Maulana Sheikh Nazim May Allah grant us a good understanding

Destur ya Sayyidi, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Destur ya Rijalallah, Meded, Meded…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Talabu-l ‘ilmun faridatun ‘ala kulli Muslimin wa-l Muslimat…By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…

May Allah grant us a good understanding, but He is not granting His grant directly, ‘mubasharatan’- it is impossible- but Allah Almighty (is) teaching His servants through His chosen servants. They have a special structure through their physical being as well as (through) their spiritual being they have a speciality. They are not the same as common people, no, can’t be!

He Almighty created Adam, He prepared him. No any other creature He is going to do, to make them or their design directly by Himself. That honour is granted only to Adam a.s. He was giving his form, his design. Any other (creature) you know (who has been given that honour)? Angels? Angels are heavenly beings. Their creation is (through) “Kun, fa yakun”; their creation is in another way. They are heavenly beings and Heavens is not material things. Their existence is from divinely Lights and they have existence, but their existence is just different from the existence of ‘ardiyun, (of creatures) that belong to this earth, this world. Our speciality, our creation, (is) just 1oo % different from their creation.

And Allah Almighty He said through His Eternity: “Oh My Angels; I am going to bring a new creature.” He was addressing through His divinely Presence (to) who was present in His divinely Presence, whom they are all heavenly beings, angels- “I am bringing, ‘ja’al’, I am asking to bring a new creation and I am asking- it is My divinely Will that according to My divinely Desire I am asking- to dress him the honour that no one can reach from creatures any honour over that honour- can’t be! I am asking to bring a new creation and to dress him to be My Representatives“ - more than deputy, “giving them that honour and making them to be My Representatives and Deputies on earth. I am asking to bring him!” All the Angels were saying: “We are ready for that honour, oh our Lord!” Subhanallah! They were saying this, but they were not seeing the creation of that new one. When the Lord of Heavens was saying this to (the) Angels, the Angels were thinking that that honour might be dressed on them, but it was impossible, because they can’t carry (that honour). Their honour is on another level, according to their creation, but that new one was going to be granted an honour that until that time no one had been dressed. It was prepared (that this honour was going to be given to someone). Angels were knowing this and they were looking (for that honour) and hoping for it, to be for them, but Allah Almighty was saying: “No. It is that one, Adam, who is going to be honoured by being My Representative and Deputy on earth!”

And earth- everything is over the earth, the earth is the main structure, foundation, everything is built on it. The earth is the ‘assas’, the base. And Allah Almighty was saying: “No. I am creating that one, I am preparing that one, I am bringing that one and he should be a new creature, to give something from Me to you.” Adam- “khalaqahu Rabbu ‘ala suratu Rahman”- Allah Almighty just created Adam, and, (as) the Prophet was saying: “Who (is) looking to him (it is) as (if he is) looking to his Lord.” (And that is) such (a) great, such (a) big honour!

Every form, every design belongs to Allah. Allah Almighty has countless designs. He is that One that one (of His) Names is: (The) Designer, Al Musawwir. And, as He likes to show (something) from Himself according to the level of creation- not more up, no, that is (an) impossibility; no possibility for himself, Adam- but Allah is granting to him a design that every creation may look and understand something from His designs and His designs (are) countless, unlimited.

Therefore the Lord of Heavens (was) saying (to the Angels): “No, it is not for you. Your creation is different and Adam’s creation (is) going to be a very special creation. I am making his form, I am his Designer; with My divinely Hands I am giving his form and design!” Any other creature reached to that position? Therefore (even) the worst one that (is) going to be under the umbrella of ‘mankind’, is granted that honour- (he is) just honoured. And Allah Almighty by His divinely Hands (was) giving Adam’s form and then, from Himself, (He) was giving from (His) divinely Spirit, blowing into him. That is an honour that it is impossible to be granted to any other creature, from the beginning up to the end. Can’t be! The last horizon or the last limit or level for all creatures (is) to reach that point, but all creatures are under the level of Adam and his generation! (And) Allah Almighty was making this for all mankind.

