Maulana Sheikh NazimGlory be for Allah, absolute Glory for Allah Exalted
Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded ya Rijalallah…Subhanaka la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…
Glory be for Allah, absolute Glory for Allah Exalted. Allah Almighty’s Identity is beyond our imaginations. May Allah grant us through His most glorious servant in His divinely glorious Presence…And we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, we are always running to Allah from the worst creature that is against Allah Almighty, against His glorious messengers and prophets and it is against heavenly orders, that is against mankind. They don’t like to say ‘he is’, our masters. They like Shaitan to be addressed ‘it’. It, that only animals are addressed (that way). ‘He’ only addressed mankind and we are saying He Almighty, and granting us that through that language ‘he; to give honour to mankind. Giving such endless honour, He Almighty granted to mankind to be addressed ‘you’ and ‘he’ and ‘who’. Therefore we are saying ‘it’ for addressing Shaitan. When it is absent, we are saying it. And it in Turkish language very good for that one, it means dog in Turkish language. Very suitable…Who may be in divinely Presence to say against Allah Almighty’s Order, to make arguing, who arguing, who is arguing in divinely Presence, quickly coming down and being ‘it’. It is Turkish language is dog. And that one who arguing in divinely Presence only barking: ‘How, how’…big voice dog…

That is characteristic of shaitan 1oo% suitable for it. Therefore we are running from that one that it is trying to make people to follow him and to be arguing ones against divinely Orders, that in our days countless its, dogs like shaitan arguing with Allah Almighty’s Orders, and standing up against His divinely Orders and arguing. All of them are ‘its’- that means in Turkish language dogs. Therefore when you are looking and hearing someone arguing to Allah, they are dogs- only barking. They are representatives of shaitan, the biggest dog through creatures.

Therefore from perfection of a man, that no one can reach perfection of humanity without knowing real position of Shaitan, if a person not recognizing Shaitan and not knowing about that one, can’t reach to be a perfect person or a perfect servant for the Lord of Heavens, can’t be accepted for divinely service. Therefore first step for understanding about real importance of Shaitan, you can’t be a real servant for Allah Almighty, you may be cheated. You may be cheated, and so many times daily a person going to be cheated by Shaitan and its representatives to make trouble for perfection of mankind, they are first troublemakers to cut off the way of perfection for mankind. That its importance, shaitan’s importance: to cut off the ways that you can reach perfection through humanity, and who may reach perfection through divinely Presence, that ones are only blessed ones. If not, they are not blessed ones, they are only cursed ones. No perfection without leaving barking Shaitan and its followers. Whom not leaving big dog through universe Shaitan and its deputies and representatives, daily hundreds of troubles cursing them, because troubles is signs of cursing. And now whole world just fall in an endless troubles, and everywhere you can find troublemakers, and for those people cursing day and night coming on people and their days cursed, their nights cursed, their works and efforts cursed, their lives cursed, everything they are doing is cursed.

Therefore now we are living through 21st century and wars at doors. Wars after doors, wars is not a sign of blessing, wars all signs of cursing from Heavens. Why people are not taking care for themselves to save themselves from cursing? Because through 21st century scholars, professors, philosophers that they are claiming that they are reaching top point of positive knowledge everywhere through universities, through academies, through high schools, their education system just built on positive knowledge as they are saying. And they are saying when positive knowledge stopping, beyond that everything that mankind claiming to know as a knowledge through those people scientists and learned people and philosophers they are saying beyond positive knowledge they are only imaginations. They are only saying reality where positive knowledge is reaching, up to there. ‘Beyond our positive knowledge we are not accepting anything, because beyond our knowledge that which we can’t reach to it through our 5 senses, it is only production of imaginations of people’. And they say that: ‘The first ones for imagining are those people who claim that they are messengers from Heavens. And what they are speaking or claiming as a heavenly message that they are saying holy Books and muhtawa, what they are containing, in front of our knowledge all of it is only imagination’.

Therefore when they are not accepting anything beyond that knowledge that only concerns the material world, this is making their heads to be frozen- they are never understanding, never looking, never tasting anything from the reality that is mentioned as a heavenly reality through Prophets, and they are becoming like rocks. Those people, their perfection is on the level of rocks. Rocks also have a perfection, but on their level. Rocks, plants, animals and mankind- everything has a perfection through their level. Those people who are imprisoning themselves through a knowledge that they say it is positive knowledge, they imprison themselves through rocks first. Yet not reaching to the level of plants, or to the level of animals- where they have reached to level of being mankind? And from the level of mankind how they can reach to real humanity, the honour of mankind?

Therefore they never accept a perfection over their knowledge, they never accept any reality beyond positive knowledge, as they are calling it. And when they are imprisoned through the material world, never reaching to them blessings. Blessings reaching to humanity. Also reaching blessings to plants, to animals, and to common people, but the heavenly perfection that is giving honour to mankind, making them real members of humanity- and they have been honoured as being deputies of the Lord of Heavens- they can’t reach. They are through rocks, in darkness of material world. If they are getting out they can’t look, they can’t see. So many creatures, who live through darkness, have no eyes to see and to know (the difference) between darkness and light. Therefore if you put them in lights, they can’t live and they are asking darkness always.

And this is the main problem that brings endless troubles: Troubles coming from such foolish ideas from scientists and learned people, who claim to be positive knowledge’s representatives. That level is the level of troubles. And those people who claim and deny beyond their knowledge, they are sources of troubles for whole mankind. And I am sorry to say that now through 2003, in the 21st century, 100 % of the people, or 99 %, or 95 % of people are followers of those people that are blind ones. They are through the darkness of materialism, they can’t see anything. And the majority of people is running after these blind people; running after them to find a way to save themselves from troubles, from problems, from wars, sufferings and from cursing. But it can’t be.

Therefore now mankind must come back to ask another group of people who are saying- and their saying is reality; they represent the real knowledge about mankind and their real personality. Until people come to them, these troubles and wars (are coming). As much as they may run through streets and shout: ‘We don’t want war’- but wars are coming. Sources of wars is the darkness of materialism; that they are never seeing lights on earth. They are always hopeless people, and unbelievers, beyond that darkness they are not believing in lights. They believe in darkness and deny lights, saying: ’We never accept light. We are only accepting this positive knowledge and beyond this, what you are saying from lights, that is imagination’. People must try to save themselves from those blind people, cursed people and dark people, or they should be taken away. As in the time of flood of Noah, this world is running to another flood; but it is not water, it is fire and blood flood...

May Allah forgive me and bless you and bless every believer for the honour of that most glorious and honoured and praised one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha

Lefke, 15.03.2003

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