SHEIK NAZIM: Asalamualeikum. You now have a mosque. Is it rented? Who is looking after it?

A: All of us.

SHEIK NAZIM: No! You can't do it like that. All of you must see to the prayer , that as many as possible attend, also for the dhikr and other associations. If it is possible, then attend daily. If that is not possible, then come every three days. If that is not possible, then come weekly. If that is not possible, then come every 15 days. If that is not possible, then once a month. If that is not possible, then come once every forty days. But don't let there be more than 40 days between your visits to that place. Whoever comes there daily, or weekly, or monthly, or every 40 days, they must support and help to sustain that place financially and also spiritually. Therefore we want a warden to be there to look after the place daily and prepare it for Juma and Zikr and for associations. He should take care of the building and make everything which is necessary for visitors and worshippers and murids, for the followers of the most distinguished Naqshibandi order.

As is the custom, whoever can give more time than the others to the place, and who lives closer, we would prefer to be the chief of the ward. Whoever gives less help and lives further away may be the assistant for him. This should happen with a good mutual understanding. This should be done for the sake of Allah. Titles are not important. We are trying to make people more humble. The most humble-one should be the chief-one. The chief-one should be so humble, that when he sees that the toilets need cleaning, he will do it himself. If the mosque needs sweeping, then he will do it. If the towels need cleaning, then he will do it. If the whole place needs cleaning, then he will do it. If the kitchen needs cleaning, then he will do it. Without asking anyone else, he will do it. That kind of person is the most humble, he should be the chief. The people who are around this director of the mosque should try to help him. He is humble enough to do all that, but the others must keep their respect towards him and help him run the place and see what they can do. They should try to make it easy and happy and find enjoyment in helping and giving service for the sake of Allah. They should be happy and not angry if they have to do everything, thinking that the others are not doing anything. Whoever does more, should be much more happy and enjoyful. Because Allah Almighty will reward them.

Now something else has to be taken into consideration. This place has been opened with two intentions: one, as a mosque. The other one is as a Naqshibandi-Centre for people who are interested in sufi-ways, these are often non-muslim. They come to make zikr. Then we also have Pakistanis and Arabs. So when we give these two very different people a lecture, this must be remembered. The place is open for everyone, and that is why we have to keep the middle way and not go extremely with anyone. No-one should be disturbed. Whoever comes should not be disturbed!

A: That can not be helped. Because we do zikr many are already disturbed. People have great difficulties, so everything disturbs them.

SHEIK NAZIM: You must write, "This is for Muslims. No-one should be criticised with their beliefs. Please don't discuss. Whoever makes zikr, is free to do so. Whoever does not make zikr, is free not to. Whoever only comes for prayer is welcome. Whoever comes only for zikr is welcome. Please don't discuss! Don't quarrel. If you are not happy with the zikr, then leave and go. Don't force anyone!". Fatiha!

London, 16.03.1992

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