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People think that children are a heavy burden for parents. It is a shaytanic idea, making people think that there is no need for children. In reality, having many children grants many blessings on parents. In jaahiliyya, the “time of ignorance,” people thought having many children was a burden to the family, but it is so wrong. With everyone comes provision, rizq, which is written for them and accordingly children are sent, it is not because of partners. Everyone comes with his own provision. Ar-rizqu maqsoomun, “the provision is apportioned for everyone.”

But now people’s ideas are against every haqiqah, Islamic principle, which are so perfect. Their thinking is completely wrong. Therefore, people now are running after dunya’s principles which are imitated principles. Real principles come from Heavens through prophets. For Mankind, there are so many levels according to how each one was created. They think everyone can bring a principle for himself and follow it, but you never followed this principle even once.

They insist, saying, “No!” Mostly they say, “My principle.” Who are you to say, “My principle”? Your principle is zero. If principles don’t come from Heavens, through heavenly ones, they have no value. They put a plastic ring instead of a real diamond. What is the value of a real diamond and what is the value of a synthetic diamond? Now people are not distinguishing between reality and falsehood. Therefore, they are bringing so many Members of Parliament, each one standing up and declaring, “What I am saying to you is best.” Another person comes and says, “No, we are not accepting your principles, it is animal dirtiness.” You are saying this! Yalla! Throwing shoes on his head, no adab for him, because everyone can’t say or bring a principle.

Principles are from the Heavens, from the Creator. Who are you to say, “I am creating a principle”? First one says, “That is the best one,” and a second one says, “No, what I am saying is the best.” A third one says, “Haatoo burhaanukum, bring your proof!” You bring your proof, all mixed up! This whole world is now upside down, people are falling in a valley where there is no way to go out, no possibility either to stay there or go outside the valley.

Now throughout the world, parliaments are bringing everyone and making them talk. What are they saying? Who is accepting your declaration? No one. And the chief or president of some parliaments are coming and writing something then reading it to people. They are not really saying anything, but among themselves they say, “Our president doesn’t know anything.” Then they say, “I am speaking.”

Now countless crises and difficulties are falling on Mankind from every kind, and yet you can’t find two persons saying to each other, “Are you all right?” and the second person to say, “Are you all right?”

They are asking now to find a way to save themselves. How can they save themselves? It is something you are putting in the same pot: some lentils, wheat, barley, tomato, olive oil, and at the same time someone is asking to add sugar. Another says, “No, we must put salt,” another says, “No, you can’t put salt without vinegar, that can’t be! We must put this.” Who is eating that (weird concoction)?

Our real beings are never accepting such foolishness, no. That is the main problem that waits for an opening from people, an understanding, but they never accept anything from others and they rather say, “My opinion or my principle is to do this in such a way.” No one accepts that, also! Therefore, it is going to be a gigantic hill of unaccepted principles and we won’t find any way to get out, no.

Now people are reaching the top point of being proud, so that one is not accepting the second one’s opinion and principles. And until people come to heavenly principles, all crises or economic hardships and any branches of life can’t be taken away! May Allah forgive us, and send us someone who will throw a heavenly bombarding on wrong ideas and principles, and instead bring heavenly principles. Then dunya will be okay!

May Allah forgive us. Fatihah.

Therefore, what is happening in Egypt or in Tunis or in this or that place, all of them are saying, “No, you are wrong, come down! We must come up.” With which thing are you getting up? “No, Husni Mubarak must come down! We must go and be there.” When you are sitting there you are going to bring another kind of principle that is not true. Also people are quarreling, it is never written in holy books that people should go against governments. So many troubles and fighting. And they are finding a good way. It is only heavenly principles; if you are keeping them you should reach to happiness and if not, you will be there and people will quarrel.

Here we are waiting for heavenly orders from Sayyidina Imam Mahdi (a), and also for what is coming after him, who is bringing and opening Holy Qur’an and speaking a true understanding from it. If not, they are going to kill each other and eat each other in the parliament. That can’t be. May Allah forgive us.


Amaan yaa Rabbee, amaan yaa Rabbee!

Lefke, 08.02.2011

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