Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah’s Doors are always open!

Destur, ya Rijalallah, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya...
Allah, ya Daim...
Allah, ya Subhan
Allah, ya Sultan...
Ma sha Allah! Ma sha Allah, ma sha Allah! As-salamu alaikum! Welcome,
welcome to you!

Ya Rabbi, ya Allah! Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah! Tauba, ya
Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah...

O our Lord, we are Your weak servants...We are asking heavenly Support,
o our Lord, send us heavenly Support to stand up, to stand up for Your
Servanthood. Real Mu’min who is running to do his servanthood better and
trying... who asking much more pleasure from his Lord, he is going to
make everything for Allah.

Destur, ya Sayydi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya. May Allah forgive us. We are in
need (of His) Forgiveness.

It is a humble meeting, and we are asking from Allah Almighty not to
close our doors, always to be open for servants of our Lord, as Allah
Almighty never closing His doors, always it is open. Therefore in holy
land Mecca Mukarrama, Haram, Holy House of Lord, before we are knowing
that that Holy Land around House of Lord there was 40 entrances, but no
this, doors, anything, it is open. That means, Allah Almighty never
closing His doors to His servants. 24 hours it was open, anyone coming,
may enter freely, no any time that you may say you can’t pray here this
hour, you can’t do your Tawaf, turning around House of Lord, it was so
open, no one standing through that doors, to look after people: “What
you are bringing?”, “What you are taking?”, no! That means Allah
Almighty’s- that it is a grant from our Lord- doors open anytime, anytime!
And they built new building around House of Lord, Kaaba Muazzama, and
they put doors, it was not true! Then Allah Almighty teaching His
servants, or He is asking to remind His servants whom they are saying:
“We are servants of House of Lord”, not to close anytime that doors, to
be shut, no.

Therefore 1400, year of 1400 of HIjra, Prophets pilgrimage,
sending Alah Almighty a group of people and they are getting in and
closing doors and they are trying to do everything they like to do
against government. They are hiding themselves, and closing doors. Allah
Almighty making them to learn that it is not true to put (doors),
shutting doors, no! And so many people just killed from (Saudi-)
Kingdom, soldiers and civilians also. Then they are taking (the
doors)away. I don’t know yet they are keeping it there? No! Must be
Allah Almighty’s Doors always open, without any reason or condition, no.
And we also trying to make free lands for everyone to come and to
worship, without asking: “Who are you?”. No; we are knowing that
everyone they are servants or our Lord, He created them and He is that
One who directing His servants on their destinations. That is important.
Allah Almighty only He is sending people on their destinations. And we
are asking to make everywhere free lands for everyone who asking to come
and to worship to his Lord, as he likes! Therefore we are, it is
forbidden to put guardians on doors or to come and to say people: “You
are doing wrong”, no, you are not authorized to say people: “You are
wrong”! He is inviter of His servants! You must not interfere, involving
with anyone, no, it is not for you! You are only one servant. And
everyone is servant, coming everyone for Allah there! They are coming,
they are invited also and coming, you must not interfere or involving
what they are doing, no, don’t say: “This is wrong, that is true”, leave

If a person is playing and he is saying: “I am playing for the pleasure of
my Lord”, Allah Almighty He is accepting! You are never authorized to
say that is no good, it is Haram, no. That person coming and playing
there. “For what you are playing?” “Playing for my Lord.” That is
acceptable in divinely Presence. Maybe a person doing something, not for
Allah, even praying, but not for Allah, it is thrown away. Therefore
they are guests of House of Lord and guest and host Allah Almighty He is
making on behalf of Himself Almighty to be host for His pilgrims. He may
correct. Don’t say: “This is wrong”, no, leave, what they are doing.
They are coming for Allah!... Seeping?... They are coming for Allah, not
for you, leave them! Therefore we are trying to make so many centers or
houses for people to come freely, to do their worshipping freely and we
must ‘ikram’, respect them and we must prepare for themselves what they
may be in need. Without asking from them anything. That is important.
But now people, everywhere that people, even in House of Lord asking
money, money, money... So many places never leaving to get in, some holy
places and asking money, money, money, cutting tickets - for what this?
So many wrong things people! It is not a business that is forbidden,
Haram, forbidden to take anything who coming and asking to pray.
Therefore government of the way that they are involving and making
people you may go, you can’t go, give this money, take this ticket, they
are all wrong people, wrong governments! That area must be free,
absolute free must be!

