The main characteristic of our ego is that it likes to be lazy, it doesn't want to move. Allah Almighty can do anything. He may create man in a way that to eat once a week or once a month could be enough. He can create a creature which can eat once a year. He can even create mankind to only eat once and for that to be enough for a whole life. He would have been able to create man in a way, that when he had drunk milk from his mother until he is two years old, it would not have been necessary to eat anymore after that. Instead Allah Almighty created man to eat daily. It is enough, really, to eat once a day. But instead of eating once, people would like to eat ten times, or even all day long. This is one of the important characteristics of the civilization of the 20th century: people eat and drink all day long, even in the night. They are like the cattle on the pasteure eating without end. Even when they lie down to rest, they keep on chewing. If others would look at them, they could get the impression that these people are only created to eat and to drink, nothing else. What a civilization! They have come very close to the animal kingdom. They think that the more they eat and drink, the more important they will be.
That is westernized life, high life. Our foolish and heedless Muslim communities are running after them to be the same, so that they can have westernized lives. The Arabs, Turks, Pakistanis, Malaysians, Asians... all kinds of Muslim people are trying to become westernized, trying to come closer to animals. Whoever tries to imitate someone, will be like them. Oh, people, don't think that all that eating and drinking will give you honour. No! It will make you closer to the kingdom of animals. To eat less and drink less will make you closer to the Heavenly Kingdom, to the angels. It is up to you to choose one of the two.

On the Last Day, on Judgement Day, you will find yourself either with animals or with angels. Use your mind, oh man! It is so simple! I am told to use simple words, so that you may understand. Every level of people should understand. Whatever Allah Almighty asks of you is not hidden from you. He is asking of you to be closer to Him and to come to the Heavenly Kingdom, to be a member of the Heavenly Kingdom. He is offering that membership to you but you are not using it. You even tell Him, that you don't need it. You prefer the membership of the animal world.

And this we call a civilization, the civilization of the 20th century! But it is only a title, it doesn't give any benefit. So many people have the title of being a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Christian. Then there are many Christian Sects, Jewish Sects, Muslim Sects and everyone is claiming to be the first. But that is not important. I just want people to show me their membership. Are they part of Heaven or part of the animal world? When you leave this world angels will want to see your passport. If not today, then tomorrow. If not this year, then the next, at some point you will have to leave and you will be asked where you have belonged to all your life.

Think about it! What is your position, what is your membership? Are you with the Heavenly Beings, or with the animals? Don't think that too much eating and drinking is an honour for you and will bring you to Heavenly Positions. May Allah forgive us.
LONDON - 03.05.1993
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