Maulana Sheikh Nazim Allah is granting willpower to man

Ya Daim, ya Daim, ya Daim….(for some time, about 4o times, Maulana is making Dhikr with this holy Name of Allah)…Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Huuu! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l –A’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…“Ya man alayka kulli asiin yassir!” Subhanallah! We must believe that only one’s Will is going on. Only One’s Will should be in acting, no anyone else’s will may face force for anything to be done; only His Will must be for everyone, (and) everyone’s desires must be related to His divinely Will. Yes- our Lord, Allah Almighty, granted to us as an honour willpower, but we have been ordered also to know (and) to accept that only His Will is on power.

Because He created man to be His representatives, to be His deputies, to be His caliphs on earth, and (He is) granting to them willpower. That is an honour that (is) never granted to any other creature, no! Even Angels haven’t been granted willpower, directly they are under Allah’s Willpower. The animals world, animals level (is) that they are under the level of mankind; also they haven’t been given willpower, no. All of them with His divinely Will (are) moving, working, or acting. Mankind has been granted (willpower).

When a person is just granted an honour, (he) must also be given a responsibility! When he is going to be an ordinary worker and employee, he has no any responsibility; his responsibility belongs to his headmaster that he is under his command. He is not using his will, when his master is keeping that honour through himself. (But) when he is getting up and (is) given an honour, he must be loaded also a responsibility.

Therefore- mankind has been granted that honour, and (at the) same time they have been offered from the Lord of Heavens to do everything under His Willpower. That means: you may use your willpower, but you can’t ask to be your willpower over His Willpower! That one who (is) asking to be something according to his will, he is going to be failed. Failing that person. For what? For his bad manner. Bad manner! He has a bad manner, because he is asking to be his willpower going on and (he is) never concerning or observing his Lord’s Willpower. He may say: “I wish this, I wish that, I like this, I don’t like that…” Everyone is using this, and we are passing through hundreds of events daily. For every work that they are intending to do, people are insisting, asking that: “I like it to be like this.” For example: “I like to be that one for me”, or (he) may say: “I like this thing to be as I like”- never leaving a chance for his Lord’s Will, (but he is) saying: “I like it”… “I don’t like it”… Oh! Who are you! You are master or worker? You are Sultan or you are servant?

People now in our days just forget that they are servants. They are trying to break down servanthood and everyone is asking to be (something, saying): “I am here. I am Sultan. I am King. I am ordering. I like this, I don’t like that.” That is (the) biggest mistake from servants: to try to break down (the) Sultan’s Will! Now the whole world is running after that way. Everyone is asking: “I like to be a Commander, I like to be a Judge, I like to be a MP, I like to be a big business man, I like to be President, I like to be Nr.1- that is my hobby. That is my life’s style. I like that style of life that everywhere I must be Nr.1 and everywhere I like to be everything as I like. I am never taking any other one’s will, no! I am thinking only for myself. I like to be everything as I like.”

That is the worst characteristic from our ego. It means: he is claming to break down his servanthood and to claim to be the Lord of people, as Pharaoh was saying to people. “You are all my servants and I am your Lord”, or as Nimrod was saying to Abraham: ” I am the King of lands, the King of all the world, and your Lord is on skies. I don’t like that He involves in my work. I am free to do everything as I like! I am not understanding, oh Ibrahim. You are coming and speaking something about the Lord of Heavens. I don’t care (about) this, because I am lord on earth and your Lord (is) through skies, in Heavens.”

And now the same characteristic is just covering the whole world and people are going to be from every size of Nimrods- small size, medium size, and king size- army people, (saying:) “We have power!” Second (ones to claim to be powerful they are) Civil Government, saying: “We have power with ourselves and we are going to de everything as we like.” And (then) youngsters, because governments (are) urging them and saying: “You must learn, because as long as you are learning, you are reaching (to the) top level of servanthood and you may step on Lordship area. When you are reaching (the) top point of your education, (of) your studying, then you may look yourself and say: “’I like that one, I don’t like this one…”

(In the) whole education of mankind and their studying, they are saying: “Oh, when I am finishing, I must go to London! It is not enough to be in Malaysia or Brunei, or Singapore, or Thailand or Ceylon or Pakistan- their universities are not very well-known and I like to be someone well-known, (so) if anyone is asking me:” Do you have any graduation”, I may say: “Yes, I am graduated from Oxford!” That one saying: “Oh, you are also (graduated), my friend? You have such a graduation? “Yes, Sir, I am graduated from Cambridge!” You, Haci Jamal? “Yes, I am graduated from Boston University, America.” America- very famous…You? Another foolish one- Jamaludin? “Yes, I am from Berlin University, Berlin Academy, just graduated.” What about French ones? Sheikh Abu Bakr? “Yes, Sir, I am from Sorbonne graduated.” If you are asking poor Nuruddin, (he is saying): “I was a cook, I am graduated cook”…Better…

Yes- everyone (is) asking to show themselves that: “We reached to a point that just we break down to be an ordinary one on earth. We are claiming to be top-level people; we don’t like to be on servants’ level, we like to be on Lord’s level.” Ohhh, true or not?

