Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah is the main power station
Allah says that He has all power, and that His servants are powerless. Only Allah has Absolute Power, and only He gives power to the whole universe. Divine Power is within everything that is in existence. Allah is the main power station for all creatures. If you know this, you know that as much as you are powerless, you must ask from your Lord. Therefore the Prophet asked his Lord: “Oh my Lord, don’t leave me to myself, my nafs, for even the blink of an eye. If you leave me to myself, I will perish.” He was asking for Divine Help and Power every moment, in all conditions throughout his life.
He used to say that he was only a powerless servant and completely dependent upon his Lord; and when he said this, Allah Almighty gave him from His Absolute Powers, saying: "For as much as you are admitting your own powerlessness, that much power We will give to you." All Divine Help and Power comes to weak people more than to powerful people. As much as you are in need, as much as you are opening to Allah, help is coming. If you don’t feel in need of your Lord, you will be left to yourself, and you will perish.

- 01.04.1999
BookOnthebridgetoEternity, CategoryDivinePower
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