Maulana Sheikh NazimAll mankind must come to Islam!

Welcome to you! From where you are coming? Coming from (the) moon, from (the)
stars, from (the) sun- from where you are coming?
Two persons, they (were) just coming together on their way and: “As-salamu
alaikum”- “Wa alaikum salam.” One (was) asking from (the) second one: “From
where you are coming?” and he is saying: “From here.” “To where you are going?”
“To here.” “Where is your homeland?” “Here...”

True or not true? Don’t say: “I am coming from Germany, from London, from UK,
from Africa”- no, no! Our real homeland (is) here! We are going to there- (we
are) coming from there also! But people they are not thinking now. People they
have been occupied by Shaitan. Shaitan (is) making contract with you that: “You
are going to work for me only! If you are not working for me, you can’t reach
anything through our life!” Okay? Everyone (is) just making that contract,
taking and you are signing that: “I am your worker up to (the) end of my life!”
Signing. Now- who is that one? Shaitan! Shaitan (is) making (a) contract with
everyone. Very few (rarely) you can find a person (that is) not making (a)
contract with Shaitan and (that is) not (going) to be his workers! Everyone!
As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you and we hope that you should be happy here!
This is our humble... I am ashaming to say that it is a center, no, a humble
place. We are making two rooms, one and sitting here, as (a) spider (is) sitting
on the corner of (the) walls, waiting... (If there is) coming one mosquito or
fly, (it is) looking... (And) we are sitting here and you are coming or not
coming... yes? Okay? And sometimes (there are) coming big flies like Doctor...
no mind people from America coming here...

Some people (are) saying: “We are coming from (the) last point of Africa, I am
looking, but that (one) is not like Americans... American flies, South Africans
mosquito... all bigger, smaller than mosquito ... and I am trying to make an oil
from flies to be... I am making some bottles oil and people (are) asking. “This
is fly oil- for what?” “That is (a) famous oil, famous medicine, to keep you
young!” “Hmmmm. And that is mosquitoes oil. For what?” “To make ladies without
making diet... to be slim... !” “How much it is?” “This is... for men it is a
little bit cheap, but for ladies it is very expensive! I am tiring to bring that
oil from mosquito and from flies...” “Eh, doesn’t matter...”

Why you are saying... They are saying that I am sitting here (in an) unknown
place, unknown place and we are saying first: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim, We must say daily! At least say: Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan rajim. On
every step (he is) coming to you and saying something here and another thing
here and we are surprising: “I must do this or that?” Both of them (are)
Shaitans revelation on you! Therefore you must say daily 40 x : Audhu bi-llahi
mina shaitani rajim. Ask protection from your Lord Allah Almighty! If you are
not asking, Shaitan may carry you and (he is) making you its donkey, riding on
you and taking you between East and West. (There is) no more rest for that
person, who (is) making Shaitan his rider! Never! Therefore, Ahlu-l Dunya,
people whom they are not believing (that) after Dunya (there is an) eternal
life, they are just 100 % donkeys of Shaitan!

Therefore we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim... Audhu bi-llahi
mina shaitani rajim!... Ask heavenly Protection! That is (a) holy Command from
Allah Almighty from (the) beginning of mankind on earth up to (the) end!
And say also: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, that is
your sword against dragons , dragons that they may forming themselves as they
like- as a man or as a woman, but they are Shaitans... and they are asking to
make some trap for you, to make you to fall in it. When you are falling in it-
finished, (they are) covering you!

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) giving (a) sword to believers. That is- what is
that sword? Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! Catch it always! For every occasion, for
every doing, for every effort, for every action you must keep with you their
sword from Heavens: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. If anyone (is) asking: “What is
that Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim?” you must say that: “That is our heavenly
Sword, granted (to) us, we are carrying this!”

