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Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Atiu-llaha wa atiu Rasul wa ulu-l amri minkum. Meded Ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

Allah the Creator! No any other Creator, can’t be. Everything in existence Allah Almighty’s stamp on it that it belongs to the Lord of Heavens. We are His creatures, we are also His servants. We are coming to this life through our mothers womb, we are coming and we are knowing nothing. Only what it is necessary for that baby it is granted to him or to her by their Creator. Born a child and rushing to his mum’s chest- who was teaching him? The Creator. Running, asking to eat, to drink- who taught them? The Creator. They were we were nine months through our mum’s womb, we never seeing anything from outside and we never using our mouth through the wombs of our mums. When coming outside, quickly rushing and asking and Allah Almighty just making to run through the chests of our mums milk, and we are rushing and asking to drink from that milk. Allah Almighty giving that baby one year or two years what that baby may be in need from that milk. Milk it is only a white liquid. Drinking and baby’s every organ inner or outer taking from that one liquid and growing. How it can be? One liquid going to be kidney, going to be lungs, going to be heart, going to be pancreas, going to be stomach, going to be liver, going to be bones, going to be muscles, going to be brain- Subhanallah! How it can be?

Therefore Islam just coming with its perfection and asking mission, real mission for Islam for believers, to understand about their Creator and giving a key to everyone to use it, to find secret knowledge or secrets through our creation. That is the key of thinking, to think. Allah Almighty ordering through several holy Verses, ordering to believers to think for everything. And first of all man must think on himself. Before looking around may look around, but deeply thinking must be on ourselves. How we are coming in existence? At the beginning it is two drops from man and from woman, coming together and from that coming a perfect creature and then that one growing, growing and their understanding day by day monthly, yearly coming more and more. And they are reaching the age of maturity, they are knowing about themselves. Until that age they are not knowing the secret of being male or female. They are not knowing. When they are reaching the age of maturity, they are beginning to understand. Because the Lord of Heavens asking to continue generation of Adam’s children up to last day, the Day of resurrection. And everyone carrying a kind of generation through themselves and it is the beginning of awakening, because they must give that they have been given or granted by their Lord from their descendants and their generation. That forcing them to look and to give what they have been granted from generation to come through this life. And that is a dangerous period for children, boys or girls, they have been cheated through so many satanic tricks and traps, running after youngsters to make them to fall into a bad condition that we may say to be damaged. Shaitan and his groups from devils making youth through that time to take them and to harm them and to give every trouble to them through that age and after this period that the age of maturity must be protected boys and girls to reach to the age of stable level age that he may be able to understand about himself and about their mission and about their enemies, they may reach to that level that it is going to be a difficult age for shaitanic groups to cheat them. But from the time of age of maturity they should be so quickly cheated. But when they are reaching to that age of maturity…after a whole they may understand they may learn.

And the Lord of Heavens…therefore He was sending His Messengers with His holy messages, holy Books to protect, for protection of new generation from falling into dirty channels, sewage channels. Therefore every Prophet they did their best for protecting new generation, youth. So that they should be able to face their enemies and they may be able to fight to them and to save themselves from the tricks of Shaitan and from his traps. Therefore first thing that man must learn (is) how he is going to protect himself from falling through the nets of Shaitan and shaitanic traps.

Therefore in traditional teaching we were beginning by saying: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. We are saying first. When we are beginning to learn we must say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. That means: we are accepting our Lord, our Creator and we are doing everything for Himself and we are asking His divinely support using His holy Names Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. When finishing, then coming…this is a strong foundation. Then you may build on it what you are in need to build on it. If you are not using that foundation everything that you are building must fall on you. Can’t stand up. That is our old teaching style through Islamic world up to 1924 at the beginning first quarter of 21st century.

