Maulana Sheikh NazimBismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. Allah Almighty created man, He is Creator.

When He created man, He was happy with His creation, Adam and Eve. Who was unhappy? Shaitan. Angels first they were objecting, saying: Why You are creating? But then all of them agreed with their Lord Allah Almighty, saying: As You like, we are happy. Only one was objecting and he was unhappy from mankind- then he was thrown away. And Allah Almighty created everyone. Who is going to be happy with His creation, Allah Almighty is going to be happy with that one. He knows that we are doing some wrong things and who is following their ego that ego is the representative of Shaitan, that means who following his or her ego and following Shaitan, Shaitan making people not to be agreed with Allah Almighty’s creation. We know we have so many bad characteristics and bad manners. Yes, it is well known. No Adab people. Should be full and also we must look that if we are not protected we can’t be on His way. That is Allah Almighty’s biggest grant to you, to me, that we are asking to follow that way. He is just happy that His servants are following His way to reach to His divine Presence. And good ones they are asking to follow that way, bad ones are asking to leave that way.

This is a declaration from our Grandsheikh to all of you, to all of us: Who is following the way of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty is granting to her or to him, to them a light. That lights give to people familiarity. Familiarity is something else from beauty. Beauty belongs to our physical being, but what Allah Almighty is granting to His servants from familiarity it is going to be forever with that one. But beauty which belongs to our physical being is getting slowly to be less, and less, and less and leaving. But familiarity never leaving you. Familiarity is giving a kind of beauty to people that their faces are shining, because their hearts are with Allah Almighty. But who is not following the teachings of Heavens, they are not going to be given heavenly lights on their faces and their appearance is going to appear as a ugly figure. Ugliness is not from our creation, put on it, but ugliness is from our bad actions; when we leave heavenly teachings it is coming to the faces of people.

The Prophet sws was advising: You must run away from such people, because they have such poison, poisoning you. We are all following the most distinguished Naqshbandi order and you have been granted lights from Heavens and familiarity through our hearts and your faces. Grandsheikh is warning our followers not to use the eyeglasses of Shaitan, because Shaitan is asking to put on your eyes his eyeglasses. If you put his eyeglasses, you are going to see and look at people as Shaitan is looking. All of you are sitting here like angels, but so many complaints coming to me and I am sorry that one never can carry the second one. Even they are never giving their excuse to anyone else, thinking that only they are on perfection and others are imperfect. They are looking to them not with a true looking and then their hearts are going to be unhappy with that one or that ones. Some of them are not even speaking to each other. Some of our followers are not giving an excuse to anyone else. No one…so many of our followers are not giving forgiveness for others and they are loosing the chance of perfection through their lives. They should be loaded very difficult conditions through their lives and when they are leaving this life for eternal life, for the Day of Resurrection or through Hells.

Therefore I don’t like from you, anyone, to make some reasons and not to speak to that one or not to support him/her, or coming to complain from this and that. Who is doing that, he is not coming with us, no. Should stay on another level and Grandsheikh is taking his people up. So many complaints coming to me, it is not time. You should be example for other groups of people that don’t know the way of Allah and Rasulullah sws. How it can be! How you can hurt one another? Why with your tongue speaking (and hurting) or by your hand? What is that? I don’t like to hear anyone to hurt another one, and not to speak or to respect him/her. If you respect me, you must respect who is following me, or there may be a distance between Grandsheikh and you. Don’t try to make our ego happy but try to make Allah and the Prophet happy with you and Grandsheikh happy with you. May Allah forgive me and you. Fatiha.

Lefke, März 2003

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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