May Allah forgive us!... Welcome to you! And we are saying: As-salamu alaikum!
Now (it is) coming to me to say ‘As-salamu alaikum’. So many things we must
prepare, (so) that we can walk and we are reaching to: As-salamu alaikum, my
Lords humble servants, whom you are asking something, to make your Lord happy
with you! If a person (is) not asking this, (a) donkey is better than them! If
anyone (is) not asking to make his Lord to be happy with him, Allah Almighty
(is) saying (about them): “Ulaika kam... those people, they are like animals.
(They are) not (even on) animals level, but lower, under the level of animals
level!” May Allah forgive us!

Therefore- we are coming from East and West, from different countries, far
countries... I am surprising that our island Cyprus it is so small, like a spot
on (the) world map, and this place on it... how (people are) coming, reaching?
From Far East, from Far West, from North, from South- how?
I was in London, so many years ago, and we are doing some association with our
listeners and just reached a person and saying to me: “I am coming on behalf of
London Television.” Yes. He was making with people interview. He heard (about
me) and (he was) coming and saying to me: “O Sheikh, I am looking here since one
hour and looking your listeners; they are so different kind of people- from
every kind, from every colour, from every race.”

“But”, I am saying, “Even their colours (are) different, (their) races (are)
different, but they are from (the) same father and mother, from (the) same
family that they are from Paradise coming, Adam and Eves generation. Yes.
Therefore no. Why (you are) surprising? You are looking peoples outlooking or
their languages or their races- it is not important. Important (is) that all of
them, even (they are of) different colours, different countries, different
languages, but (they have the) same senses!” All of us we have how many senses?
Say! 5 senses; this is a common thing for every mankind, even their colours
(are) different, (and their) languages, but they are on (the) same level (in
that) they are all, they have 5 senses. (In that) they are equal.

“I am surprising”, he is saying to me, “how those people (are) coming to you and
sitting here and hearing, listening to you. What you are making with those
people? Are you a wizard?”
“If I am (a) wizard, I may take you, hanging you up to fall on people. I am not
(a) wizard!” “You are black magic making people?” “If you are saying (this), I
may take you from here up to (the) Seychelles Islands in (the) Indian Ocean. I
am not that one!”
“How you are making people to come to you and to listen to you?”
“Yes, easy, (it is an) easy question. I am asking to you now one question. When
you are asking to me, I am asking to you one question.”
“Yes, Sir, I am listening to you.”
“Look, o my Lords servant, Abdu Rabbi! I am asking you: If I am putting here one
plate, do you think that... (if it is) empty, do you think that anything (is)
coming on it?”
He is saying: “No.”
“Look! If I am bringing a plate full with honey, what do you think? Just (after)
a while you can’t find that plate, but you can see only on it countless bees and
flies, coming on it. What is (the) difference between this and that? Why (to
the) second (one bees are) coming and (to the) different (one they are) not
“It is easy”, he is saying, “because you are putting honey and when they are
smelling honey, they are coming from far distances.”
“So that perhaps our association (is) giving them something; they are tasting
(something) through their spirituality, so that they are coming! If (there is)
no spirituality there, they are not coming... And we are (such a) center- if you
are saying center- (that) it is free; we are not making people to pay something
to enter, no, it is free and they are coming. Freely coming. That is.” And he
said: “Just o Sheikh, just I understand now!”

Therefore I am not surprising that through this holy month (there is) coming as
oceans waves people, running, rushing and coming her. (It is) an unknown place,
but their feeling (is) showing them that there is some honey. If not, they are
not coming. If I am sending them away, as I am making for bees: ‘Go away’, and
(then they are) coming back... Therefore!...

And Allah Almighty, He is going to show (the) real faith for mankind, (to
those,) whom they are following Shaitan, not following heavenly Orders! He is
asking to do that with a weakest servant that (has) no value and this crowd (is)
going to cover through East and West! As (in) the time of (the) Prophet- peace
be upon him. He was alone, then 1, 2, 3, 4 (people were) coming, coming and
through 25 years that (the) Prophet (was) coming, (Islam was) reaching from East
to West, from North to South. No anyone can do that through historical periods
except S.Muhammd sws- alfu salat, alfu salam alaika S.Muhammad, sahibu Miraj,
sahibi Isra wa-l Miraj! No one can do that, but Shaitan and its followers (are)
asking to make his message out of reality and they are trying to make this that
his message had been sent from Heaven.

