Maulana Sheikh NazimO Ant! What is Your Destination?

O our Lord! You grant your incredible countless blessings because we are the servants who are alway disobedient. We ask Your forgiveness and Your blessings. For the honor, the greatest honor that You have given to Your Most Honored and Glorified Servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s). So many days we are thinking on something.

But you must say first A`udhu billah min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem.

We must run to our Creator Allah Almighty from Shaytaan that Shaytaan is our most dangerous and terrible enemy. He never likes mankind, hating from mankind. Anyone free to hate or to respect and to love. There is good things there is bad things. You may choose good ones or bad ones. But you must know that last day coming. Impossible not to come. Last Day. Must come. And also who sending you on this planet collecting you in his Divinely Presence. We must say Audhu billah min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem. O our Lord, we are running away to You from that most difficult terrible violent enemy, Shaytaan. Protect ourselves, O our Lord! And if you are asking really to be in safety, you must say Audhu billah min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem and to say Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

O our Lord! Give us a power from your Heavenly Presence to protect ourselves. That is Divinely Sword against Shaytaan and its followers. If you are not keeping that you are through Shaytaan's cage, inside. And it is we must know it and we are saying also, dastoor ya RijalAllah , O holy ones, we know nothing but you are closer from heavenly presence O the Lord of Heavens. Look ourselves, keep ourselves, hide ourselves and protect ourselves because we can't do with our power, it is impossible. Ach. Yeah!

Welcome, welcome angels saying, welcoming you that you are running to Divinely Presence. You are running to be under Divinely Protection. And you must be thankful to Allah Almighty, the Lord of heavens, Allah, whole Majesty, whole Glory, whole Majesty, endless Honor for His Divinely Presence. We must try to learn. so many times coming to my O my listeners, I am nothing. don't think that I am something, no.

I am weakest servant, but heavenly centers sending to my heart something for your benefit. I was thinking, now, several times, coming to my mind and asking to myself, "O Shaykh! Do you , do you think that an ant not knowing for what or for which purpose it had been created?" This coming to me. What do you think, O learned people, scientists, doctors, what do you think? I am only asking a question. Do you think that an ant knowing its creation or not, or in another way we may say, "O professors and doctors, what you are saying, an ant knowing the reason or knowing the wisdom of its creation?" What do you think? hehe they may say, that "O shaykh! Ants they have a living plate or living level we can't come closers to an ant to ask it: O ant! What do you think for what you are in creation?'"

Do you think that your creation is through your will. Once upon a time you are not in existence. Yesterday or before yesterday or before one month ago or one year ago or one century ago or 1000 years ago, you have been in existence O ant? What do you think it may say, "I never knowing such a things. I wasn't there; I wasn’t in existence, I am only I have been granted one week life or one month life or half year life or one year life. But I don't know for what I have been crated. But now yesterday I wasn't inexistence but today I am in existence and I don’t know about my existence for what? Or I don't know what I going to be my destination. Because everything they have a destination in that small creature saying, "O man! I don't know about my destination.”

I don't know because for everything there is a destination, yes or not. O professors, what do you think for destination. Do you think that for everything in existence just it had been found and no destination for it? You can say this? Yes. That means leave other creatures. They are speaking on our destination. Do you think that you can find a man, from mankind without destination? You can find someone? No. Anyone knowing his destination? No. But everyone from mankind they have a destination. but no one knowing that destination, but they have. that is an important point. therefore I am asking to professors, ordinarios or doctors, scientists and this and that one, what about mankind. What about mankind? they have a destination or not? Destination means what should be for him through this life.

Billions of people, they have different destinations. You can't find two ones that they have the same destination, no. Billions, billions of man and for each one there is a different destination. Subhanallah, glory to the Lord of heavens, His majesty, Allah.

O man come and think don’t run away. you are coming to know something, not to waste your life bosuna, don't waste. Don’t waste. You must learn. That is a question, I am asking to whole learned people. What is your destination? Can say "I know" ? I am asking, if you are knowing, what is going to be for you tomorrow? Even you, you are not knowing what is going to happen for you tomorrow because it is destination. And who is that one preparing or tertib etmek, (arranging) arranging your destination for tomorrow? Why you are saying no god"? what is that foolishness? What is that ugliness? What is that ignorance. How you can say. I am only asking a question, a very simple question. Do you have a destination? Yes. Tomorrow: What is your destination? Say. And who is that one preparing your destination for tomorrow. Say to me. How you are saying “there is no god”? Shaytaan for those atheist people. Masters of Satan, atheist people.

