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People are asking, Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, about what is mentioned in The Magnificent Quran. "Al A`rabu Ashaddu Kufran WaNifaqan" (9:97). Who is this nation? Was this nation of the past, or the present or is still to come? Who is this nation? "Al A`rabu Ashaddu Kufran WaNifaqan" (9:97). They are asking me, and I told them I am not a scholar. We want to ask the people of knowledge for an answer about the Holy verse.

Astaizzu Billah "Al A`rabu Ashaddu Kufran WaNifaqan" (9:97) Who are they? Were they in the past, or are they in the present time or do they still have to come? And the apparent meaning, "Qawm Al A'rabu"(Nation of Al A'rabu)Alif Lam (article) indicates, time kind & general. Who are these people? "Al A`rabu" were they in the past? Or are they present or do they still have to come? And they are "the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy." (9:97) Ashaddu Kufran Wa Nifaqan" (9:97) (the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy) The people of Egypt, the people of Damascus, the people of Baghdad, people of Hijaz, the people of Yemen, the people of Sudan, the people of Algeria, Tunisia, and the Maroccan people -They claim to be Arabs.

But Allah (jwa)mentioned, astaizzu Billah. He (swt) did not say "Arabs are the worst in disbelief & hypocrisy. "But He (swt) said "Al A`rabu Ashaddu KufranWa Nifaqan" (9:97) I request an answer from the Mufti of Al Azhar, Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Mufti of Turkey, Mufti of India, from Mufti of Iran, Mufti of Damascus. From all of them, I am requesting an answer. They say that they want to know who is this nation. This nation, are they present in our present time, and have you seen these people ruling? Or not? Are they ruling or being ruled? This is a deep ocean and people, the general public are believers & they would love to know who this nation is.

Are they.. this nation, maybe they are Turks? No. Because the addressing is to the Arab world. "Al A`rabu are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy" (9:97) For what reason Allah (jwa)sent this Holy Verse. Is it for no reason? And this Holy Verse brings a warning about this nation, or a benefit so we follow them? Do you think that Abdul Nassir was from "Al A`rabu"? Or Abdul Wahhab was from this nation, or this nation is from the people of Palestine? What is his name? Arafat, is he from that nation? Or the one who was in Libya, was he from that nation? Is the Holy Versepointing to this nation? Or is the Holy Verse pointing to the people of Tunisia? Is it pointing to the people of Morocco, to the people of Sudan? Because they are the Arab world.

Is it pointing to the people of Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula? To whom? Because we do not know except that the addressing is to the Arabs. "Al A`rabu are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy" (9:97) Which ones are "Al A`rabu"? Who is this nation? This is important. Because "Who cheats us is not from among us" (Hadith). "Man Ghasshana FaLaisa Minna" (Hadith).

We request... They say that they are part of the Arabs - Who are they? So we may not be cheated, who are they? If they can make clear that answer about this nation, we can beware of them. And those who are clearly innocent we follow them. But to those to whom this addressing is pointing, we should be careful, that they don't touch our Islam & Faith with their evilness. This question -how many people are coming& asking me, "what do you think Shaykh?" I say, "I am not an Arab, we are from the non-Arabs". But I also would like to know from our scholars, that they are leading us. The Arab scholars, especially those who claim from the land of Saudi Arabia "we are the leaders of the Muslim world. "I am asking from those who call themselves Wahabis or Salafi, especially two groups that are spreading (in the Muslim world). Once they spread, came a time when non-Arabs & Arabs are asking, who is meant by the Holy Verse? "Al A`rabu are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy" (9:97) So we can beware of them.

Ask the Mufti of the Egyptian people. Ask the Mufti from people of Saudi Arabia. Ask the scholars of Yemen. And the rest of the Arab scholars, from the Arabic countries. Are the worst unbelievers from Saudi Arabia? Or the people of Yemen? The Palestinian people? Or the people of Egypt, people of Libya, people of Tunisia, or Algerian people or Moroccan? Which one? Or the poor people of Sudan? Are they the ones meant? Who are they? Did Allah (swt) mention something that does not exist? Hasha!

Wa min Allah Al Tawfiq, al salam aleikum. We are asking Allah (swt) forgiveness. O Allah (swt) grant us not to be from that nation.

Bi Hurmat Al Habib, Bi Hurmat Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 10.05.2012

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