Maulana Sheikh NazimO believers, Allah says that He created man weak

O believers, Allah says that He created man weak. Man is most honoured and
most precious among the creatures, but also the weakest. And who is weak,
needs a support.

But people are like tyrants, oppressing others. If you give anyone the
chance, he will get proud and brave. A drunk person is so brave, he thinks he
can defeat everyone. People nowadays are drunk with Dunya, and they think
that with money they can do everything and they are so powerful. But man is
weak - over night he can die; he just doesn't wake up anymore. And Dunya
doesn't belong to anyone.

Alexander the Great was coming to one country and he made a magnificient
parade with his army. All the people were out in the street to watch. Only
one man was sitting aside, he didn't turn his head even once to look.
Alexander was astonished and he went to him to ask for the reason for his
behaviour. The man said: "Yes, I was once like them, so interested in these
things and asking a Sultanate for myself. But one day I saw two dead bodies
lying next to each other on a piece of wood, and when I asked whom they are,
they said one was the King and the other was a poor man like myself. I
didn't see any difference anymore between them, and I realized that nothing
of his richness stayed with the King, and that moment all taste and desire
for this world left me. Since then I am never interesting in such parades."
O Muslims, don't be cheated by Dunya. Stay at Allah's Door, so that His
Mercy may reach to you.

Guzelyurt, 11.01.2002

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