And then Allah Almighty directly created Adam and (He was) blowing into him from His divinely Spirit and Adam was standing up and looking and glorifying his Lord. Then Allah Almighty was giving honour (to) Adam and his generation, his Children. Indirectly (it was given) for common people. Directly Allah Almighty was giving that honour to Adam first, because he was (a) chosen one, (the) first chosen one. When he was granted that (honour) and he was standing up and glorifying his Lord and (he was) dressed the real honour of being the Representative and Deputy of the Lord of Heavens on earth, Angels were looking and they were saying. “This is another one. He is not from our level.” And Allah Almighty was ordering all heavenly beings: “Bow to Adam!” and therefore they were quickly running, making Sajdah, because that secret that Allah granted to Adam to be His Representative- it was ‘Amrun ‘Azim, that is an endless honour and glory. No any other creature (was) glorified by their Creator as Adam was glorified! Angels (were) knowing this and quickly (they were) running to make Sajdah, bowing to him, only Shaitan was getting angry, saying:” I am not accepting Your Command to bow to him!” And he was saying: “You created him from earth! I have been created from the flames of fire!” He was saying this, but he was not understanding that Adam was created and that for his creation Allah Almighty ‘bi dhat’, by His Own Lordship, He was making his form. He didn’t realize that point, and he said: “I am more honourable than him.”

No! You are created by a (divinely) Order to be an Angel or to be from can, Jinn, another kind of creation. Your creation is only (through an Order of Allah Almighty) to say: “Kun” Be, and you are being, but for Adam He (Almighty) was the special Designer. But Shaitan (was) never distinguishing (between) this and that. It was so clear, only he was in depthless heedlessness, Shaitan, (when) he was saying: “He is from earth, I am from fire.” Yes, Allah Almighty is knowing what you are saying- why you are saying this? He is your Creator, you are reminding (Him) or teaching Him that you have been created from (the) flames of fire and Adam from earth? You like to teach Him? Is there anyone else in existence to be a Creator? Only Allah! Why you are saying this? But deep heedlessness (was) with Shaitan. He was created only by the holy Command “Be”; and it was coming from the flames of fire a new creation, ‘can’, and he was standing up, saying: “I am from (the) flames of fire and Adam (is) from earth.”

Adam has been brought in existence in a special way that his Designer by Himself was his Lord; Adam’s Lord was making this. Shaitan was arguing with Allah, saying: ”I am a flame.” What is that! (You are a) flame- but He Almighty worked on Adam, by Himself, ‘bi dhat’. That was enough honour to reach to that level of the limits of honour through that point. Enough! But Shaitan (was) never understanding this, saying:” I am created from fire flame.” Allah worked on you, on your creation, to make you? No! He was (only) saying: “Kun” and you were becoming Shaitan, a ‘can’, but Adam’s creation was in another way. Angels were understanding (and) falling down and bowing to Adam, but Shaitan was saying: “No.” Go away! Never understanding!

But now, step-by-step, there is a new opening coming to Awliyas and they are making Shaitan and his aims their target, beginning to bombard (the) satanic mentality. (They are) beginning to cut that tree of pride from him and little-by-little, little-by-little this pride tree is coming down…Ohhh… Slowly, step-by-step, (the) Awliya are going on him to make him to understand. (It was) given to him a (period of) time to think (on it) and he is coming (down) now little-by-little, because the Day of Resurrection is coming, approaching, (and therefore) it is beginning that Awliya are bombarding him, making him to know his position!

Now he is yet drunk, because he is saying: “I am from the flames of fire.” Yes, but Adam is not from fire; His Lord by His (Own) Hands was designing him and forming (him) and bringing him in existence and saying: “You are My Representative through creation, (on) earth and (in) Heavens.” Even his land (was) going to be the earth, but his honour was through Heavens also. He may be here, but his honour is reaching to Heavens also. He is not only the Representative of Allah Almighty (on) earth, but in Heavens also.

The proof of what we are saying- that Adam also was representing Allah Almighty through the whole of creation- appeared in the Night of Journey of the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws. Adam was carrying that (honour) from the real representative of the Lord of Heavens, the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, because if he had not been brought into existence, no Heavens and no earth was going to be (brought) in existence- peace be upon him, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim! Despite the Wahabis, Christians, Jews and everyone! They are under the feet of that chosen one, that most honoured one’s feet!

Therefore we were saying that Allah Almighty (is) making it obligatory for all believers to learn. To learn what? To learn the Truth of Reality and to learn (about those) true ones, who are carrying that divinely Amanat, Trust. And this is a little bit (of an) opening that after this is coming oceans, oceans, endless oceans …and therefore we are saying that you can’t learn anything without a teacher, because mankind is in need of a mediator, or: everyone must have a teacher, so that no one may be able to learn something directly, but only indirectly. Prophets (are) special beings and their inheritors also (are) special beings- you must try to reach one of them and to learn! If not, you should be like wood for the fire of Hells; (there is) no value for those who are not learning. They should be in dustbin! May Allah forgive me and grant to you to learn and to understand! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws…

I don’t know. What I am saying, just it is coming from Grandsheikh. It is not coming from books, but he is sending it to my heart, according to the needs of seekers…

Lefke, 20.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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