In Spain, I don’t know which university (is famous)…Madrid? Not too much…Perhaps Rome University? “Yes, we have such glorious history, glorious past time that no one can reach to our Caesars, that we reached to East and West of this world and our Rome University is the first one that I just graduated.”…What about for Sheikh Filfil from Trablus? He is saying: “Eh, I am not graduated, but I can do more than graduated people. (They are) empty pocket (people), but I graduated from market and my pockets are full with money, therefore I have rights to say this and that…”

You haven’t any right to say such a thing: “I will, I don’t will…I like, I don’t like…” No! And people are running on that! Ferhad? Ferhad saying: “Oh Sheikh, from Canada up to Damascus I have a long graduation paper, written on it in French, in Arabic, in English, Berber language…every kind I have- finally a shovel is coming on me…I have such a big graduating degrees and suddenly coming one shovel on my head- I never take any benefit to keep me, only Allah Almighty protected me or His deputies protecting me, from to be in pieces…” Allahu akbar! You are learning? Never…Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd!

We are coming now to complete our association. Everyone (is) asking to reach to a point that that level never belongs to servants, asking to be on the level of Lordshipness, to order, not to be ordered; to order, to be commander and others his servants!

We were saying that people (are) saying: “I like this, I like that.” Allah granted to His servants from His divinely Attribute to ask something according to their wills, but they must put their wills under His Will and (they) may say: “If my Lord (is) asking (this), I like it. If my Lord (is) not asking (this), if my Lord is not happy with my will, I am taking my will back and I am looking His Will!”

We are speaking on that: “Ya man kulli assin alayka yassir.” We are speaking on the illnesses, on the bad characteristics of egos. We have been authorized to speak on it, as well as to make a cure on (these illnesses). That work, when I am coming to me, when I am sitting here to say to Allah, that is His divinely Attribute: “Oh my Lord, oh that One, every difficulty that we are going to be faced with, every kind of difficulty, it is for ourselves difficult, but the only One who is making that difficulties to disappear, to go away and to finish, to be easy, that is only You! You may do that. Every difficulty that Your servants from mankind are going to be faced with, they must not run there, here, leaving You and asking an easy way, some ways to reach to their freedom, to save themselves from difficulties. Only by Your Will it is going to be, not with our wills. If all people’s wills were coming together, it is impossible to make (the) difficulties that (are) growing through people to be solved or to come an easy way.

That is very important! Don’t try yourself, by yourself, that you can save yourself from difficulties. No! Your wills, all mankind’s wills, if (they were) coming together, they can’t find a way to get out from this closed area. Because you are inside; (it is) just closed on you and the key- (He) that (is) making you through that closed area, (He) who imprisoned you, only He may be giving to you a way to get out!

As the Children of Israel. Allah Almighty was giving His Judgment, His divinely Judgment: “You are now in prison. 4o years I am imprisoning you in that area, Sinai. 4o years. Finished, you are inside, I am closing on you, I am keeping the key. I may open, but I am not going to open for you, because I am giving my just Judgement that you should be punished (to be) 4o years through that prison!” And it was a free land, but they can’t escape. And just they were all buried in that area and they died…

Now (for) all mankind (it is) closed on them and the key is in my pocket! I am the weakest servant to be porter on them. I closed, keeping the key with me. All of them inside, till they are coming and asking from Allah Almighty freedom; then He may order to me to open, (and) I may open. Or (else) the whole world… may die all of them, they can’t get out…

May Allah forgive us and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence…

I am nothing, but their order (is) passing through (me) as that electric wire. If (you are) giving power (through it), you can’t touch it, if not, it is an ordinary wire… I am nothing; when I am saying this, I am saying the true. But when it is ordered (for them) to be free (and) the Lord of Heavens is giving Permission, when (they are) coming and saying: “Oh our Lord, save us, save our souls, S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., oh our Lord!” then (He is) opening…If (they are) not asking this- let them to come under oceans, finishing… May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one, bu hurmati-l Fatiha…Ya Rabbi, yessir, ya man kulli asiin yassir… As long as they are running away, they are falling down…

Lefke, 24.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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