Maulana Sheikh Nazim Ask the safe way to Paradise!
Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu...
Allah, ya Daim, Allah ya Daim, Allah ya Daim, Allah ya Daim, Allah ya Daim...
Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya Subhan, Allah ya
Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya Sultan, Allah ya
Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim...
Tasliman kathira... Huuu!
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah, ainuna bi aunullah...
Alayhi salat wa salam he was saying: “Ad-dinu nasihat”, that means: Ad-din means
advice. Prophets Hadith. That knowledge that granted from Allah Subhana Hu wa
ta’ala through His most beloved and glorified servant S.Muhammad, that knowledge
belongs to Heavens, belongs up over Heavens also, up! Therefore its meaning you
can’t bring a limit, no, no, that is like an ocean and you can’t reach its beach
or you can’t reach its bottom. Now we are repeating this holy Hadith, as my
Grandsheikh was always everyone sitting for addressing people: “Ad-dinu nasihat”
and from that ocean Shah-u Naqshband was saying: “Tariqatuna as sohbet.”

Shahu Naqshband- Allah bless him. O people, we have been ordered to bring the names of
holy people and to speak about themselves, because: “Inda-l dhikri sulahai
tanzilu-l rahma”: When we are saying about a Saint, coming blessings and mercy.
Mercy, blessings. Therefore, every time when we are speaking and when we were
listening to our Grandsheikhs, mostly they were speaking about Awliya, to make
blessings to come closer, closer. Blessings (are) endless mercy oceans. Endless
and gives us strength through our organs and coming power to our hearts. Coming
much more urging power, as when spring coming, the weather bringing new life to
trees. Therefore, when blessings coming to the hearts of people, giving,
bringing also that secret power to make them to wake up. Subhanallah!
Now they are making me to speak, as they like. They are my leading power, they
are carrying me like this, like that, like this, like that... Now it is a proper
meaning; perhaps we repeated before or coming in a new way: What is the benefit
of advice? When you are asking that question, you are asking: “O Sheikh,
knowledge it is not something that we can touch it with our materiality.
Blessings is something else. Advice, for what advice?” We are saying: “For what
Prophets? Why Allah Almighty just sent us Prophets?” You must know it! Allah
Almighty making clear for some servants that they have been granted heavenly
powers to understand and to speak on it and to make peoples real being to be
guided. Why Allah Almighty sent His Prophets? That is important question, then
we can understand the meaning of advice, the meaning of religion.
Everyone knowing, but not everyone believing. Some of them knowing and
believing, some of them they are learning, knowing, but not believing. Some
others they are believing only. Some specialized people they are knowing and
believing. To know and to believe is excellent, highest level.
Yes, Prophets, for what they are coming? What was their missions or what was
missionary of prophecy?... You are English, don’t leave me in the hands of
Pakistan people...
As we learnt and we are believing- and we are believers what we learnt-, we are
believing in it also, that first man, Adam, he created and he had been put in
Paradise. Then happened what happened and he had been landed on earth. First
coming descendants of S.Adam, they were believing that their father just had
been sent from Paradise to be on earth for a while and they were knowing that
their father or grandfather just he did something wrong, then he had been landed
on a land, no any relationship between our land and between Paradise. And they
were knowing that their grandfather Adam- peace be upon him and upon every
prophet, particularly the Seal of Prophets- they were knowing that he was asking
to get back to that level, heavenly level, to be there. They were appreciating.
Adam he was always crying and asking to be returned to Paradise, to that
Paradise that you can’t put any measure to make a description between earth, to
be on earth and to be on that level. He was knowing and his sons and grandsons,
descendants, they are not knowing, what he was knowing and Adam a.s. he was
crying and asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. And when forgiveness just granted to him,
he was asking: “O my Lord, I like to be on first level that I have been granted from You to me
to be there. This I am looking Dunya as a jail, prison, therefore, o my Lord, make me to reach
to my first homeland. I am, Subhanallah, always my heart just drawn to be on my first home,
my home that You granted to me. I like to be there, o my Lord!” But his sons they were not
generation in Paradise, their generation on earth, therefore they are not understanding what
their grandfather longing, longing, longing- to be in Paradise.
Out of Paradise it is like Hells or at least out of Paradise it is such a prison. Even prison it is
good, but there is some people on earth they are through hospitals or through mental-houses or
through prisons, they are longing to come out. And Adam was longing to come back to his
first home, homeland, and he was crying. Then Allah Almighty accepting his Tauba,
repentance, and He accepted: “O Adam, I am taking you back to your homeland. “ He is not
saying homeland, but: “I am calling you once again to your Paradise that you should be there
up to eternity.” Eternity that no any limit for that time. You understand
this, insha Allah. And He Almighty was advising to Adam: “O Adam, I am sending”-
because he was asking also about his descendants, he was asking also that his
descendants to be in Paradise, and Allah Almighty saying:” O Adam, as I am going
to grant to you, accepting your Tauba, repentance, I am making you to come back
to Paradise, I am giving My divinely blessings on you and opening Paradise for
you, I am sending to your descendants up to Day of Resurrection to follow some
chosen servants of Me to call them to Paradise, Paradise way. Come and go through this way,
you should find yourself finally through Paradise, because your grandfathers they are waiting
for you!” Yes. That was Allah Almighty promising S.Adam: “I shall send some special chosen
servants with my heavenly Messages, as they are my messengers, to call for your descendant
to come to Paradise.
