Maulana Sheikh Nazim Allah Almighty (is) directly directing His servants

(In Arabic to Sheikh Adnan: The attribute of creation is to move- and that needs a power to move it from its position, and creatures need to move for their provision. But the Attribute if Allah is not to move, to be Stable. He has Tajallis, not movement, for the Af’alu-llah, Asmau-llah, Sifatu-llah, Dhatu-llah…Sahibu Maqam has no more movement, he is fixed…but the seeker, Salik, he has to move to arrive to his Maqam…and he needs a power… Salik is Sahib Ahwal, Sahib Maqam has no more Ahwal, movement, he is fixed…)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ’alamtana… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula w ala quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. May Allah grant us what is necessary for our beings! But no one may understand that Allah Almighty (is) directly directing His servants! Indirectly, ghaira mubashi. Directly, we are knowing or we must know that, no one can be directly related to their Lord’s divinely Presence. Leave mankind- but even S.Archangel Gibrail he can’t be able ‘mubasharatan’, directly, to reach to the divinely Presence. Impossible! But shuuni-llah, the works of Allah or Allah Almighty’s Actings, you can’t balance them through your mindly balance, impossible. He is reaching directly to every creation, but no one from His creatures directly reaching to Him! He must be directly with every kind of creation, without any mediator, or it is impossible to be in existence anything from creatures. Because He Almighty (is) keeping every creature in existence by His divinely Existence. If He is not with His creatures directly, can’t be anything in existence. If you are saying He is not reaching to His creation directly, that means: that creature is going to be in existence by itself, by himself, Can’t be! But you can’t be able to reach to your Lord’s divinely Presence directly, no! You must be with a mediator, (who is) bringing you indirectly to His divinely Presence. But His Attribute (is) to reach every creation by Himself.

And (He is) accompanying (everything); everything must be under His divinely Dominion, Hegemony, and over His Hegemony Dominion must be with that creation but they are in need even Allah is saying that He is accompanying everything, He is closer to you more than you: “Wa Nahnu akrabu ilaykum min habli warid”, these two life giving veins, this is in yourself, no distance. Your veins are in yourself and He is saying: “We are closer to you more than your veins” , but we are in need (a) mediator to reach to Him. And He is saying: “We are more closer than your veins”, mutashabihat. Qurani Karim is oceans, understanding is not easy. If Sahibu Zaman, Mehdi a.s. is coming, taking away those meaning that are written now around the Holy Quran as a ma’al, asking to make a translation from Holy Verses, taking all of them and throwing into oceans or burning them! It is Haram to look to that translations around (the) Holy Quran! It is not your station! You can’t understand that! Because they are trying to put oceans through a thimble. What is that! For what?

They are trying to make people not to use mediators, saying: “You, by yourself, you may understand.” What your are understanding! If I am putting in front of you newspaper, you are not understanding- what about Holy Quran, that for every letter (there are) at least meanings! If you are saying: “Alif, Lam, Mim”- Alif, at least must be granted meanings. At least and going up, (there is) no any limits for the meanings of Alif. (It is only) one letter- why you are making this around the Holy Quran now, printing and bringing, saying: “Read”, and so many people now are coming, saying: “Oh Sheikh, what you are saying we are not finding it in it. This is it's (meaning), look!” Oh- what is that!

Muhyiuddin ibn Arabi, Allah bless him- was saying: “I may bring to you the names of all Prophets from Holy Quran, Prophets.” What it is mentioned? (There are only) 28 names of Prophets (mentioned) through (the) Holy Quran, and Muhyiuddin ibn Arabi was saying: “I may bring the names of Prophets.” And people were saying: “Oh Sheikh, what you are saying? From where (you are bringing them)?” “Don’t make me angry!” Their anger is divinely! “I may bring all names of all Adam’s generation from the Holy Quran!” La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Ohhh! Talim!

