Maulana Sheikh NazimAr-Rahmans endless Knowledge Oceans

As-salamu alaikum!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Adhim
Ya ‘Aliyu, ya ‘Adhim! 3x
Allah Allah!
Ehhh… Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, alaika alfu salatu, alfu salam
As-salamu alaikum ya Rijalallah, alaikum ridwanallah alfu alfa marra!

O people, welcome to you that you are coming and asking what it is last
target for mankind, what is the last point that mankind going to reach?
Now we are here and we may think and we may ask and we may learn something.
There is a holy Hadith, Hadithu Sharif, that reaching to our time also
and reaching to me also, that Prophet saying: “Rutbatu-l ‘ilmi ‘ala
rutab!” Highest rank that a person asking to reach that is ‘ilm. ‘Ilm
that opening that dark veils of ignorance and cutting it and showing
something from reality. Therefore most important through our lives it is
to learn.
First: „Man ’arifa nafsa, fakat ’arifa Rabba!“ First of all you must
look to yourself; you must try to learn about yourself and then you are
reaching to another level of knowledge that it is just different from
first level.
We may say: level of earth and level of Heavens. When you are learning
something on first level, then you can find a way to reach heavenly
Level of Knowledge. Therefore first of all look yourself! Carry your
care, full care, from any other creatures and look to yourself, to know
‘you’. That is a knowledge that belongs to our physical being, and
physical being it is not your identity, no. You have physical being and
you have an identity. That is something, that another thing. Look to
yourself and give your whole care on yourself. Try to learn something
about your physical being.

Up today perhaps doctors that they are trying to reach the secrets of
our physical being, but they are now so far away, (like the) earth, how
much far (it is) from Heavens, yet they are so far for understanding our
physical being and its secrets! Thousand of years trying so many learned
people, doctors or scientists and now also they are making, trying to
find some ways to reach identity of our structure.
Subhanallah, X.! Stand up! X. is our brother from Egypt. They have
Pyramids. That is a building and they are built by Pharaohs. But they
put such a secret ways, plans, on it, yet now mankind, through
everything they have, they can’t be able to bring a solution for secrets
and opening for secrets of Pyramids. They are only looking, but they
never be able, up today, to reach secrets of Pyramids! That is, what we
are saying, if it is a man-production. Man building, Pharaoh, perhaps
before years ago more or less, Allah knows. They are saying,
but it is not true…
If a man built (a) building (that) whole science can’t reach to its
secrets, what about Allahs made- a man? How, who can say: “We reached
the secrets of the body of mankind”? I am saying: Leave mankinds
secrets- take a mosquito. Mosquito, do you think that science reached to
bring an understanding about a mosquito? Leave Pyramids- that is a small
creature, if you are blowing on it, you may destroy it.
What about mankind or a man? How they are in existence? Which mechanism
making each one to be free to spread over this world, to go, to come, to
do so many things- how it is going to be? Secrets through secrets!
Therefore- you can understand something through your knowledge, but that
knowledge never making you to be satisfied. Man, everyone is different
being. You may say mankind all of them they have same mechanism, but
never, never! Each one is independent being, signing the Unity of Allah
Almighty! He is Creator! Therefore knowledge that we must try to learn,
it is unlimited, because the limits of the knowledge of structure of a
person, for their physical being, it is so complicated. But people, they
are not running about their structure, only some people they are trying
to learn something, but it is only a drop of an ocean. That is we are
saying that Hadith: “Man ‘arifa nafsa, faqad ‘arifa Rabb!” Azamatu Rabb!
Allah Almighty endless Power, absolute Power Oceans, absolute Knowledge
Oceans, absolute winning oceans, endless endless Oceans…that coming on a
man, giving from every ocean something to man, so that when you are
trying to learn about yourself, then getting an opening about the Lord
of Heavens, your Creator.
Therefore we have an order or report from our holy Books: „Talabu-l ‘ilm
faridatun ‘ala kulli Muslimin wa Muslimaat!“ To learn, it is an
obligatory for everyone, man or woman. They are saying what does it mean
for themselves, ‘…talabu-l ‘ilm…’? It was that knowledge, ‘ilmu-l hal,
about yourself- to know about yourself. And it has countless levels for
reaching a real knowledge about yourself. Everyone… for everyone opening
another ocean, to enter in it and to know, because each one is
different. When you are… therefore it is so important Hadithu Sharif:
“Man ‘arifa nafsa…”
Through his knowledge that belongs to his existence, a man can find a
way to the Creator, to their Lord Almighty. If not knowing about
themselves, it is closed down and they are in darkness. To take away
that darkness, Allah Almighty sending His chosen servants, that their
lives belongs to Heavens. They are really heavenly beings, just dressed
as a man. Therefore people they were asking: “Why not coming Angel to
bring heavenly Orders to ourselves and just had been sent through
mankind such a distinguished people to say?” and Allah Almighty refusing
their claiming, saying: “If I am sending Angel, I was dressing them as a
man dressed for understanding mankind, because Angels can’t know the
secrets of mankind! Therefore, if coming such an Angels to bring My
Orders to people, they must be dressed as a man!”
Beware of women! People trying to make women President! Bangladesh
people also they have women President… Women good for kitchen
only…nothing else, how they are going to be President! Must be there
also their room kitchen, to fulfill their feelings, because their
feeling always running to kitchen… They never like our cooking, our
preparing houses… “Take away! Outside! We know, you don’t know…”
Understand? It is important! Man… Prophets must be all of them men.
Wilayet, Sainthood, can be granted to ladies also… not to women, ladies…
Who is lady? Ladies, whom they are keeping their honours and they are:
“…wa karna fi buyutikun…” not those that are running around cites,
streets! No, they are not ladies, they are women! La haula wa la quwatta
illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!
It is a very big ocean and we may take only a little drop on an edge of
a needle we can say. O people, ask how can be man and woman, or how can
be male or female? Who is appointing someones through their wombs,
mothers womb: “That must be man, male”, then: (“That) must be female”?
From there we must begin… and who (is) giving through males special
feelings, who giving, granting female special feeling or specialty? Who
is that one, male, that one, female? Ask: your mum or your dad giving
that feelings or specialty, through the womb of mum or your wife? O
people they are not thinking on it, they are fighting! You are not
created to fight, no, you created to know!

“Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! Ar-Rahman, ’alama-l quran, khalaka-l insan,
’alamahu-l bayan…” His teaching just granted to man, it is a specialty
only for mankind, living on earth: to be able to take knowledge from
divinely Presence.
“Ar-Rahman”, that is endless Mercy Oceans, granted to every creature. If
not reaching His endless Mercy Oceans, can’t be anything in existence.
Therefore saying: “Ar-Rahman, ‘alama-l Quran, khalaka-l insane,
’alamahu-l bayan“...That is oceans, we are not entering in it… We can’t
do, because only we can speak (according to) the level of our attenders,
not too much, no…
Then you can find a way to your Lord, your Creator…that “Rahman, alama-l
Quran”, teaching coming from Rahman to some people, that they have been
granted such a special power through their understanding and special
power that growing through our minds or through your hearts, as much as
we are taking ourselves from physical being and its demands. Then you
can reach to learn, what Ar-Rahman (is) teaching: “Alamahu-l Quran…” To
whom? First to Nabi- alayhi salat wa salam-, then coming, coming,
coming, everything taking their shares from the knowledge, holy
Knowledge of Holy Quran… “khalaqa-l insan…”. He created man, then giving
“…‘alamahu-l bayan”, giving such a specialty, that they may speak, what
they are knowing. What they are learning, they may say. Not coming to be
inside, they may say also, what they are knowing, and then that is
endless Oceans… Therefore ‘Bahru-l Ma’rifa’, the Oceans of holy
Knowledge for Allah Almighty, they are countless Oceans and endless Oceans…

May Allah bless you and forgive me and grant us to understand
something!… We may speak on lowest level (only), we can’t reach even one
millimeter up. May melt whole people, if they are not prepared for that
level! That level Nur, Lights of that level may burn their physical
being, they can’t be coming once again…
May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one in His
divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

Lefke, 29.4.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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