Therefore, o our listeners, Subhanallah, Allah calling everyone to come and
enter Paradise, but mostly his sons refusing, saying: “We are not in need, we
are not believing in a eternal life, no.” Therefore, Allah Almighty sending His
chosen servants, whom they are Prophets, to call people: “O people, come, come,
come after Me, I am leading you to Paradise, that no ones eyes looking and
seeing, no ones hears hearing and learning something. It is a grant from Me to
them to believe that beliefs carrying them to Paradise back.” Therefore: Ad-dinu nasihat. What
is the meaning of nasihat? They are making me to make a wider explanation. It is not
something to say: “I am Muslim” or “I am Protestant” or “I am Pope” or “I am Christian”,
“Jewish” or “Muslim”- important is to ask the way back to Paradise! Therefore Prophets
coming and giving that advice: “O people, prepare yourself to come back to Paradise, to be
with your grandfather, grandmother and to be thousands of Prophets, to be with their
followers, muqmins, and to be sent your messages millions people, to take careand to come
Now we are living on a time that people just cut off, cut off, they are not
asking anything about Paradise. And our scholars, I am sorry to say, scholars
that their new title to be doctors, doctor Hussein, PhD. “What PhD?” “You are
not understanding such a things.” “I am also I must understand.” “If you are
asking to understand something about PhD, you must go at least you must spent at
least 2o years to be a doctor... at least to be a doctor. Your head a little bit
hard- you are in need 25 years to be a... not PhD, PhD (title is) up, (but an)
assistant. Doesn’t matter, because after a while you are quickly forgetting half
of it and assistant, we can’t cut him to pieces, therefore, eh, 3o years,
doesn’t matter. Work on it, we shall give you assistant... half assistant,
doesn’t matter... “
Like Pakistan people- all of them they are ¾ doctors... Yes?... Our Turks, eh,
¼... doesn’t matter... Arabs, they are saying: “We are not in need to be PhD. We
are born from our mums and we have PhD...” If you are asking for Egyptian
people, they are saying: “What about Lebanon people- half Maronite, half Muslim?
What is your knowledge? We have knowing from the time of Orthodox... “
People they are trying to learn, but not to believe. They are only giving their
whole ability, capacity for to be PHD, not to be a believer. That they have that
title PhD, professor, but if you are asking: “Are you believing?” “No, I am
knowing only, not believing.”
Prophets asking to make people to believe! Scientists and scholars: “We are
only asking to know, not to believe and not to practise. We like to be doctors.”
And nasihat, that advice from Prophets, making people to believe and to use
their capacity to come back the line of eternity, to be shauq, ashk, longing,
there is another word also... appreciating... yes? Asking too much. Some of
them, they are not interesting; interesting to learn, not interesting to
practice and to reach the line of eternity. So sweet word through the western
peoples language, I like that word most from everything: Eternity. Eternity,
ebedi, sarmadi... abadi, sarmadi, eternity, eternity... so refreshment coming to
me and power coming to me!... But people (are) dead people, people dead, they
are not asking.
If through a donkey- ajallakum Allah-, through a donkey bringing Beirut sweet to
a table, put there, and put here straw in front of a donkey, donkey... running
to straw, leaving famous sweets of Lebanon. People now, what we are saying...
therefore I am trying to mix up something. When people eating with straw this...
tray remaining some sherbet. That sweet, people eating Baklawa, remaining syrup.
I am making straw with this and let people eat... Happy, very happy!
If you are giving Curry to an ox, never looking. Eh, what he is doing then?
Making what remaining, putting on it straw and giving to ox, ox... never
knowing, eating... for the honour of straw donkeys and cows and oxen they are
That is the way for some people. But if you are giving mujarrat, only, only
curry, they are never eating, your donkey eats? Never eating! Buriani never
eating, saying: “We don’t like.” Not interesting. But mankind interesting in
Buriani, Chapatti, Tandoori and Curry... Salata and Turcu, Pickles, Chutney...
“Other things?” “Eh, we don’t like it...”
Therefore people(are) through 7o and more branches, according to their desires,
and Prophets (are) bringing for every kind of people what they may be interested
that eternity, eternity, the highest level that real people, when they have been
glorified by their Lords, they are asking eternity. Eternity- so fresh word,
making my heart to open. Eternal life, Eternity... Sermadi, Abadi, Sermadi,
Sermadi, eternity.
Ya Rabbi, grant us, don’t leave us to be like animals! They are asking only
material, plants and something growing on earth. We know that You are not
created us for eating grass or leaves or so many things that You grant us on
earth. But we are asking only eternity, eternal life, to be in Your divinely
Presence, o our Lord, let us to be believers!
For the honour of most honoured servant and glorified one through Your divinely
Presence, S.Muhammads honour, Fatiha..
That is something that it is not written through books of Ulemas, but it is
suitable for living people now in our days. And every cursing coming on people
now, because they lost to ask beyond this life an eternal life. That is the
reason: They are believing (that there is) only that material life on earth,
nothing else behind this and Allah Almighty asking to ask from Him eternity,
eternity, eternal life! Fatiha...
We are not fanatic people, I am not fanatic people. Fanatic Muslims you can
find, fanatic Christian you can find, fanatic Jewish you can find, fanatic
Maronite you can find, fanatic Protestant you can find, fanatic Hindus or
Buddhist you can find. I am not fanatic, I am realist and saying for every
mankind, because I am one member of big mankind family and I have been granted
something that it is different from the mentalities of whole religious people.
Wrong ideas of religious people under my feet! Allahu akbar!

Lefke, 1.5.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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