Maulana Sheikh NazimAl Imam Malik

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Our way is through association and goodness is in the gatherings. Mawlana Shaykh told me (and
he heard it from his Shaykh -Shaykh Sharafuddin Hazretleri and Sayyidi and Mawlay) - Shaykh
Abdullah Hz. told me also that Sultan Rashad sent many Shaykhs to Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) to
turn/unite the hearts of Arabs with the Ottoman Empire, because the British had conspired (and
their like, as Lawrence, those devils) to divide the Arabs and the Ottomans. There would be
enmity between them; and the Ottoman Empire would fall. They would then destroy the
Maqam/station of the Muslim Khilafa because the Maqam Al Khilafa had glory.

That was when they took down Sultan Abdul Hamid and all the Jews came from Salonica. (They
were Jews who had become Muslims and left Islam.) They put their efforts to make fitna
between the Arabs and the Maqam Al Khilafa. They promised to them …

[Aside: … to Emir Hussein, correct? Guest: Yes, to Sharif Hussein ...]

… Sharif Hussein. They promised him, "Be with us, and once we defeat the Turks you shall be
the King over all the Arabs". This was their plan. Sultan Rashad - may Paradise be his abode and
may Allah bless his soul and that of all the Ottoman Sultans who worked and put all their efforts
to keep the Islamic banner high - His Highness sent Shaykhs to Madina Al Munawwara; and for
that occasion Shaykh Sharafuddin was there. (The Awliya' are always sitting in front of Rawda
Al Sharifa.) There was a gathering and a certain man was attending with Sayyidina Shaykh
Sharafuddin. Others pointed to another man, saying that in so many years, maybe 40 years, they
never saw him get fed up or angry.

So quickly, Subhan Allah, the first man came to Shaykh Sharafuddin Hz., saying "O Sayyidi, let
them give me permission to make that person angry! I will turn him to be angry ..." (Who can
[expect this] after so many years in Rawdat-l Sharifa? Not once a similar event occurred.) "… for
five Ottoman coins".
Someone else said, "If you can make him angry, I give you five coins." (Mukhammas - five
"I give you as much as Shaykh Sharafuddin," said Muhammad Saad.
"I am going to go and make him angry." The man left the gathering where he had been sitting.
He knocked at the door. "Who is at the door?" "A servant from the servants of the Lord!" "Enter
O servant of Allah!", the Shaykh from inside replied. This is how he entered.
He sat next to the door and he did not go near the Shaykh. He stayed by the door, so that he can
escape. He wanted to make the Shaykh angry and then escape from the door! The Shaykh said,
"What brought you here, O servant of the Lord?".
"O Shaykh, I had a dream and I saw..."
"Khair wa Salat on the Prophet (saws), what did you see?"
"O Sayyid, I saw that Judgement Day came and people were gathered in the land of Mah'shar on
Judgement Day."
"Khair wa Salat on the Prophet (saws), yes and what happened? O my son, what is the end of
your real dream?"
"The end of the dream, I am scared to relate, O Sayyidi."
"Say it and do not fear anything, O my son."
"So then, O my master, I saw that an angel stood up calling people."
"What was he saying?"
"O my master, he was calling the Imam Al Malik." (The Imam of Hijra Dar l-Hijra.)
Then, "What was he calling our Imam, Imam Dar-l Hijra?"
"O my master, he was calling to Imam Malik, and whoever is following him, that they'll be going
to hell fire without questioning!"
"O where did this shaytan come from? Imam Malik and his Maz'hab, he and his followers
straight to hell?" (Phew/spit!) “Where did this shaytan come from?" Then, the Shaykh started
running after the man.
Quickly the man was going to Shaykh Sharafuddin. He took the five coins and said, "O Sayyidi,
he is coming after me! Whew - like a storm!"
The Shaykh came and they said, "What happened?". All the Awliya' were sitting and asked,
"What happened to you, O our master?"
"Subhan Allah! In a form of a human being, a shaytan came and told a story about the Imam,
Imam Al Hijra. This traitor with bad manners - that his maz'hab/school of thought will go to hell

That personal/ego anger is the last attribute the human being lets go. May Allah protect us. It
sleeps, sleeps, sleeps and then, if it is a bit disturbed, it all comes out - finish! - for the smallest
reason. If there is no Shaykh (or whatever person to train him) he will be defeated by his anger
and desires. Finished! For the egoistic anger, it is necessary to make khalwat/seclusion in Rajab
and Sha'ban. To leave the desires of Haram/prohibited things, and Halal/permissible desires,
Khalwat in Dhul Qa'da and in Dhul Hijja [is necessary]. In Madinat Al Munawwara, I made a
seclusion during Dhul Qa'da and Dhul Hijja; but the number of khalwat -trainings- many I made
in Rabiy'-l Awwal. This has power. Very few make the seclusion of Dhul Qa'da and Dhul Hijja.
This story is fitting so that His Highness the Prince learns it and he may not get angry.
Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah!

Bismillah r-Rahman Rahim, Al Hamdulillah wa Salat wa Salam 'ala Rasulillah ...
(Dua before/after meal)
...Wa lil mu'minina.

Lefke, 05.11.2005

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