Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah organises every one's Provision
No-one can eat the provision of the other. No-one can die without finishing his provision. Your children come with their own provision, they do not come and start taking yours. This is a big misunderstanding. Allah the Almighty tells His servants not to worry about their provision. He tells us that He is providing for us daily. "I am not asking you to give me tomorrow's prayer today, but you want to have tomorrow's provision today! Or the provision of a week, a month, a year or a lifetime!" Why don't you ask cats and dogs how they survive? Do they have a trade, a garden or fields? Are they hunting? Do they do any work? Do they have shops, or businesses? Nothing, they have nothing! You are not surprised that they survive? So why do you ask me? If anyone starts doubting their provision, it means that they are doubting Allah's capacity of providing for everyone.
There are 100 people here. All of them have been sent by Him. He has organised for their provision to be here. Everyone takes their own share. Muhammad* used to say that a meal which has been prepared for 2 people is enough for 4 people. A meal for 4 will be enough for 8. If you prepare for 10 you will have enough for 20. Allah gives more barakat the more people come. A host must never be ashamed thinking that he cannot give enough to his guests. It is true that he cannot, but Allah can reach out to all his servants.

- 01.01.1997
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