Now coming such a powerful waves from heavens to reach to our planet. People fearing hehe, for what fearing? From ...yesterday they were giving to m a newspaper and they are saying: "Look O Shaykh!" "What is there?" "There is a photograph." "What is that?" "They are saying that glaciers, from poles, quickly beginning to melt and that is a sign that something approaching to our world; something approaching to our lives from an unknown center." Do you think that that glaciers through themselves melting and coming to be like rivers and running on continents? No. For everything you must accept that there is destination. They are huge buz, ice mountain , icebergs, huge mountains of ice. You ar thinking on it but you are not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. Their destination, if you can know it you may escape but you are not escaping. You are not escaping. You are only saying that huge icebergs coming to be melt and running on continents and I am saying it is a destination for that icebergs. That means for everything there is a destination. And their destination thousand years but now it is going to be ended. To be ended and going to disappear. Why you are not thinking about your destination? Today you are living, so many people that they were living today early morning but early evening they are disappeared. That means their destination just ending in a point for today or for tomorrow or next week or next month or next year or next century.

That is very important point. They are not looking what is reality for destination. They must accept destination for everything.

Yes, an ant, you can ask it you knowing its language, hehe, because every creature it has also a language for tasbeeh etmek, glorifying. Glorifying. Everything must glorify their Lord. They have a tongue; they have a understanding, they have a suitable position for understanding from heavenly power oceans to know their destination. People wasting their times, wasting their lives. Not understanding. leave this is one thing on earth that you may be closer it and you may ask, but so many days coming to me, to ask, to ask. For what to ask?

O professors! O researchers! O philosophers! O doctors! O high degree representatives! I am asking, I am asking to you, please if you are saying you are knowing everything, please ask our planet, we are jumping from ant to our planet. Because you are not brining me an answer about an ant's destination. I am saying leave it, perhaps you may say it is too small. And we can't say, we can't know anything on such a small one's destination. ey, leave it there, tell me.... I am saying to our proud ones that they are saying "we know everything and we know now that the beginning of this creation it was one atom and that exploded and coming everything." Ay very good. Do you think that our world, one of that pieces that exploded and coming and sitting on its orbit?

bunlar bizi sersem ediyor

After that explosion our planet just sit on its orbit. yes, please ask to our planet "what is your destination?" from where you are coming and to where you are going? say to me what is your beginning and ending? Say to me about that and give me some lights for understanding about our planet. Leave that Big Bang and speak to me about our planet, how it has been ay, in existence? Ask to our planet and bring a news from it to me. They are saying “we can' do.” How you are saying then “no god"? Who putting solar system in space ? Who giving that name “solar system"? Who giving that name? And then ask, through that solar system, seven planets. One of the seven is our earth. Ask our earth, "O earth, tell me your secret. What is your secret? Only tell to my ears, not to listen others."

They may ask. How it happened? They are in existence. About your destination. That means to where your existence is going to reach? Tell me. Then I am telling to you something else. Those people unbelievers and atheist people, are no mind people. So many things they can't give any answer but they are insisting on their false, false ideas.

bu shayin paladir? O kadar seylere cevap veremezler

That is important today. I may ask, I may ask to an atom also, I may ask to our plant also, I may ask to our sun also: “what is your destination?" They must give me an answer about their destination because they have a beginning and when they have a beginning they must know what is real purpose or what is their real destination to be in space to say, "I am here."

If they are saying "I am here" they must say also, "subhanallah, subhanAllah, sultanAllah" they must glorify their Creator. O people, leave ignorance and come and learn and train people through reality, say to people, "Your destination that is or this is or this is or that is, this one or that one is your destination." if you are not saying this that means you are knowing nothing. You must come, you must come to someone's whom they are a fortified, by heavenly powers. You must ask them. Don't try to deny realities. Run after realities to know reality. If not, you are carrying heavy responsibility here and hereafter, may Allah forgives us.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
You are our creator,
O our Lord,
You are Creator
and You know that everyone's destination
If you are not taking,
no one can know
their destination

May Allah forgives us,
May Allah teaching us
May Allah trains us
May Allah he grants us
to know something
for His endless greatness,
to learn our Lord's endless
endless, honor oceans,
to know our Creator's endless
endless, being in existence.

You must learn
you must understand
what He is saying to you
you must try to learn
about your destination
that is important for everyone's being in existence

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

No one can know
what is the real reality
through existence
O this world's
that they are just sent down
through space
no time there
or no space there
come and listen
come and believe
come to do something
that it is for your Lord's Glory

He has endless Glory oceans.
ask from your Lord to grant to you
from these endless, endless glory oceans
something to give to you and endless honor
and endless life and position here and hereafter
ameen, ameen, ameen

O our Lord
You are our Lord.
No one can refuse it, impossible to know who He is
don't think that
don’t think that

O people
you know something
you are knowing nothing.
come and accept real realities from heavenly positions

How long?

(48 minutes)



Thank you. Shukr lillah, shukr lillah, shukran lillah

Lefke, 16.08.2009

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