If there was no Heavenly Support, everything would vanish. It is through Divine Support that you can stand up. Real Divine Support only comes to those who ask for the Lord's Pleasure. If you ask for the Lord's Pleasure, Heavenly Support will come to you. Others will do so many things, but it will all be useless in the end.
Everyday angels shout from Heavens, "Oh, people, believe in your Lord and live for the sake of death!" Everyone who is alive must die. What the angels are saying is like asking someone to build for the sake of destruction. Whoever lives only for the sake of this life, will die. They will be taken away. And whoever builds only for this life will be destroyed, because Allah Almighty will not support them. A person who puts one stone on top of the other without doing it for the sake of Allah, will never be supported.

We want to be for Allah, not for anyone else. If you intend to be for Allah, Allah will support you. You can do so many things, if you do them for the sake of Allah and his Holy Prophet, you will reach Heavenly Support. It could be a huge task which would be impossible to reach with ordinary means. But because Allah Almighty is supporting you, you will be able to do it. His support is more valuable than the support of all other nations put together. If Allah Almighty supports you it is enough, even if all the others are against you, don't worry. Do you think that the support of the Bank of England, America, Jerusalem or even the World Bank is better than the support of Allah Almighty? What do you think? Yes, you might believe in what I say, but practically you are still doing the opposite, you are still supporting creditcards of Banks to support you. You are not really asking for Heavenly Support.

All that is injuring faith and killing beliefs. They may seem to be simple things, but the effect is too heavy. You must practise what you know. But because people do not see gold falling down from the sky onto them, they do not understand that it is He who is supporting everything.

We must believe. Religions were made for people to learn how to believe. If you believe, you will win. If you don't believe, you will loose. Believe and improve! Believe and be victorious! Believe and come closer to your Lord's Divine Presence. You may ask yourself, "If I leave every other support in this life and just depend on Allah, how will it be?" Try it! If you don't have a job, work for Allah and look what will happen!

Once upon a time a poor man took his showel and axt and went to the market to find a job. They were so poor and had nothing in their homes. He sat down to find someone to call him to come and work. He waited and waited and waited. No-one came to call him and at the end of the day he was hopeless to find any job there, so he went to the mosque and said, "If no-one employs me today, I may work for Allah Almighty." When he then returned to his home, his wife asked him, "Oh, my husband, are you bringing anything for the children to eat?" He answered, "I just started to work for a very wealthy one and he told me to come again tomorrow because he has some more work." They were patient and managed to put the children to sleep even without food. It was difficult, but they were able to. So the next morning he went again for a while to the market, but again no-one offered him a job. So again he went to the mosque, took his abolution and went inside to pray. He said, "Oh, my Lord, no-one is giving me a job, so I am here for your sake." He stayed there until evening and then, when reaching home, again his wife was anxious to get some food for the children. "My dear wife," he told her, "today the same thing happened as yesterday!" Again the children had to go to bed without any food.

We are such heedless people. There are so many things happening in this world every day. You can't imagine! So many thing are happening to be lessons for us. We should be thankful to Allah Almighty that we are all finding something to eat, and even more than enough. Many people even pour it all out into dustbins. I knew people in Greece who during the second war when there was hunger tried their best to find something in the dustbins. I was in Constantinopel and the daily ration for a family of 5 was a pound of bread. How can you live on that?

Coming back to our story: That person went the third day in a row to the market, found no job and again went to the mosque. During his prayers he said, "Oh, my Lord, no-one is employing me, so I am coming to you. Accept my work!" When he in the evening went home, he put some fine sand into his handkerchief so that if anyone would ask what he is bringing, he could show that. He opened the door to his house and saw his wife and children in there, very happy. So he hid the handkerchief behind the door and then asked what had happened and from where the good-smelling food had come. She said, "Oh, my husband, just as you left, someone came, knocked the door and I opened. He was a strange person and he carried a covered plate and behind the door there were more things, all in gold. He told me that it was the payment for your job. I just took one of the golden coins and with it, the donkey could hardly carry all the goods I brought from the market." He thanked Allah Almighty and she asked him, "What is it that you brought with you?" So he started looking for it, saying that there was really no need to look at that now. He wanted to take it out, but it had become so heavy that he couldn't lift it. He looked inside and it was also full with gold. If you work for Allah, you will get too much money. Don't work for anyone else, Osman! Work for Allah, and he pays. Not in Dollar or Sterling, but in gold.

Be happy and keep your belief firmly. That is the level of certainity. For so many years I was never carrying money in my pocket or even touching it, and I was travelling. Wherever I needed something, someone would pay. Allah Almighty had prepared someone to serve me because Grandsheikh had told me not to take money. Yes, we must try to reach that kind of certainity. It makes your life easy and happy. You will not be tired running after these wordly things. All treasures in the world and in Heavens belong to Him.
Italy - 01.03.1994
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