Maulana Sheikh Nazim
O Allah, endless thanks and praise to You!

We are in Your endless oceans of mercy and favours!
Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, Alhamdulillah!
So many people are suffering and sad...
O Allah, endless thanks and praise to You! We are in Your endless oceans of
mercy and favours! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Shukr, Alhamdulillah!
So many people are suffering and sad...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim...Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim...Who is
going with Shaitan, is loosing...

May Allah send us, what we are in need to hear. He is sending that knowledge
to the holy Prophet, who is giving it to the Saints, who are putting it on
my tongue. 'Ilm-un-nafi', beneficial knowledge, is the knowledge how to make
Allah pleased with one. This knowledge is like the pearl in the shell- if
you loose it, you lost everything. The only aim of people should be to make
Allah pleased with them. Anything else is like rubbish, without value. This
is the teaching of 124000 prophets. But they distracted us from this aim.
And only with this aim you find eternal happiness. Who does not make Allah
pleased- what can he gain? People say: 'I am busy.' With what you are busy?
If you are not busy with something that is pleasing to Allah, what you do is
like rubbish.

To know how to make Allah pleased is important. Ask for more of this
beneficial knowledge. The Prophet sws used to pray: 'Allahumma zidni 'ilman
nafian'- O Allah, increase me in beneficial knowledge. Say: ' O Allah, I
want to please You.' Because when Allah is going to ask you: 'For what you
were living?', you must be able to say: 'To make You pleased.' 'What did you
learn?' 'I learned how to make You pleased.'

This is the essence of Islam. This is the aim, one needs to know, when one
enters Islam. Say: ' O Allah, we are surrendering our ego, we sacrifice it
for You.' As Allah is saying:'Leave your ego and come to Me! Leave what is
pleasing to your ego and come!'

Allah's Will is going on. I am saying Shukr that not our will is happening!
Out of ignorance people ask things to be as they like and they are sad, when
things are not going as they like. To want your will to happen means to
leave Allah's truth and to say that your ego knows better. That is the
beginning of Kufr. After this one step follows the other. And it is an old
wisdom that Allah's Will is happening, because it is good and beneficial for
us. And when we can leave our own will, we will be successful. Then things
will actually happen, as we like.

So when Allah is asking us: 'What do you want, o my servant?', we must say:
'O my Lord, I want You!'
'What do you want?' 'I want You to be pleased with me.'
'What do you want?' 'I want what You are sending to me.'
'What do you want?' 'I want what is lovely to You.'
'What do you want?' 'I want what You have decided and written for me.'

To be able to say this is the highest level of Adab.

There was a Sheikh who sent his Mureed to seclusion. That Mureed reached
such a station that he could see the Lauh ul Mahfuth, and he was very
disturbed when he saw the name of his beloved Sheikh on the list of the
people destined for Hell. He made Sajdah and long Duas and he asked Allah
for the sake of the Prophet to put the name of his Sheikh on the list of the
people destined for Paradise. His Dua was accepted and the name of the
Sheikh appeared on the list of the people of Paradise. When he came to his
Sheikh the Sheikh asked him what had happened that night, pretending he
didn't know. So the Mureed was telling him what he had seen and how he had
made Dua and that it had been accepted. The Sheikh dressed the Tajalli of
Jalal and said: 'You were interfering in something that is not your
business. We were opening for you to see what you saw, and you were not
supposed to change anything. I know since 40 years that my name is on that
list, but not even once was I asking for my name to be put on the other
list. Allah is Sultan and I am His servant, and He knows what is good for
me- fire or light. Now if you don't go back and make another Sajdah and Dua
and ask for everything to be as before, I will thrown you out of Tariqat!
You are not to interfere in the business of the Sultan.'

The Mureed was trembling and he went and asked for forgiveness and he made
Dua, until he saw that the name of his Sheikh was again on the list of the
people of Hell. The next day he went to his Sheikh and told him what had
happened. But his Sheikh said: 'We did it, not you. Tonight you go again and
tomorrow you tell me what you saw.'

The Mureed went back again. To his surprise he saw that the name of his
Sheikh was on the list of the people of Paradise again. When he told his
Sheikh, the Sheikh said to him: 'This is Allah's reward for my keeping the
Adab with Him for 40 years. It was a test to see if I would accept, whatever
Allah sees as good for me. Who is interfering in the Divine Will, makes a
mess. Fire or light- His Anger is also suitable for us.'

Who is really a follower on the way of Islam says: 'I am leaving everything
and I am turning towards Allah.' Where else can we turn? 'Inna li-llahi wa
inna ilayhi rajiun'- we are coming from Allah and we return to Him. There is
no choice. If you want Allah you say: 'May His Will happen.'

What is giving life to people is this beneficial knowledge- it makes them to
advance on the path of Suluk. This knowledge makes them light, so they may
be able to fly. Look an airplane with 600 people on board. An unseen power
is moving it and makes it to take off- the lighter, the more easy the
take-off. Its weight is maybe 1000 tons and for a flight of 14 hours it may
need 100 barrels of petrol. It needs to be prepared for the take-off.
We have the power of 100 million barrels of petrol! But we are not prepared
for a take-off. We are loosing the power through our eyes, our tongue and
the heart. There is a hole in the heart, and that is our love to and worry
about Dunya. We have such a power, but we cannot take off. Only those may
get up who can say: 'O Allah, You are my aim!'

Nowadays nobody is looking for this knowledge anymore how to make Allah
pleased. And if I would offer it on a market for sale, no one would buy it.
People are closed to spirituality. And they are eating one another. The
reason for the actual crisis is that people are not knowing about the
precious jewels inside of them. They don't know about their value, so they
are not looking for them, only for rubbish... And everyone is shouting:
Crisis! Crisis!

Beneficial knowledge is also to know whose friend you are. Who is going with
liars, will become a liar; who is going with thieves, will become a thief.
Everyone finds something according to whom he is going with. Who is going
with Shaitan will never become an angel, but a Shaitan. That is why we are
asking for Shaitan to be kept away from us. The whole world is guilty,
because people made friendship with Shaitan. They pay him respect and call
him 'honourable Dr. Shaitan'... If we were not saying 'Audhu bi-llahi mina
shaitani rajim', he would interfere in our gathering, too.
O Allah, ya Muhauli hauli wal ahwal, hauli halina ila ahsani hal'...People
are finishing, because of Shaitan.. May Allah not write us from among them.

Lefke, 13.12.2001

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