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La ilaha illa Anta, subhanak, inni kuntu mina dhalimin…wa Anta khairu Rahimin… Every day has a special vision; every day’s appearance is just different from other days. Every day is coming only once, and its personality is just 100% different from yesterday, and going to be just different from tomorrow’s. Everything we speak on days and through days in 24 hours, is different, and every hour also carries a new vision, new appearance, new news, new happenings, bringing new events. No one can be able to reach one of them, because this is a big Dunya, and through every hour on every point of this earth going to happen something different from neighbours...And the full control is in the hands of Allah Almighty…
Then every hour has 60 minutes, every minute being different from others, and what is given to be in that moment is different, can’t be same. And the whole control on moments is only for Allah Almighty. Impossible for anyone to control it. And minutes come to seconds, and a second is the 60th part of a minute, it must carry some happenings, new visions, new creations; and their control also under Allah Almighty’s control. Can’t be anything that happens through a second to be out of His control. How it can be- He is the Creator and the Manifestator, manifesting everything.

We are speaking- they make me to speak- on such points to give to me and to you also, to make your vision more and more for an understanding of Allah Almighty’s manifestation. And no way or no possibility for ourselves to dive into even the ocean that belongs to a second, a unit of time. And it is coming also smaller than that; one second is going to be divided into 60 parts, and that is also going to be divided in another 60 parts… The Attribute of continuity is only for Allah, not for us, we can’t reach. I am reading in the Dalai-l-ul Khayrat what they prepared at the end of it…a Dua, making me to laugh, asking to know Allah Almighty’s Essence, His real Existence. It is so far, because from the Essence come countless divine Attributes. They give signs about the Divine Essence. If no signs, you can’t know anything from His Existence.
So there are these Divine Attributes that are also countless, endless and hidden oceans…If the divine Names that belong to the divine Attributes didn’t come, we would not reach any knowledge about the divine Attributes. But the divine Names, the holy Names of Allah, give signs.

And then from the holy Name comes the creation, activities, ta’fal, and they are countless and endless appearances. Every activity is such a huge and endless ocean of knowledge. From Allah’s activities come all appearances on earth and there is only one earth. And everything that appears is only from one name: ‘Ar Rahman’…Rahman belongs to the Allah’s endless mercy oceans’ Attribute. From the Attribute to the Essence it is just closed…That is His absolute unknown Existence, exalted… So that we have no time really to occupy ourselves with anything except the appearances of the holy Name of Allah Almighty ‘Ar Rahman’, to look, to be able to look and to see the countless visions and endless appearances coming…

And therefore there are so many degrees for Saints, and also for prophets so many degrees, according to their views, their horizon of understanding. That makes them to get up towards Heavens…We have 60 programs, or 90, or 100- doesn’t matter, it is nothing. If the whole world is in us with its weight, this power may take us up…But we are occupied with nonsense activities and works, and our vision is only like one small part of the mass of an atom, no more…and we are not reaching…All Anbiya and Awliya take that power from the appearances of the holy Name ‘Ar Rahman’ and according to their understanding level, carrying them in the blink of an eye.

This is an opening to make Dunya in the sight of your eyes nothing. We are wasting our very precious life and take nothing. Therefore we need guidance towards Heavens, but people like to be like lizards or crocodiles, people are going to be like crocodiles. They are very happy to be on earth like crocodiles- eating, and then sleeping, not even closing their eyes, not to loose anything coming. Most people on that way now, and they are so much in connection with earth, never looking up. And they take nothing through their life- wasting and going away, maybe for Hells… maybe through Hells some other creations, some other appearances and universes…They should be happy there; there are some creatures living through fire. Allah Almighty is Qadir and Muqtadir- endless ability for Allah only. Making for them universes through Hells, then they should continue there, according to their abilities, to be in fire, and finally they should be satisfied to be through fire, never asking to come out, because their level going to be on that level…If they can be able to make their head even once up and to say: ’O our Lord’, they should be saved, but they never put their head down (in humbleness) and say: ’My Lord.’ Therefore their level is going to be the fire level.

As long as you can reach here an understanding- it is endless and the (levels of) nearness (to Allah) also is (are) endless…as much as you are asking, you are granted. And you can find in front of you endlessly nearness to be closer, to be on a high position. There is a verse, Ayat-ul-Kursi, saying that these people who begin to look up, asking nearness to Allah Almighty, up to eternity ask and they have been granted. As much as asking should be granted more and more. Ask more, I may give more and most to you; it is a chance.

Therefore those people who belong to, who make themselves to belong to fire, who are happy with material aspects, they are asking more fire and should be given more. Who asks more Nur, more light, should be granted more light and more nearness. The people of this time who reached to a second period of ignorance should reach to their fire aspects, they should ask more fire and should be granted more fire. Most people go on that way now, towards fire, and finally they should be satisfied to be there, because they never asked more than fire. People ask fire now. Everyone is working for fire- every invention belongs to fire. They try to bring new power from fire. That is the profession of 21st century’s people: they make competition which nation may bring more fire. Laser in fire, who invented it? A German? Must be…our people only look which food is more tasteful. Europeans- put in front of them straw, they never say: ’What is this?’, because their minds are occupied to find a more powerful fire than fire. And they found it through the laser, laser rays.

The competition through superpower nations is which one of them may bring much more fire on people, to throw on them, to make them ashes. I heard America uses a bomb, killing and sending some other rays of fire, burning bodies, making them ashes, and then coming an artificial wind, taking them away…That is what they are proud with, technology, it is their guide to do this and all is satanic teaching. Everything that is against humanity is from Shaitan, satanic teaching. We should try to understand Beware of Hells, don’t be lizards or crocodiles, snakes or scorpions, or you should find yourself through oceans of fire. And for some time they should be there and then going to be prepared for them other fire centres, that they should run in, also. They should say: ’We found our ocean now.’ Day by day fire getting more for them and they should be happy with more fire…Allahu akbar!

What we said here is from secret meanings of holy Verses of the Quran; and it should be clear when Mehdi (aleyhi salam) comes, putting his approval on this association…May Allah forgive me and bless you. People in fire should think: ’We are also blessed,’ on their levels. Try to raise your head up to Heavens. Seven Heavens belong to divine light, the seven Hells are darkness. Darkness is also from Allah Almighty’s power oceans, but not giving light. Everything is created from light, but what belongs to Heavens is shining, and what belongs to earth is darkness.

Keep your heart with the enlightened hearts of prophets and saints, to be with them through heavenly salutations, through eternal appearance up to eternity…eternity is such a sweet word…If not, day by day you are melting, finishing. Only those people that turn their faces and their hearts towards Heavens are not going to be melted, destroyed or changed, but may be forever…and after they pass from this life they should find what Allah Almighty promised to them. This is something granted from Sayidinna Mehdi aleyhi salam…You can’t find anyone to speak on these subjects now…Prohibited…But when he comes, there will be someones to address people and to take them up…Alhamdulillah wa Shukrulillah!
Lefke - 07.03.2002
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