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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}} **Asking to be a good servant - that is our aim **

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. We are coming here, asking to be a good servant. That is our aim and (it) must be for everyone (his) target- to be a god servant for his Lord and to be a good one on earth to people. All holy books are coming on (the) same point- what I am saying now and the summary of all holy Books is what I am saying now: to make people (to become) a good servant for their Lord Almighty Allah and to do their best to each other. That is all.

But as long as Shaitan (is) living and he is not retired he is never getting to be tired and (he is) running after people to make each other enemies, someone to someone. Now people (are) never looking if they are from (the) same nation, from (the) same religion, from (the) same belief; they are only thinking about themselves, how they are going to be enjoyful with their physical desires. They are asking for their enjoyments to climb. (Their) main target is to fulfil their physical desires. That is all, and (what) they are knowing (is) that (the) fulfilment (of) physical desires is with money, with material.

But material is something and enjoyment is not a material aspect, (a) material thing, no! (Someone) may be billionaire- not (in) Turkish Lira, no, (he) may be (a) billionaire (of) Dollars, Rial, Euro, Pounds- but he (is) never enjoying, because (there are) so many reasons (that are) making people not to be in pleasure or enjoyful. A person may be trillionnaire and he may do everything for his pleasure, but there is something (happening) that it can’t be a reason for (them to reach to) their full pleasure. (For example:) One person just passed away last week in Turkey. He was billionaire by Dollars only and every chance was for him for enjoying himself. But there is a bad characteristic in people, a bad characteristic of our ego, (that it is) envy, ‘hasad’, or to be jealous. (So a) man may be trillionnaire, but he is looking: “There is another person. That one (is) also trillionnaire. Why he is trillionnaire? I think he has more than me. How I can do that person to be taken away? I must think on it, I must prepare some traps to make than person to come down!” Therefore every day (he is looking in the newspaper where they are) showing (the) stock market: “This is that ones exchange. His shares (are) getting up, my shares (are) coming down!” (And he is cursing (him:) “Allah takes that person from our life!”…(There are) so many (people like this), it is not (only) one; so many people I am looking coming and running…This (thought) is enough to make that person unhappy and night times (he is) thinking on it, (and) daytime (he is also) always thinking on it: “How, what is happening? My exchange, my shares (are) coming down and his shares (are coming) up- what (is) happening?” This (only) is enough. That person is trillionnaire, but (he is) never happy, because (there are) so many people in (the) market, (in the) money-market, (in the) stock-market (and when he is worrying): “What I am going to do!”- finished. (Even) trillions (are) never giving any pleasure to that person, finished…

Therefore we are saying: Contentment, satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure and peace through the heart is something else; it is not (a) material aspect and material aspects never bring a person to that line (of contentment). No. But people (are) thinking that if they have much more money, they should reach (the) top level of enjoyment! That is Shaitan’s influence on them. (For) these people (that are) living everywhere on earth now that is their main aspect. But Shaitanic teachings (are only) cheating them and they are never going to be happy and in peace and enjoyment, finished!

(There) may be a person (who) daily has only a little bit (of) money, he is working (and) he is happy, but billionaires are not happy. Therefore religions that (are) coming from Heavens (are) teaching people true ways, but people (are) refusing and (they are) coming to wrong ways.(The) Prophet (was) saying: “Al kanaatu kanzun la yabna”…To be satisfied with a small amount is giving to people peace and also it is a never ending, never finishing treasure. It is a real treasure (for someone) to be satisfied in himself (with) what he has been given or granted. Because (it has) no meaning to collect billons or trillions, no meaning! Never (that money is) giving any enjoyment and never (it is) giving any benefit to these people here or Hereafter. This is an important point that people now left (the) real aspects, (the) real targets for their creation.

Therefore we are saying that (the) best position (is that) what the Prophets are bringing: they are teaching or calling people to be a good servant. Run after servanthood, don’t run after Dunya, no. Run (and) try to be a good servant, an excellent servant in (the) divinely Presence. That gives to you contentment and peace. “Ala bi dhikrillaha tatmainna qulub.” Allah Almighty is saying: “Everyone who is going to be with Me, never forgetting Me, keeping Me in his memory, I am giving to him (a) refreshment of life and peace and contentment and enjoyment.” They are so happy people, even they may dress only one shirt with a shalva, a trouser. They are happy.

Once our Grandsheikh was passing trough a market (and) I was with him in Damascus, in Shamu Sherif. We were passing through (that) market; so many people (were) selling, buying. And there was a pedestrian way, one person (was) sitting (there), on the floor, (and) in front of him there was a newspaper or such a thing that he was putting what he was selling, making show, display. Putting (his goods) and he was asking to sell and to buy for his provision. And what was on it, I was looking also… If I am giving to you 1oo Dollars or Pounds or Euro, you are not going to bring from (the) dustbin (and) to collect that pieces that he was selling: Old nails, old gillettes and boxes of medicine, then empty bottles of shoe polish…putting there and Sheikh Effendi (was) asking (him): “Nasil ticaret? How is today’s business?” And he was standing up and saying: “Oh excellent!” “Anyone (is) coming to look?” No one…if (he is) doctor, (he) must look (for) one bottle of alcohol for washing his hands, because so many bacteria on it…And old keys, so many things-if I am giving to you 1oo Pounds, (you are) never taking (them from the dustbin)…Doctor, 2oo? Never taking (these things even) to take to dustbin…”All microbes, bacteria! Leave it, put on it some alcohol!” “What alcohol? I am a merchant.” “How is it?” Ohhh, first class!” This person has contentment, but millionaires, trillionnaires (have) no contentment.

Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim! People (are never listening (to) heavenly advice, (but listen from Shaitan and Shaitan (is) never getting to make people happy and in contentment and we are looking that people (are) running to kill themselves by themselves to finish and all efforts are to invent new type weapons to kill people and Allah Almighty is saying: “Don’t kill! Don’t injure, don’t give harm!” Allah is saying, (but) Shaitan is saying: “No, don’t listen! Kill, injure, harm people”, so that (there is) no peace on earth.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and give us a good understanding that we may put a limit for our desires. Desires (are) going, running always in front of a person and (that) person (is) running after it and his death (is) always nearest to him, but he is running, asking to jump over death line to reach to such a nonsense targets.

May Allah give us good understanding that we may be good for His servanthood and good for mankind, for creatures and for creation. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 22.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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