Maulana Sheikh NazimAsk to be closer to Allah
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah...

Tariqatuna as-sohbet wa khairu fi jamiat... Meded, Meded, ya Sahibu’l Meded...

This is a new association with Sheikh which makes our friends or our followers improve; and improvement means to be closer to the Divine Presence. This is what we are asking. Only no-mind people are asking to be closer to Dunya, and no one is going to take any benefit from that. But those who are asking to be closer to Maula, Allah Almighty, are reaching what they are asking for from His goodness and blessings.

This is a humble meeting. What we are saying is going to be easily understood. You must ask from Allah Almighty to be closer to His Divine Presence. No matter how close you get to Dunya and its treasures, one day you are going to be far away from them- finally you are going to finish. And even if you carry all the keys to those treasures with you, you are not going to look at them. And if they bring the most beautiful lady to you, you are not going to look at her.

This means that when you are going to get ready to leave this life and to go back to where you just came from, you are never going to look or to ask for those treasures of Dunya that you were trying and working so hard to reach. You are going to forget them. Therefore every Prophet and every Saint, particularly Sufi Orders, and among them the most distinguished Naqshibandi Order, are asking to make you run to your Lord and to get closer to Him, even if only by one foot. If you get the chance to come even one foot closer, you must take it. This is the main teaching of the Naqshibandi Order: to make people try and come closer to their Maula, the Lord of the Heavens.

When the physical body is becoming weaker and you are losing your physical senses, your spiritual being is becoming much more powerful, asking to be closer and to reach to the Divine Presence. But now people are heedless, out of balance. There is a scale: on one side you have a pearl or diamond, and on the other dung, dirt from animals... And people leave the diamond and run to take the dirt. That is heedlessness. Why are you trying to reach so much from Dunya, and you are not asking to be closer to the Divine Presence and to take much more from there? They have no balance, people have just lost their balance...

Anyone who prefers his temporary life, leaving permanent blessings, is a no-mind person. Therefore Allah Almighty says that these people are like animals. Not only like animals, but below animals. What is your judgement on a person who choses this temporary life and its pleasures instead of permanent life and its enjoyments? It means that he has no mind. He is like an animal. And Allah Almighty even says: “Their level is under the level of animals”...

We don’t know which day is going to be our last day. And it is enough for a person to know that for everyone there is going to be a last day in Dunya. On that day you are going to leave everything that you collected from the beginning up until that day, and you are getting out. As a person loading a huge lorry, putting everything on it, and driving to the border. And there is ‘Qaf’, a stop sign, and the guards come and say: ”From here onwards only you may pass.” He may say: “What about my lorry?” But the guards say: “There is no possibility for your lorry to move forward, no. You must come down and pass through. Leave everyhing there and you come...”

How did you come to this world? You came naked from your mother’s womb, and quickly they covered your naked body with something from Dunya, wrapping you up in clothes. When you are leaving, the guards of the border between Dunya and Akhirat should say to you: “Leave everything there and you come...” And you are coming with your white clothes only. You must leave everything there, and you should look: “Oh... Ah...- how can I bring this lorry? What I did? My whole life I was running, I didn’t rest or sleep, I gathered so many things and now they say that I can’t take it... How can I come without them?” But the guards should say: “Come, come, it is finished. These things are for those people in that area. You can’t bring them to this area.”

Ya Latifu, lam tazzal... The last day is already appointed. Everyone has an appointment with the postman, the Angel of Death, who takes your soul to its Lord. He is looking in his diary, to see with whom his appointment is. When your name is appearing, your appointment with him should be on that day, in such and such a place, at such and such a time. And he is coming quickly... carrying a big, big book, in which is written the appointments for all mankind. He is looking and saying: “Now I am coming to you, it is our appointment.” “How? I don’t know about this appointment, I thought there was some more time.” “No, it is written here. I am not coming one hour before or one hour after, I am so punctual, I come on time. It is finished, I am taking you now.” “What about my Dunya, my lorry, so many things, what I shall do?” “Leave that and you come alone...”
Oh people, who is closer to Allah Almighty, will be dressed in heavenly dressings, to be taken to the Divine Presence of the Lord, Allah Almighty. But those who didn’t prepare themselves for that heavenly dress should be taken away- they can’t be taken to their Lord’s Divine Presence. Everyone is waiting for their last day, looking for their last moment, their journey from this temporary life to a permanent life. Oh people, take much more care for your eternal life... Try to be welcomed in a good way at the last moment when you are leaving this life... May Allah bless you and forgive us... Fatiha.

- 01.04.1999
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