Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Allah Almighty (was) giving to (the) last Prophet everything that may be mankind in need

Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!… Destur, ya Sayyiduna, ya Rasulullah, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Allah Almighty (was) giving to (the) last Prophet everything that may be mankind in need; never leaving anything that people up to (the) Day of Resurrection may be in need- just sent to him. If this period (was) going to continue up to… not 15 centuries, but 5o centuries or more- mankind may look and find what is necessary for them to be here in peace and happiness and Hereafter also, what it is necessary for (the) eternal life through eternity…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim… Destur!

One Rule that may be written or must be written in Golden Letters: “Quli-l Haqq aw iskut”- Say, speak what is true or don’t speak! Or: “Quli-l Khair aw iskut”- Say what brings to you a benefit, to you or to others, or keep your tongue, don’t speak!

This is a formula that if mankind may keep this, they should reach to a level from their lives that it should be through the conditions of this temporary life (the) highest level for the life of mankind. (But) what people (are) doing now! This is a formula from Heavens that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Commands and Rules and He is asking His servants to follow His Wasiyat, His Commands and Rules. He is asking that servants may keep His Advise. He looks- but what is the situation now? Through (this) 21st century people just cut off their relationship from Heavens and they are saying: “We are a creation”- they are not saying creation- “we are the holders (of) the land of this planet. We are landlord. Whole world’s landlord we are! Can’t be anyone else from Heavens, no, we are landlords!” German people- what you are saying: “French people saying this, what about ourselves? We are better than French people to be landlords!” English people saying: “No, I am your master, I am patron. Patronage must be for me! “ US saying: “Oh- who are you? If I am here, you are speaking this?” English people saying: “You are long ones, long people not too much clever. I am your master; masterhood I may give. Academic masterhood I may give to people, for politics and every kind for keeping lordship for lands, because once upon a time I had an International Empire that when sun shining from one way, from another way setting down. I am that one! Who are you!”

America (saying): “Hm, hm, I may control you!”
Italians saying: “What about us? We are coming from Romus and Remulus, we have been milked with that giant wolf, giving us milk. Roman Empire! I am coming to you also, English people, what you are saying!” Greek saying: “Who are you? You learnt from ourselves! You were living in caves. When we were building Pantheon on that hill you were yet running after pigs to hunt them. Who are you!”
Iranian people saying: “Why? We were a gigantic Empire, before you we were leaders, patrons and masters at the time of Darius that we were coming from Thearon (?) and Shiraz.
Darius’ armies coming through Asia Minor up to your country with whips and swords. You were coming and kissing our feet!”
Russians saying: “What about ourselves?” “Psss- you are working with bears in the North, go there. Your land there, don’t come downstairs!” And every country asking…
Egyptians: “We are lords of land before you are coming through the wombs of your mummies. We have rights to be (the) patrons of whole lands on earth!”…and I am not speaking (about) Arabs and Turks…Chinese people always (eating and sleeping)…when they are awakening, they are always rushing here or that side…Japanese they are new, but Chinese people old time people. And Indians… Subhanallah- so many nations! If I am going to say about everyone (it is) going (on) from now up to next week what happened for them. My historical histories (are) something else (than) what they have written; my analysis (is) in another way…Switzerland people, what they have- nothing. Switzerland people, they are cashiers, nothing else. Wars, fightings, no. “I am keeping your gold, don’t approach, don’t come here, no, go away, or I am calling French, whips you”…(to) another (one saying): “I am calling this one”…All nations are guardians on Switzerland, because everyone has (a) private treasure there. Therefore: “Don’t speak. If I am saying this person has this amount, too much headache for you”…Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Ya Allah!

Man saying now through (the) 21st century: “We are landslords here! Landlordship (is) for (the) people whom they are living on earth We are not asking anyone to involve or to come and to say that: ‘I have also a share through this planet’ from other planet or from up.” That is Shaitanic teaching for them to deny everything that belongs to Heavens. Shaitan making them to accept that they are (the) owners of this planet and no one (else) can be landlords on this planet. When they are saying this, they are falling the way of Shaitan, under his hegemony. What Shaitan making them to do, they are doing.

Therefore they are never using (truth)- from (the) beginning they are denying truth. When they are saying that: “Lordship on earth that is on our shoulders, we are that ones”, finished, just they are running to wrong way. It is not true! They left truth. When they left truth, finished- they can’t speak truth, they can’t be true ones. Therefore whole politic people can’t speak truth and can’t be true ones, finished. Now we are in it.

And (the) Prophet (was) saying: “You must accept truth and when you are accepting truth you are going to be true ones, and true ones (are those) that they are going to be supported by heavenly support. And whole prophets have been supported by heavenly support and now you are refusing heavenly support and you are saying: “We are making missiles with minds and we are ordering that rockets to find that one or this one and that missile (is) running and finding”- it is nothing! Man (is) claiming: “We are not in need heavenly support, no, no, we have supports!”

