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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**ASK TO BE TRAINED! **----There are many different ways to make people reach Heavens. It is according to the different capacities, abilities and characteristics of people. We use methods depending on the understandings of people and their beliefs, also according to their willpower. What is most important is the will of the one who really wants. We must see on which level they are standing, so that we can move from that point and take them to their Heavenly Stations, either slowly or fast. So first we ask of the seekers of Sufi Ways that they should be willing to be trained towards their Heavenly Stations. That will must come from the seeker themselves. Then the Master of the Tariqat must give them something according to their level. Sometimes they do not give anything, because it is first necessary to take away the characteristics within them to make them free to start moving upward.

Sufi Masters must have spiritual powers so that when they look at someone they will know their capacity. It is important not to give anyone more than they can carry. If we would, the person overloaded can be lost. We are all on the level of being seekers, not yet beginners. We must prepare ourselves and try to command our egos not to oppose that which we are asking. The main hindrance for everyone is their ego. It never wants you to go towards Heavens because our ego is connected to the lowest level. It knows that if you leave your ego, you will leave it forever and it will not be able to control us anymore. That is the battle between our soul and our ego. It is the reason that we are going to trick our ego so that it will not object our need to reach Heavenly Stations. When you are able to control your lowest level, your ego, then it should be easy to improve a little bit towards Heavens.

That is why masters give instructions, but you must practise. If you are intending to do something, you must ask me to help you and my spiritual support will be with you. Anyone who asks for Heavenly Ways, must look for a spiritual powerful person, must find a holy person who knows the capacities and abilities of people. When you have found him and your heart is 100% in confidence with him, then he will be your guide and he will take you up. As long as the hook of love is with that master, he will take you up. Just like a train only has one engine in the front and still it can carry 50 or 60 wagons with it. Sometimes a second engine will join from behind and it will be very easy.

The first step for everyone must be to find within themselves a demand for heavens. When that is ready, your Lord will assign someone for you. He will make you meet someone of those people who know the way. When you have found him, then put your hook to that person and you can relax. At every station, unless it is underground, you will find so many new views that you have never seen before. But until you have cut the tunnel of your ego, you will not have any vision, you will continue to move underground. When you have finished that, you will find new worlds and views that you have never seen before. That is why you must be patient. You mustn't say, "I am not feeling, I am not hearing or I am not seeing anything of those new visions, hearings or understandings." Don't say that. Maybe the tunnel of your ego is a short one and you can cut it easily and you can find yourself in endless distances designed with some beauties which you cannot imagine before. Some people continue in their tunnels until the end of their life. Still they must keep that way, because in the last moment they will finish the tunnel of their ego, cut it and find the opening.

We must now be patient to find someone who may be suitable for our path and in whom we can find confidence to follow. He will take us out of our egos. We will move from darkness to light. Beware and take your care to keep your station with that train and then one day, it could be in the morning or in the evening, it can be any time, you can cut it and come to a new life, new vision and a new world. Darkness will finish and you will find the light. But it is necessary that you have the desire in your heart, develop it with your guide and improve it. When your engine reaches the destination, you will also get there.

All masters are moving towards Heavens, through the Seven Heavens. Everyone is different, unseen before. But first you must the tunnel of your ego. There are 41 different kinds of ways, all of them help us to cut the tunnel of our egos. When you reach out of that tunnel you will find that there are no more bad desires remaining with you. You will be pure. That moment you will taste the sweetness of lights, the sweetness of mercy, the sweetness of beauty, the sweetness of love, the sweetness of knowledge, the sweetness of wisdom, the sweetness of willpower and the sweetness of perfection. Until then you must be patient and you must follow. You mustn't say, "Oh, how long do I have to follow without seeing anything?" No, the tunnel is according to your ego long or short. May Allah grant you to reach your Heavenly Stations. You will be happy, absolutely happy .

//Q: "Is there an exercise by which you could get rid of the tunnel of the ego?"//

That is part of your life. The moment you come together with your guide, he will give you, just like a doctor gives you a prescription, the training necessary for you and your personality will be given. That is a secret between you and your guide. It could be suitable only for you and not for others.

//Q: "It is very difficult for us in the West to find that master. Or maybe the problem is to know which small steps we can take. The example of the rich young man is a frightening one because his intentions were wonderful, but when he was asked just to do that one thing, he couldn't do it."//

Jesus Christ said, and we are saying the same thing, "Follow me!" Even if we can only follow him with our eyes and wish to see him, he is able to lift us up. It is enough to even ask to have that one desire, to move up. The first is to look and to ask and say, "Oh, my Lord, give way and carry me from earth to heavens. And He will send something to send you up. There are also Divine Rockets...

LONDON - 01.04.1993

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