Therefore it was a teaching for nations that Allah Almighty was using Archangel Gabriel as a mediator to all Prophets. People must know that it is not possible for everyone to reach to there Lord’s divinely Presence directly, but (that) they are in need to take one mediator.

We were in Athens last week. They were bringing a car and in it there was a tourist guide for showing ourselves that city, and no one was saying: “Why we are in need that person? Leave him- we may look everywhere.” You may look, but you can’t understand, you know nothing. If no guide there, you don’t know this building, that building, this temple, that temple, this area, that area, this mountain, that mountain…What about for your Lord? Therefore those people (were) teaching (the) Holy Quran, whom they have been granted to be guides for (the) servants of the Lord of Heavens. No one directly going to reach to Allah, no, can’t be. Therefore for everything (there is) a rule or protocol, they are saying now protocol. For reaching to President or Prime Minister or minister or other high level people, there is a protocol among mankind- what about for you? You are asking to be no protocol for reaching to your Lord and you are going like this (stepping up)? Then, the protocol that we may be asking to reach to Sultans presence (is)… perhaps a pheasant (is) coming on his donkey and asking at the gate of palace: “Just I am coming to meet our King. Let me get in!” What they are saying: “Come down from your donkey!” And that ignorant pheasant was saying. “No I can’t, because I am bringing something also...I am coming from suq, from market, and on my way I like to meet him. If I am leaving my donkey here, may be stolen, therefore I must be on my donkey to come in palace and to meet him!” Asking like this!

Therefore Abu Yazid, Sultanu-l Arifin, was asking: “Oh, my Lord, let me to come to You, (to) Your divinely Presence!” and the Lord of Heavens was answering: “Daa nafsak wa ta’al! Leave your donkey and come!” But that pheasant is asking to go on his donkey to meet Sultan, to meet King! Ohhh! That is protocol, main protocol, never changed! From ‘Ezzeli ila-l abad’ never changed: “Daa nafsak wa t’al! Leave your ride and come in!” You must come down and walking you must go! Therefore mubasharatan, directly you can’t reach to your Lord, until you are leaving your ego, your ride, that it is your ego- then (you are) coming in. And all Tariqats are asking to do this- to teach people and to make them to practice.

Therefore communist people and materialist people are saying: “Mankind, on all of them are on (the) same level.” No, (they are) not (all on the) same level! (There are) two levels: One (group of people that they are) riding on their ride, (and) another (group of people that) their donkey (is) riding on them! (There are only) two kinds (of) people (in the) whole world! (Therefore: “Wa la tanzau fadla baynahum”, that means: “Give honour to the honorable ones among you!”)

No, mankind they are not on (the) same level! Some of them (are) riding on their donkeys (according to Allah’s Order:)- “Nafsak kama tiyatuka”…”Your ego is your horse or donkey or ride, ride on it!” Some of them (are) riding, (and) some (others) of them (are) carrying their horses on their shoulders. Two kind people, no third one. No third one- anyone (is) knowing a third one? No- either (one is) riding on his horse or (he is) making his horse to ride on him… (A) horse is a noble creature, but donkeys, their level (is) down. And our egos’ level is donkeys’ level- (so) people (are of) two kinds: some (are) riding on their donkey, some (others) of them (are) making their donkeys to ride on them, (and so) their level (is) going to be (even) under the level of donkeys!

Mubasharatan, directly, no- you can’t enter (the) divinely Presence directly; you must keep (the) protocol and (the) protocol is: “Leave your ego, leave your donkey outside and come in!” Finished! Who (is) leaving their donkeys outside and coming in, doors (are) open to them: “Come, come to My divinely Presence, oh My servant! You are My servant! Others, they are servants for their donkeys, they can’t be here! Whom they are servants to their donkey, they can’t be here, no! (Those) who left their donkey, they are My servants; who is not leaving their donkey, they are ‘donkey servants’, not My servants!”

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, who was teaching people (the) realities of being in existence and their importance and mission, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 17.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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