Maulana Sheikh NazimAsk for our Grandsheikh’s spiritual support

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, Destur, ya Sayidi, ya Sultan-ul-Awliya.

Ask for our Grandsheikh’s spiritual support. This recorder is working by batteries; when they finish, it never works. But if you use this electric centre, power is always coming without cut off. Therefore people who live on earth, it they are not running to reach a connection, or to make a relation to heavenly beings, they are going to get weaker day by day, loosing their power and going to be zero, finished.

Who may reach a relationship to heavenly positions is always going to be on full power, and first his heart. If the heart gets full power, then the mind is going to work full power also, the eyes and all senses will work with full power. And the physical body will work with full power, because real life is coming to man from Heavens as a grant from Allah Almighty. But people, out of ignorance and heedlessness, run away from the sources of real life, which are a grant from Allah Almighty to mankind, and they run after material sources, thinking that material sources may give them a support, keep them fresh and young and full of energy. They think so. And most doctors and scientists run after this: their real aim is to find a kind of source of energy for our physical body, to make man to be always in his youth and in full energy.

And Shaitan knows that it is impossible, but he urges scholars and scientists not to look for another source of energy to support our physical being. He is trying to make people not to ask for a spiritual support, heavenly support, because if he would leave them, when they are coming down, and scholars can’t put in front of them so many kinds of pills; people are going to run and ask a new source of energy for their physical being. If people run in that direction, Shaitan says: ’I lost, I am going to loose everything’, because his main target is to make people not to believe in something beyond this material, materialist world, to cut people from thinking on it.

Therefore western people are mostly under satanic control; Shaitan is controlling western people fully, making scholars and scientists to be in the laboratories 24 hours a day, urging them: ’You must try to find this or that’. And they are finding so many nonsense things and occupy people.

Perhaps one or two months ago people said to me that scientists made a copy of a man; copy means looks just like you, same. Perhaps what they say is true, but what is the benefit? That is a copy- and you are the real one. They can’t be able to change you when you get older, to transport yourself into your copy. No, you must die. Death is running after everyone. They may do a copy, but it is nonsense; no relationship between that strange being and you. No, nothing. But Shaitan is making them to work on that so hardly, saying: ’No, you must try to find a way for a renewment of yourself’; and it is impossible, because for ourselves, for our physical body, there is a unit of time, and after that it can’t be in existence, it must be changed. And therefore our physical body’s cells are continuously changing, but you cannot feel it. And when a changing comes from the first to the second, the power is coming down also. The new cells are not going to be on the same level. It is not same; the person is coming down and down and down, until it is finishing what may be put through those cells, the tension is becoming zero and then the person is going to die. This is for material. And Shaitan is urging people not to believe in spirituality, saying: ’No, there is nothing beyond the material world.’ Cutting it.

That is the satanic control on western countries through science and technology, and they do nothing on the personality of man. If they don’t accept spiritual support, they must finish, vanish and must be destroyed. All Prophets and Saints are alive even through their tombs; they may see, hear, smell, taste, touch and move. That is from spirituality, because they have been supported through spiritual powers. Spiritual powers never leave our material being to vanish and finish. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, those people, Prophets and Saints, will come with the same body they were in through this life. Other peoples are going to be dust, and Allah will create them again from dust, so that they come with a new body; only Prophets and Saints come with the body that they were granted through this life.

How are you going to know this one and that one? Those whose bodies were protected, supported and renewed by spiritual power will come shining like a sun, a moon or shining stars, and on other people there is nothing, they are ordinary bodies. Who is coming with his body from this life will come shining, enlightened. According to their ranks of faith Allah will give them more lights; and they should be well known among the people on the Day of Resurrection and people may run to them.

