Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah has absolute Power to do what He wants!

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim As-salamu alaikum!

It is a short conversation and we are asking (it) to be for Allah and for His
service, even the whole day or the whole week people are occupied for dunya
and we are trying to take even a short time to be with Allah Almighty - as much
as possible - and asking an opening through our hearts to know something.
What you are knowing, that knowledge, if you are thinking on it, you may find a
way to the Creator, the Lord of Creation, the Lord of Heavens. Everything signing
to people to think for their Creator and the Creator He is the Lord.

We are so small ones, our material being nothing. Your 60 kg or 100 kg or 150
kg - may be a gigantic person 200 kg - what is value of your material being? If
your material being costs something for another material thing, very small
amount. If you are looking [at] yourself only for your material being, an ox is
bigger than you. If your value [is] with your weight, a donkey may be more than
you. If you are looking [at] yourself and making your muscles like this and saying:
“We may carry heavy iron piece from earth and we can take it up, up to my
height”, donkey much more can carry than you.

If your value coming from your material being, you must say that: “An ox, it has
more material than me “, may be 1000 kg, more or less. If you are asking that
your value [is] with your material power, that donkey can carry more than you. If
you are asking that running gives you honour, making their hand up: “Champion
for 100 meters“, [a] rabbit may be faster than you. If not, a dog may be faster
than you. If not, a horse can be faster than you. [Do] they have honour, because
they can run so speedfully? No.

For eating and drinking - so many animals can eat more than you. If too much
eating [was] giving to you some honour, no, [an] ox [is] eating more than you. If
not, [a] buffalo may eat more than you. If not, elephant can eat what you cannot
be able to eat through one month - one elephant may eat [that amount] through
one hour.

What is [the] point that you have been granted an honour?

As we said, your material being not giving to you honour or (the) material beings
activities never giving to you any honour, because so many creatures may do
more than you. What is that secret point that you have been granted an honour
through creatures? As we said, it is not [a] material aspect, no, [it] must be
something else, but I am sorry to say that now people are not thinking on it.

Everyone now getting like animals and beyond the level of animals they can’t say
anything; they can’t think on it and they say: “It is not necessary to think on it. We
are enjoying with our material being, that is our last aim: to eat, and drink, and
dress. “ As much as possible good eating, drinking and enjoying with material
world goods - beyond this [they are] never asking. They are saying: “It is enough
or more than enough what we are tasting for our physical or material being. No
need to think beyond that - for what? We may look up to skies nighttimes, we
may say (very nice)…” Subhanallah! It is so magnificent scene in space, but no
one thinking to reach to that levels, they are saying: “We are not interested, we
are interested [in] what we are eating and drinking, it is enough. For what we are
reaching up, what we are doing (there)?”

Yes, they are never thinking that a material can’t do anything; (it) can’t move or
can’t stop, without taking a command from outside; this… by itself, can’t move. If
you are using and giving a power - look (what is happening), Subhanallah, (but)
that power can’t be seen. Our hand making this and it is a material and that is a
material, but where is that power that can carry or can push? No one (is)
thinking on it that material by itself can’t move. May be in existence, in its place,
one billion years - if nothing coming on it from outside, it is not going to be
changed its place or doing anything. They are not thinking on it. They are saying:
“No God.”

And God (has) full power! God Almighty, He has full power on everything, not
only on you. Millions or trillions material pieces joined to each other and just
appeared as a cat or appeared as a dog or as a donkey or a horse or appeared
as - a man. Who is that One that (is) making such countless levels and on every
level different creatures with different activities? People (are) not saying (about
this), (they are) saying: “No God.” What is that foolishness!

At least you must, [you] may say: “God, that representing whole power. He is
that One that whole powers under His Hegemony and He may use His endless
power Oceans, as He likes.” Not coming to say this, why? Materialist theories
just finished! No more anyone thinking on it, because it is nonsense. Material by
itself can’t do anything and can’t be able to change itself. Golden is golden, silver
is silver, iron is iron, copper is copper, tin is tin - billions of years - they are [the]
same. If coming on it a power, [it] may change them. Without that power, (even)
billions years, iron is iron; can’t change itself from being a tin to be a copper.
Can’t be able a copper by itself to change itself to be a golden and Subhanallahi
l-‘Aliyyu l-‘Azim - [in] billions of years [the] earth can’t bring [forth] an amoeba a
living fish. [In] billions [of] years [the] inorganic world can’t bring [forth] an organic
[being], how? But yet they are insisting to make people to believe that ‘materialist
vision that is the real knowledge for mankind‘! Ptuh - no honour people, those
Shaitan people; liars, representatives of Shaitan, those balain, cursed people!

But I am sorry to say that even [in the] Muslim world now they are on [the] same
way. Same way; they have been granted Holy Quran but they are not looking
and thinking on it and following such a nonsense lies and theories! Therefore
Allah should punish them: Punishing Iraq, punishing Turkey, punishing Iran,
punishing Syria, punishing Saudia, punishing Libya, punishing Egypt, punishing
Sudan… [the] whole Islamic world also [He is] punishing. They should be
punished. They are not looking and thinking! No one thinking on it! Hal min
mudhakkir?!… al Quran li-dhikr - We did it so clear for thinking, think on it!

What we are saying is real knowledge, they can’t refuse it, but the Muslim world
is in a deep heedlessness, following blindly those materialist people and atheist
people. They should be punished. If now [the] punishment [is] coming, if [the]
non-Muslim world [is] punished once, [the] Muslim world seven times should be

Allah is not sleeping, no, knowing what they are doing! First their heads going to
be grinded that they are making Parliament and speaking nonsense theories.
Allah Almighty should punish them through that nonsense of democracy. No
democracy in Islam! Democracy [is] bringing countless heads that they are
asking to be No.1. That parties - every party asking to reach point of power. In
Islam for whole Muslim world only one and Allah saying: “If getting two, one of it:
cut his head!” This is Sharî´at I am saying. Therefore: Leader, leader…
Conservative Party, Liberal Party, Christian Democratic Party, Communist
Party, Socialist Party, this party, that party - so many heads…and in Iraq
hundreds heads are asking to come to the point of power.

No! Point of power for Allah! They should be punished! They are going to kill
themselves by themselves, no one can stop it - Russians, Americans, Turks,
Iran - finished. Now you must may look… Come and join to Prophet’s nation,
Prophet’s followers, you should be [in] safety! If not, [you] should be taken away.

Bird flu! Bird flu more dangerous than democracy? Democracy destroying
everything Heavenly, democracy fighting every Heavenly Rule, you must
understand, but they are running after hens and chicken to burn them and to kill
them, that no one can burn a living creature! Haram, forbidden! They are doing
this. The Lord is not sleeping! Looking what they are doing and He is going to
punish them!

O people, come right way! Try to be accepting truth; don’t run after imaginated
things that are coming from shaitanic ways. Shaitans and Shaitan’s
representatives [are] making man to make themselves by themselves to destroy
everything. Come, accept truth and try to be true ones and try to be truth
defenders. If not, taken away...

May Allah forgive us.


Lefke, 12.02.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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