will make them sweet and your life sweet. Most people don't know this. They are asking for a sweet life, not knowing that it comes from sweet worshipping and that comes from loving Allah Almighty. If you put one spoon of sugar into a teacup it will be sweet, if you put two it will be sweeter... Put more love and your worshipping will be sweeter! Someone came and complained to me today saying that they are praying duha, awwabin, sunna and that they are not happy with it. So I told them to leave it! So they said, "No, but I am not happy!" I said, "Leave it!", they said, "No!" So what can we do? You must ask for more love from Allah Almighty. And we hope that He will grant us in this Holy Month, for the sake of his Holy Prophet, that love may reach to us. May Allah forgive us.

Italy - 01.03.1994
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