Maulana Sheikh NazimWhy the Actions of most People come Rolling Back on their Heads

When people work for satan they cannot succeed. It is impossible. They are like people who throw stones into the air. First it will go up, but finally fall on their head. Whoever works for Allah will go higher and higher like a rocket. Don't be cheated when you see that some satanic people seem to be going up. They will fall. But if you work for Allah He will give you power to continue up forever. The truth will always go up. Those who stay with the truth will go up. Falsehood can continue for a short time, but it must finally come down.

People need support. Without it is so difficult to move up. You will get such a support every moment and every second according to your intentions. This is why everyone must be careful with what they do. They must see if they are doing it for the sake of Allah, or for satan. Satan usually only gives you one shot. But Allah's support is endless: it will shoot up and up and up... endlessly. So if you do something for the sake of Allah, don't worry. You will be supported all the time. If not, don't make yourself tired by wasting your energy, because you will not get any more. If you have exhausted yourself working for this world, don't expect to find another energy. Like a battery: if you don't have a source to recharge, you will be finished quickly.

Allah blesses those who work for Him. If you work for yourself, don't expect His help. Usually people are given one shot. If you use it for His sake, He might give you one more, to enable you to be closer to His Divine Presence. This is why people in our time are very seldom blessed, even religious people. Official people will never be blessed and will never be holy. Holy people cannot be official.

I once asked a priest in Switzerland if he thought he was holy. But he said, "No, I am only a priest. St. Nicolaus, who is buried there, he is holy."

"Yes, because his energy always attracts me to stop and greet him, whenever I pass through here! But what about the Pope, is he holy?"

"No, he is only an official person."

Official religious people cannot be holy. Those who work for governments cannot be independent servants of Allah. They are being paid and must do everything officially. The only way an official person can be holy, is if he works daytime and prays at night. The way of holiness passes through night-prayers. It is a sign of sincerity and holiness. Hypocrites are the ones who pretend to work for Allah. Whoever wants to be a good servant must try to do their night-prayers. While other people are sleeping, they are standing up in prayer. They are happiest when they are in His Divine Presence. Holy people are all blessed by Allah. Without His blessing no-one can be blessed. Blessings come from above. It is not something which the public can give you. If we are not blessed, we will not be pleased within ourselves.


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