Now they are in a trouble that (is) growing up daily. If it was yesterday one, it is going to be today two. Tomorrow going to be double two: 4. Next day going to be four and four: 16. 16 with 16- (in) such a (way), double, going to grow up troubles. Do you think that they are finding any solution for (the) problems of mankind? Even we are not. Here in Cyprus- (a) handful people- whole nations (are) involving to find a way for our problems, they can’t bring, what about big ones! What about big ones?

And it is important now we are saying- that is the advice of prophecy, (of) the Seal of Prophets: “If you are speaking, speak truth or don’t speak!”

Another important Command (is) coming through that words, that also it is important as the importance of this first Hadith, that (he was) bringing, (and) that means: “O people, if you are asking to do something, if it is going to be useful for you, for mankind, do it, or ,(if not,): don’t do!” (This) must be written in Golden Letters! So that if you are asking to do something that you are asking to be useful for you and for others, you are in need a balance, and that balance you can’t use (for) it, or you can’t find it or you can’t bring it on earth by your minds. Mindly productions never giving to you a balance if something is good or bad. Therefore we must use as balance (the) heavenly Balance. Heavenly Balance must be! (Through that) heavenly Balance that we have now there are 5oo different attributes or actings or efforts that all of them are good ones, giving benefit personally and commonly. (And there is) another table that on it there are 8oo kinds of works or actings or intentions or efforts that all of them (are) harming people, giving trouble, or all of them going to be trouble makers. Which one (of these) 8oo you are taking or trying to make one, you are going to be a trouble maker; your name (is going to be) written under the list of trouble makers and those trouble makers belong to (the) first trouble maker Shaitan. He did first trouble in divinely Presence, and all whom they are making that trouble they are belonging to (him, the) first trouble maker and written their names under that one’s name.

We lost it. People just lost it and it is impossible to change man’s way from wrong way to right way till the Lord of Heavens involving (and) sending someone for arranging everything with a power that it is over the powers of nature. That power which belongs to Heavens is miraculous power. When miracle coming, everything (is) going to finish.

Pharaoh was claiming that he is the Lord of Egyptians and Egyptian people because their mind small one they said: “Yes, yes”… Tauba Astaghfirullah!…Once the teacher of Pharaohs (was) coming. Pharaoh was sitting on his throne and thinking something, and suddenly looking a person in front of him. Saying: “Who are you? How you came? Without my permission how you are here? …Porters, who is that one, how you are leaving (him) to come in front of me?” (And they came) running, with spears…”Kill him!” They are making their swords like this, like that…(but that person was still) standing up…”Who are you?” “You are not recognizing me? Who are asking who am I? I am your master, I am your teacher, I am your supporter.” “Oh…how you came?” “Your swords can’t cut me, your spears can’t touch me, your power can’t reach to me, I am here.” “Why you are coming?” “You are saying, o Pharaoh: ‘I am the lord of these Egyptians people’ and making them your servants, and you are not knowing who I am? I am asking you, coming to check up pharaohood, how you are saying: “I am the lord of there heedless Egyptian people’. How you are claiming this?” “Because I have hundreds of witches and wizards, therefore I am claiming that I am their lord.” “Call them here! I must look your power, I am examining you, making big check up for you.” (Pharaoh) calling all the head ones, and they are coming: “Show your power!” (And) the head ones of wizards making a huge vision. “This is your power?” “Yes, this is my power that I am claiming I am lord of Egyptians.” (And) Shaitan making: “Phhh…” (blowing on it)- disappeared. “Where is your power?” “I don’t know, just disappeared.” “I am your master. Look what I am putting now- my power.” Making a power, (and) Pharaoh (was) falling down from his seat. Falling down, (hiding himself), so full with fear. “O Pharaoh, how is my power?” (Pharaoh was trembling), (he) can’t speak from fear. (And Shaitan) making: “Phhh” (spitting) on Pharaoh. “Look! I have such a power and the Lord of Creation, the Lord of Heavens (is) not accepting me even (as His) servant- how (He is) accepting you to be His partner?” Spitting on him once again…Why we are saying this?

People now they are thinking what they have is something! If (it is) given a permission to Shaitan, in one second (he) may finish all these things, taking from their heads every knowledge, (so that) they can’t even know how to make fire. Even if you are giving (a) matchbox (to them), people (are) not going to know how they can do fire! If (the) Lord of Heavens (is) saying to Shaitan: “Make them to be under zero”, whole power they are going they are forgetting, even forgetting (what) to make (with) a match, making like this (striking)…they are thinking that they reached to power. Heedless people 21st century people! May Allah forgive me and bless you… and we are asking His heavenly Support for Islam, for Majdu-l Islam, the Glory of Islam, to appear soonerly, before sun setting or before sun rising…For the honour of the last Prophet, (the) most praised and most honoured one in His divinely Presence, Fatiha

Lefke, 17.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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