Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Allah Almighty has endless Power

Subhanak, Subhanak, Subhanak, la ilaha illa Anta, Subhanak, inna kunna mina dhalimin, waghfir lana wa tub alayna…

Allah Almighty has endless Power, no one can know about our Lord’s Power Oceans and whole universe with billions of galaxies what is their position in front of Allah Almighty’s Dominions Power Oceans? Do you think that they may have a position as an atom? This huge universe that we can’t reach to cover. Our mindly energy, mindly authority that we have been granted to look around ourselves, what is its amount? We are living on a planet earth, our mindly authority may ask to reach to know about this planet and through its bigness our minds going to stop. Leave this universe that billions galaxies running in it, no one knowing from where coming, no one knowing to where going, When we are going up, when you leave this planet, no direction, no East, no West, no North, no South, no up, o down, no right hand, no left hand, no forward, backward. When getting up, you can’t approve where are you. Are you falling on our brothers on Mars, just we are on South direction or North and we are looking over us some other particular galaxies just passing and we are asking to get a sign as this galaxy, but it is moving also, after a while just disappeared, no direction, finished. Allahu akbar!

If no base, nothing can be in existence. Must have a base to be built on it their existence. If no earth, we are going to be like this… in air your hands, your legs…what happening? Of no base for mankind, this world no, where are you? Everything must have some base for approving their existence. If not, no.

This huge universe (is) signing to our minds: Don’t approach too much. From far away you may see something and be enjoyful, because not you, your base that is earth, not earth, bit its base solar system or not solar system, that it is their base this our galaxy, if approaching one of these gigantic galaxies going to disappear, going to be like atom and less just disappearing and don’t work on it too much, because such gigantic galaxy there is some holes. If approaching that, then, if something coming near to Niagara Falls, through second disappearing, you may think and imagine the bigness of that holes that they are saying: It is Black Holes, and Black colour is base of…and black colour also is sign of endless power Dominions. Whole secret ‘Alamu ghujub, everything in it just covered, can’t appear. Everything in it, in that darkness, black colour most powerful colour, but foolish people fighting for their colours. Much more power colour is black colour, dark black that is in it ‘Alamu ghujub, unseen, unknown Dominions that only the Owner of that Dominion He is knowing. That base for His Dominions you can’t find beginning or ending. Black Hole only like this, one mm diameter, so small, but swallowing, sucking, taking in unknown territories, cant be anyone to reach there, no, ‘Alamu ghujub, ‘Alam, Allahu akbar! We are so foolish ones, we are claiming that we are knowing something, we are reaching something from knowledge, they are using only mind productions, mind powers and this their claming something that they have some power or can do everything. This is foolishness of 21st century people. That dark darkness, unknown territories for the Lord’s Dominion Oceans. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!

Wasting time people! They have been offered to think such things for understanding their Lord’s Greatness oceans and greatness oceans that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Dominions and that Dominions one after one getting more dark, more dark. Where He is, the Lord? Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Allahu akbar! When Mehdi a.s. coming and using not to take away that darkness of ignorance from earth, he had been granted to say: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar” and in a second whole technology finished! 1oo % technology power finished. Center in hands of one Wali, Qutbu-l Mutassarif, one of 5 big Awliya that he is authorized for opening and closing. Now the centre is open. When Mehdi a.s. saying: “Allahu akbar”, shelter by itself coming down, no need to touch that Qutb, no, by itself. And no more any instrument going to be in act, no power for man for these foolish mankind living on earth now and everyone claiming to be like a Nimrod or Pharaoh that trusting on their technology. One word: “Allahu akbar”- finished!
And using from that power only to say once, 3 times, enough to say: “Allahu akbar”, with that power from that power oceans very, very, very weak power he is going to use to change everything from earth from their wrong direction to put them in right direction. Who is getting objecting, getting against , blown, just taken away.

We come to now about our Lord, to know who created us and it is also in limits, according to our capacity. You must learn. “Quli Rabbi Allah”, say: “My Lord is Allah!” You just teach your children first who is you Lord, to say: “My Lord is Allah”, that makes Allah Almighty happy with His creatures. As long as not saying this and running after idols, idols should be taken away.

Oh people, try to learn more and more, as much as possible for Allah Almighty, because our promising from our Lord according to our knowledge to Him. If we are knowing more, you may give more respect, more praising and more glorifying. Therefore Prophet’s two Rakaat much more valuable from all mankinds’ praying. Why? What Prophet knowing about his Lord, people not knowing. And they are not trying, and Prophet saying: “I am that one that no one can know about our Lord, Allah Almighty what I am knowing, and no one can be much more fearful than me in front of his Lord.”

Try to know more for reaching to His divine Presence and to welcome you: “Oh My servant, welcome to My divine Dominions from every kind enjoyment that you should enjoyful. Come, My beloved servant!“ Try to be welcomed in His divine Presence. But we are preferring to collect rubbish of this life and then losing any chance and going in front of our Lord, asking: “Who am I?” They can’t say: “You are my Lord.” They should say: “My Lord is my ego.” Even not learning to say: “Rabbi Allah”, he should say: “My Lord is my nafs. I was walking under his commands and trying to fulfil his pleasures. That was my wish.” And He is asking: “That was your mission? Nothing else? To fulfil every kind of pleasure for your ego? You never think about your Creator, what I am asking from you? You never bring to Me something to be enjoyful with you? Oh, my no mind and respectless servant, you are not My servant, you are servant of your ego, of your Shaitan. Now you lost and coming to Me.”

May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us good understanding! Up today such things not coming to Ummah, but it is time of Mehdi a.s. and slowly coming an opening to wake up servants of Lord Allah Almighty… May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of that most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.
When Mehdi a.s. coming, who is going to be in his time, flying like angels…

Lefke, 15.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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