Who can do this? Where is their powers? I am making their dirty powers under my
feet- bi idhni-llah. Enough, I am more than enough for them! They are not using
anyone else, I am enough for them to make them, to bring their Batil under this

Islam (is) high! Must get up through East and West, from North and South- (the)
whole world (is) coming to run to Islam! Some people (are) asking: “Eh, o
Sheikh, you are Sufi and we like to be Sufi, but we like not to be Islam.” I am
saying: “Go away, Shaitan (is) teaching you that way! (There is) no way to real
life and Heavens without surrendering. That is Islam- (it is an) Arabic word
that means: to surrender. You must say: ‘You are my Lord, I am Your servant, You
order, I am obeying’!”

O people, time is over and Qiyama, (the) Last Day, (is) approaching. And so many
signs of Qiyama, Last Day, (are) just appearing. Keep your faith, try to be with
Allah Almighty! And that means you can’t be with Allah by yourself, but you may
be with Almighty’s Friends. If you can find a friend of Allah, you may reach to
Allah! Without, you can’t!

Eh. “I am going to America without using (an) aeroplane!” Yallah, you may go!
You are asking: ‘I am denying aeroplane, flights, but I like to be in America.’
Take that flight, you can go. When (you are) reaching there, come down, leave
(that) flight... May Allah forgive us!

O people, try to be with Allah! If you are not trying, Shaitan (is) coming and
putting on your mouth its reins. Reins (are) making you its donkey, (and he
is) riding on it through East and West and you can’t find any way to save
yourself, as mankind now just fall under shaitanic hegemony. Shaitan (is) making
them like this, like that, like this, like that... saying: “Democracy” , saying
... What is that? Yet not putting your mind, not using your mind? In (the) Holy
Quran, where you are finding Democracy? Democracy means: “Take away (the) holy
Rules that (are) coming from Heavens and we may do our (own) rules!” You do,
(and) come, look, what happening!

Think on it! Keep yourself to be obedient ones for Allah Almighty! What we are
saying that is real truth! Real Truth, who can speak, follow him! VIP clothes
(are) never giving to you anything. You must find a real one that he can give to
you what you are in need!

Oh, ma sha Allah, every religion (is) using so many brilliant clothes on their
heads! I am looking someone going to make people to... putting on his head...
“We are giving plastic! Plastic orange, plastic grapes, plastic apples, plastic
pearls, plastic figs, plastic grapes”... and people (are saying) first: “Oh...!
We shall take fig...” 2000 years people and more, they are going to be cheated
by plastic. Plastic, giving... big buildings, high buildings, but inside you
can’t give anything! They tried it and finding... “Oh! 1ooo of years we tried
this- what is going to be? You can’t give us heavenly fruits, we are fed up from
your plastic fruits, plastic fruits- fed up! We like real ones, even not to be
seen as like you can see bananas and apples- but... small, but they are...
O people, come and think on it, for your future! 100 years ago no one in
existence, those people, after 100 years, no one here. You must ask who bringing
us in existence, who is taking us from existence once again? And look. Go to
(the) cemetery, ask them how they are underground...

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured and glorified servant
of Allah Almighty S.Muhammad ...

Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin Nabi-l ummiyi wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi
wa sallim...

Zid Habibika ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafa, wa nuran wa sururan, wa ridwanan wa
sultanan, ya Rabbi! Adkhilna, ya Rabbi, fi ummatihi, fi shafatihi, huna wa
hunak, bi jahi man arsalta alayhi Suratu-l Fatiha...

Lefke, 30.7.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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