And after it beginning a changing. Shaitan forcing and running after Islamic world, because they were against Shaitan and shaitanic teachings and Shaitan knows that if his teachings not coming through Islamic world, Islamic countries, through Muslims, Shaitan knows that Islam can’t be fall down. Shaitan he did his worst particularly for heedless Muslim world and they changed everything. First they changed traditional style of studying, of learning, that we are using first holy Quran and we are learning about holy Commands and then we are learning something what it is necessary for ourselves to reach our provision: So many handcrafts. They changed it and now whole Islamic world just fall down and Western people are stepping on them and they are asking from Western people mercy or justice or to help them- it is impossible. Islam is something else and in front of Islam unislamic world. Unislamic world another world. Our world is another world and their world is another world. We can’t leave our world for unislamic world. When you are leaving then you are going to be with them and no hope. That is what we are in it now through East and West. People running to West. For what? Because they are thinking that Eastern countries their Lord- ha sha- poor one, Astaghfirullah, and Western peoples’ idols so much powerful and rich one. Therefore running Islam, Muslims to Western countries to take much more money.

He is same Lord, giving here, giving there, but you are asking your provision through Western countries and Allah Almighty ordering for believers to move through East and West, but only for their beliefs and for their religions. He ordered to them to move, to reach the most far place from Western countries to bring the lights of Heavens. Because we have been granted Lights from Heavens. Their lights just extinguished. Western peoples’ beliefs and their Books no more giving to them lights, because they are making themselves slaves from this life. They never taking any interest or care for their eternal life, no. Look, every day look through their shaitanic box, TV. You can find one word calling people to their Lord? Never! All of them they are running to take much more money and Muslims on their ways running to take much more. What is happening? What is going to happen? Finally Rolls Royce in England- and in America I don’t know which famous car- going to be their last journeys car…and I think that it is black glasses, not to be seen who is inside…running, running to cemetery. Some people ten people coming, some hundred people coming, some with music coming, some coming with whole governments, whole soldiers, with so many ceremonies, big ceremony, and finally they are burying that person- ohhh flying away, and that person crying to them, calling: “Were you are going? How you left me here? What is that? You are my so friends, my family, my children, and government making so big ceremony and finally leaving me here and I am lying here by myself, no anyone with me”…

I was in Brookland cemetery, a very rich person we are burying. There was a cover and under it there is a beton, a concrete room. And they are opening this cover and with ropes sending it down; no one coming under it. They are fearing if another one they are covering him also under it…I was saying: “O people, I shall give to that one who may be here up to morning to be with that one under this, I am leaving open this cover to be side by side with this person, I shall give to you Pounds. Who is there?” Saying, people running away….”Ya Hu come! I shall give you are check Pounds!” “O Sheikh, if you are giving us England’s banks whole golden, we are not coming! Up to morning we may die also with that, fearing under it”…No one! We left it, covering, (and) people run away…

That is the final point of man. So many people they never reach to be buried also. So many events happening, people just buried hundreds on same place…Audhu bi-llah! That it the final point of our life. That person was millionaire or billionaire- what is the benefit? But never thinking!

Therefore Islam giving to mankind a power for thinking. Think on yourself, think on your beginning, think for your ending; how began your existence, how ended? People not (thinking), people they are drunk people. And troubles like flood of Noah covering everywhere. I am not seeing anyone in that Shaitanic box, TV, one person even smiling. What to laugh! Smiling people no. Only smiling people they are making toys, puppets, they are smiling and laughing, but man through that TV box no one. All of them their face the face of Hells people. Allah Allah!

O people! We are coming to learn, we are coming to know something, and to know something its way passing through learning and learning through knowledge. Knowledge, real knowledge that now people they are denying it, is knowledge of Heavens, that coming. That is real knowledge. But they are making it away, throwing it away and bringing such foolish things and nonsense things, they are saying: “This is knowledge that mankind must follow, must be happy and in peace.” They are liars!

May Allah forgive us and grant to you from His endless Mercy Oceans. Therefore I am calling people from East to West, from North to South as whole Prophets were calling people to Allah only, to their Lord, because peace is to be with their Lord! If not reaching, never ending troubles here and Hereafter, punishment and fear and suffering climbing, never coming less. May Allah forgive me and forgive us and give His blessings.

I am looking what coming from Heavens. Two promises: One coming mercy whom they are running to their Lord and another promising that coming as a punishment whom they are running away from their Lord. May Allah forgive us, for the honour if the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…La ilaha ill-Allah, La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah…It is not what Sheikh X asking, but for common people, for whole people… Sheikh X his station I can’t reach…If I can reach, I shall speak to him…He is also very serious person, never smiling…Eh- when looking to me may smile…

Lefke, 10.03.2004 transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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