Yes, I think... not think, I am looking and seeing that in our days
everything going to be wrong. Everything that governments doing, they
are wrong, they never practising holy Shariat, holy Rules, heavenly
Rules, they never taking care to practice. And as a result people
quarrelling and fighting through themselves, on streets, as well as they
are fighting to their governments. Everything now is wrong. Every rules
that governors putting and ordering to people to keep that orders they
have not such an authority. You can’t do any rules beyond the Rules of
Heavens. If you are asking to do rules that means you are asking to pass
over heavenly Rules and you are going to be like new Nimrod against
divinely Sultanate of the Lord of Heavens. Everything now wrong! Before,
now 107 or 110 or more everything just changed, coming on nations so
many people as their rulers and they are asking to rule nations as they
like. Never interesting heavenly Rules. Asking: “We have elections. “
“For what election? What is that election? Who said to you to make
election? It is written in Holy Books that people they must do election?
Old Testament, New Testament, they find it? And Muslims, I am sorry,
very sorry that they are following Western countries and their nonsense
rules and they are trying to be like western people and they are saying:
“We must establish Parliaments , we must do people to be on several
groups, and they should be under one building and they should bring new
orders, new rules among themselves.

And I am asking where is the Rules
of Allah Almighty that He sent? It is not enough? Why you are coming
here to make rules? Who giving that authority to you to make rules and
ahsiat is read you are not listening, the Lord going to take His Revenge
from... first from the top people of community, then slowly, slowly,
coming heavenly Revenge on the supporters of such a foolish governments.
You can’t do any new rule, because the Lord of Heavens that created you,
just sent us unchangeable rules for people living on earth to live
peacefully and to reach Paradise and eternity after this life but people
now, oh, they are saying: “We know better!” You know better?

They never reading or teaching history. They are teaching history from
those people that they are not taking any care for heavenly Rules. Never
taking care; they are saying: “We can do rules!” You can’t do, it is not
for you! Therefore everywhere there is now active government and in
front of them opposition. Everywhere. If oppositions making big noise,
they are coming on power. When active government party also, they are
looking and saying: “We must do another voice that we may take them away
and we come back to power.” Everywhere people now just separated: active
power, government, and oppositions. That quarrelling should continue. If
ending this world, that quarrelling should continue! And Allah Almighty
therefore He is sending unchangeable Rules from Heavens: ”You must
follow this, all of you! I don’t like anyone comes against My Holy

If you are coming, I am making you through groups and you should
be taste My punishment one from the second one!” Yes, now everywhere two
groups. One saying: “You are wrong, come down! I am here, I am making my
best” and they can’t do anything, not best, ordinary, they can’t do a
good governing body. Then people running on streets. Prophet was saying
sws: “When Last Days coming, approaching, people they should run through
streets as ‘burro’, they should be like burro, means in their language,
donkey... in Turkish esek... for to be kibar, gentle, we are saying for
donkey, we are not saying esek, we are saying your
language? Esel... greek garro... donkey garro... Arabs saying burro or garro or blackbird, karakus they should run
through streets, quarrelling and shouting! Shaitan making them to be
like burros, donkeys, they are running, they are shouting, they are
swearing, they are burning, they are destroying, stealing, and
destroying buildings and shops, every badness they are doing. Now it is
that time! When they are getting in power, second group that coming
down, they are beginning to run in streets: “We are here, you are wrong,
making everything wrong, come down, we must come on power!” Everywhere!

That is democracy, shaitanic idea, administration, shaitanic, Shaitans
way this... Allah Almighty saying: “Give the rights of people”, don’t
change, give everyone’s rights and must be one head as a body has one
head, must be one head Two heads they are quarrelling.
O people, therefore you must try to follow Holy Orders of Allah Almighty
or this world going to be destroyed. Billions of people should be
killed. Should remain handful people on earth, whom they are believers.
O people, think about that point, we are speaking from heavenly Books’
knowledge. Subhanallah! They are teaching everything, every knowledge is
permitted , only they are not putting Holy Books through universities,
through gymnasiums, through high-schools, colleges, academies, they
never putting, bringing Holy Books, they are bringing everything, only
heavenly Books their real sources for knowledge they are not bringing,

May Allah forgive us and gives His protection for believers, whom they
are respecting heavenly Orders. May Allah bless you and forgive me for
the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad
sws, Fatiha...

La ilaha ill Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad
Rasulullah, alayhi salatullah,
La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad
La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Alah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad
Nabiyullah, alayhi salatu-llah... wa salamun! Fatiha. Ziyadatan li
sharfin Nabiyyi sws...

Lefke, 9.12.2007 - Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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