Maulana Sheikh NazimAligning with Allah
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.
Run to Allah, beware of Shaitan! Shaitan is running after everyone- for what? Shaitan is our enemy; he is most dangerous, but he is coming to people friendly, so people think: ’He is our best friend.’ As he reached to Sayidinna Adam in Paradise- coming very friendly, saying: ’Oh Eve, I am coming to you, I am your best friend, I am coming to advise you, and it is good for you.’ And he did what he did for Adam and Eve, showing how much friendly he is with Adam and Eve… When they had been thrown away from Paradise, falling on earth, ohhh, he was so happy and laughing, and his laughter could be heard through East and West. But Adam was crying and Eve was suffering, and Shaitan was so happy: ’That is my advice to you, to make you to fall in suffering and trouble here and hereafter. The Creator created fire for me, but I am from fire, I don’t care!’

One philosopher was saying about Shaitan, Iblis- and philosopher’s heads are like a square mm or less, that Darwin saying that we come from Chimpanze- and he was objecting on a Sheikh: ’You are saying that Shaitan is going to the fire. But his creation is from fire. How can fire give trouble to Shaitan? Can’t be. Fire to fire- I don’t think that there should be suffering for Shaitan.’ He said this and quickly that Sheikh took a stone, throwing and it hit his head. ’Ufff’, the philosopher was shouting, ’My head just finished.’ ‘Don’t worry’, said the Sheikh, ’it can’t be, because this is earth and you are also from earth. How it can be? Clay is clay; you are from clay and this is clay, how you can say: ’I am dying?’

And Shaitan thinks that fire is not going to touch him and make him to suffer, but- Ohhh…He thinks that but he should take double the punishment of all the people that enter the fire of Hell; it is going to be loaded on him. He was so happy when Adam suffered on earth. Adam a.s. was giving his warning to his sons, saying: ’This is my advice to you, my last will is not to follow Shaitan. I followed, because he came to me so friendly, but finally I understood that he was my biggest enemy. And I fell down. Beware of that Shaitan, because you should also be punished at least through this life. Even if forgiveness may come to you on Judgment Day, but now you are going to suffer.’

But what we shall say? Allah Almighty sent 124 000 prophets, from Adam up to the Seal of Prophets, ordering them to warn people from Shaitan and to tell them: ’Beware of Shaitan, o people, no one can be a more dangerous enemy to you than Shaitan. But yet you are happy and think: ’Shaitan is our best friend.’ Till now people 100% follow Shaitan. And everywhere where there is miseries and suffering, fighting, war and crises, the main reason is that people think Shaitan is their best friend. Nobody yet wakes up to say: ’O people, we are all mankind, why we fight each other, eating the meat of each other? It is not our honour to kill and to eat some others.’ But they are not saying, because they listen to Shaitan, who says: ’Kill, destroy, fight! Don’t obey the Lord of Heavens!’ And Allah is saying: ’As you like, o mankind. If you believe, you are free; if you are not asking to believe, it is also okay for you, My curse is following you. If you make kufr, disobedience, My curse never leaves you.’

Now the whole world is cursed and the earth is asking to throw people into space, to disappear. It is fed up to carry mankind on its shoulders, because mankind is not servant of Allah, but becoming slaves of Shaitan. They should kill each other…now coming the biggest war; it is at the door. I don’t know up to next Muharram how many people will be living on earth and how many will have been sent away…From six people one will remain. If there are six billion people, five billion must die…and everything they built is going to be destroyed…Shaitan will come on that hill, laugh and say: ’Ohh, I reached my target, I destroyed the Children of Adam. They are finished, they don’t come back.’

Who is going to the entrance of Paradise, for him there is going to be an opening to Paradise. But (who) is coming to the entrance of fire, when it opens, scorpions, snakes and dragons will rush on them, and endless sufferings and the fire will come on them…There is a door of Rahmet, mercy, and a door of azab, divine anger, punishment. Where you go, you may choose for yourself. But people don’t use their minds, and they never use their will power. If anyone doesn’t use his mind, he can’t use his will power. And mind and will power are the biggest grants from Allah Almighty to mankind; will power is not granted to angels. Angels have mind. Animals have neither mind nor will power. We have mind and will power, but if you are not using your mind, you cannot use your will power.

People perhaps will be punished…They use so many tricks and they put so many traps to stop heavenly rules to work on earth, preventing them. But Allah Almighty is saying: ’They make hundreds and thousands of tricks and traps to prevent heavenly rules to be put, and they bring always satanic rules- leave them, if they do. I will do much more to take away their tricks and traps. My traps are soon going to catch them! Leave them a little bit, for a short time, to do what they are asking to do. Let them suffer, punish each other, and kill each other- soon My trap is going to catch them!’

Lefke, 06.03.2002

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