Now mankind is suffering, everywhere, and Allah Almighty is not asking His servants to suffer, no, but people make themselves to suffer. They are not keeping the advices of Heavens and they don’t listen, so they should suffer. This is the divine Justice: ‘If you are not using, what we are saying to you, so you should suffer.’ No doubt. The whole world is under the control of Shaitan, and therefore everyone is suffering, except those who keep divinely advices. Allah never likes His servants to suffer; which parents like their children to suffer? So what about Allah Almighty? He created man and is happy when they suffer? No, but people run after Shaitan and come under his control and he carries them to suffering. He is doing his worst for mankind and people run after him. Allah Almighty is asking the best for His servants, but people run away. Allah is calling people to Paradise, Shaitan calls them to Hells, and people run after Shaitan. If a person is going to be under the control of Shaitan, he must suffer; he must be burnt here and hereafter.

There are two fires: one that you can see and a second one that you cannot see, but it is burning. This fire is coming from inside, and that is worst for the people of Hell. They should suffer and complain most about that fire, which is inside of them, burning without flames. That is going to be much more a reason for suffering for them than the outside fire, which is burning them, but the inside fire is that all the time they think about what they lost from the eternal life and of every goodness up to eternity. That burns them more than the fire of Hell.

Now mankind must come back to their real positions, they must come to understand their missions, for what they have been created. They must know after whom they are running, whom they are following and they must look once again, until they find the reality of their existence and ask: ‘Who created me and for what He created me? Today I am here, as millions and billions of other people were here yesterday or before, running over this world, and now they are no more on this earth but under it. From where they came on earth? And after a while they disappeared and we cannot find them, finished, their existence was only temporary.’ You can look East and West, finished, you cannot find them; and if you dig the graveyard, you will not find the same person, he just changed. You may find his bones and flesh, but you cannot find the person that you see on the photograph. You can keep a king’s picture and come and say that this king is buried here, but he never looks like that.

Or you bury a king and his servant, and when you open the earth again, you will never reach to a decision and to recognize which one was the king, and which one the servant. You cannot differentiate king, emperor or worker, labourer, shepherd, anyone. Top-level people and lowest level people, if, after burying them, only one or two days or one week later you open their tombs, you cannot make any differentiation and say: This one is emperor, that one labourer’. And after one or two years you may open their tombs and you may bring out a skeleton; can you find a difference between them to say: ‘This was the king, that was his servant?’ And after 100 years you open and you find only dust. Now a scientist may say: ’We must look to the DNA, if this is for the king or his worker, the labourer, the shepherd.’ How you can? It is finished. But people are cheated.

Shaitan is cheating them, asking to prove that you have an existence that should be with you forever. And he is the biggest liar. But I am sorry to say that the whole world is now under his control. He is controlling peoples’ minds, or not the minds, but those people, who don’t use their mind. If they would use their mind, they would never get under his control. But they don’t use and Shaitan is controlling them. That is the source of suffering. And finally these people going to be unknown and no one will say: ’This was a king, living in a huge palace, that was a labourer, living in a tiny hut.’ Finished.

Therefore on our way we try as much as possible to show people the coming days for them and the day that they leave this life, the Day of Resurrection, not to be cheated by satanic tricks.

O people, give much more time for yourself, to understand about yourself. Don’t give your whole effort and energy only to what is surrounding you. No. Take your power and your lights, and put it on yourself, on your being. This is a short association to make people to look after and take care for themselves, not to look which thing is surrounding them. And the most important thing is that they may look by whom they are controlled, if he is rahmani or shaitani. If you surrender to the Will of Allah Almighty, there will be no more suffering for you here and hereafter. But if you don’t keep yourself away from satanic control, you will fall into the hands of Shaitan, and you are never going to be happy here or hereafter.

May Allah forgive us and grant us from His servants that carry His divinely Lights to reach our extinguished candles and to give light to them. Everyone has a candle, but mostly no lights. If Allah sends someone whose candle is enlightened, one candle is enough for all other candles without coming less. Allahumma zidna nuran!
Lefke, 28.01.2002
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