Maulana Sheikh NazimAsk for honour and respect in the Divine Presence
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah...

We are thanking Allah Almighty, that we have reached the last Muharram of the 2nd millenium, and the last Ashura, the1oth of Muharram, before the year 2ooo. Who knows if next year we are going to be with Mehdi a.s.? Allah knows. We are looking and waiting for the time when Mehdi a.s. comes...

All the Prophets and their Ummahs respected this Holy Day by fasting. The Holy Prophet used to say: "If I reach next year, I am going to fast on this Day." Jewish people were fasting today particularly, for one day only, and Rasulu’llah said: "We must not do as Jewish people are doing. We must keep another kind of celebration and worship to Allah Almighty. If they fast one day, we must fast for two or three days."

So you may fast either on the 9th and 1oth, or on the 9th, 1oth and 11th, but not only one day, because the Holy Prophet wasn’t happy fo follow any other religion and their way of worshipping. Everything in Islam is original; it is not taken from this or from that. Nothing is taken from the Taurah and Moses a.s., and nothing is taken from the Bible and Jesus a.s. It is not necessary to imitate anything or to follow other religions like Judaism or Christianity, because they are in limits. Their Prophets were sent to be Prophets for the Children of Israel only, not for others. But the Seal of Prophets sws was sent for all nations, for all mankind. Islam is completely original, and unlimited. Sayidina Muhammad’s rules, the Shariat, are new, original. Therefore he never liked to follow people of the book, like Jews and Christians...

And now Muslims are leaving the originality of Islam and following Christianity and Judaism, and it is a shame for those who change their way, the Islamic way. If you have a chance to be number one among people, or in the Divine Presence, don’t lose it to be number two. Islam is number one. Don’t change it, don’t change its rules and follow Christian or Jewish customs. No. We have full honour and respect in the Divine Presence, and we have fully original rules.

But now people are accepting to be number one million, not number one, two or three, and that is the characteristic of our ego. The ego is representing full laziness... nobody can surpass our ego’s laziness... Therefore we are saying: "Doesn’t matter, it is okay for us, no need to be number one, and to be glorious. It is enough; we are happy to be the last number, so that no one is after us, no one is following us, and we are free to be the Sultans of the lazy ones."

That is the opinion of our ego, and to say that is bringing Muslims dishonour. There is no more honour for them. 20th century Muslims never follow the rules of Islam, because if they did, they would be number one. But they are saying: "We are very humble people, to be the last ones instead of the first ones." And Allah Almighty is making them to be dishonoured.

Everywhere now the Non-Muslim world is never accepting Muslims on their level. They are saying: "Those people must be the last ones, and we are the first ones. We may use them, as we use animals, and they are very happy to be our animals."

Yes, I am saying this, and I am sorry, but Muslims are very happy to be the servants of Non-Muslims, to work for them. And their jobs are perhaps the dirtiest jobs... Imitation people in Islam now are very happy to follow western people, even though they may be the last ones and not the first ones.

With this opinion there is no chance for the Muslim world to be number one on earth. Always the Christian world is number one, because Muslims run after the western civilization, asking to be westernized Muslims. Then their Islam is finished. You must leave Islam on this side, if you are asking to be westernized, and jump to that side to be with them. Therefore the European community is saying to Turks- who are very proud, like turkeys- asking to come into the European market and join those people: "No, you can’t be with us, because we are asking for people who should be with us, and from us. You are Muslims, we can’t trust you. We are number one and you are last... we don't accept you to sit on the same stage with us."

The Holy Prophet indicated that you must not follow the Non-Muslim world- Christians or Jews, People of the Book- or you will lose your honour and respect in the Divine Presence. You will be dishonoured among nations and also in the Divine Presence. But people now run after western countries, leaving the Shariat and asking for their governments to be westernized: Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Hindistan, Ceylon, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Lybia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco... they never like to be number one Muslims, always asking to be the last ones, preferring the Non-Muslim world. They are thinking that if they are not westernized, western governments and nations are never going to accept them. Yes, it is true, but Allah may accept you... and Muslim nations throw away that honour and say: "We prefer our honour to be through western countries, not in the Divine Presence."

And the Prophet said: "Don’t do like the People of the Book, do the opposite. Everything you must change. If they fast one day, you must fast two or three days."

But we are changing everything in Islam, imitating western countries. But before the end of the year, it must change... If a big storm is coming, taking away everything...
May Allah forgive us and bless you... We are asking for a real one to be the Sultan of Shariat on earth for Muslims, and for us to be with him... Fatiha.

- 01.04.1999
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