Maulana Sheikh Nazim Asking to compete with Allah

Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur ya Sadaatina Kiram, Destur, ya Sayyiduna Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Who is that one asking to make a competition with Allah? Must be a no-mind one! Who is that one? Shaitan! Shaitan (is) asking to make himself on (the) top point; (he is) even saying that: “No one (is) over my station!” (He is) trying to make people’s attention to(wards) himself and (he is) trying to make people to accept that he is the last point that mankind may reach. And he is (the) first one who is camouflaging himself, so that no one can recognize him and his personality, and (in) this way he is trying to cheat people and to make their main target to reach to him.

And the main point and (the) main wisdom or reason that man (was) created is to reach to their Lord! But Shaitan is always trying to make himself in the sight of people and (he is) saying: “I am that one that you are asking (to reach to). I am that one- don’t look to anyone else. I am your main target, come to me!” And he is the first cheater for the Children of Adam and (the) most terrible one (to) be followed. Who (is) following him, that follower can’t reach to anything but ‘khassira Dunya wa-l Akhirat’ - that person, who (is) cheated by Shaitan, (is) loosing his life and his honour here and Hereafter! (Shaitan is) cheating them, putting an imitated one instead of the real One and saying: “Come to this!”

There are some diamonds that are artificial, not real- but its looking (is) so attractive that people are saying: “Why we are asking a real diamond? It can’t be as this one, so bright and good looking. We may take this. And it is easy to reach, we may use this and people may think it is a real diamond and it is never!…”

Shaitan is a terrible decorator for mankind, ‘musayit’, decorating everything and bringing it to (the) market and calling: “Oh people, look what I am bringing to you! Come and take it!” (The) biggest mistake of mankind that they are falling in through shaitanic directing, through shaitanic teachings- what is that? To run after ‘ma siwa’- to run after (the) material world; that is, what has no real being. (Everything material) they are not real beings, but (Shaitan is) decorating ‘ma siwa’, everything is created, making (it) through the eyes of people (to appear) so attractive to run on it. (The) biggest mistake of mankind is to ask ‘ma siwa’, to ask unreal beings.

Reality no! Reality is not with creation. Creation (is) never reaching to be a real Existence, but Shaitan (is) making people to run after that creations that haven’t any value from Reality, cheating people not to look to (the) Creator, but to look to (His) creation.

Finished! (The) whole of mankind now is running after ‘ma siwa’, running after (the) unreal existence of worlds and material beings and urging people to run after their physical being and their pleasures and it is not (the) real aim, (the) real target for mankind, because finally mankind (is) going to reach nothing here or Hereafter and they are wasting their chance for reaching to (the) real Being of Allah Almighty. And very few people (are) asking what is the way for reaching His real Being. But it is so difficult!

As (it is for) a person who (is) asking a treasure; to find a treasure is so difficult and also most treasures have been protected by some powers that material powers can’t be able to defeat them to reach to those treasures.

And whom they are understanding the secret of creation- particularly for what Allah Almighty (is) dressing mankind an honour- they are understanding the cheating of Shaitan and (they are) leaving him and coming to a difficult way. And difficulties (are) making people to reach to their real aim, but people (are) asking now an easy style of life. 21st century people’s aims (are) only to enjoy through material beings, to enjoy themselves and to reach more and more pleasure through their physical being, even physical pleasures or material desires day-by-day (are) coming down, (are) coming less. (They are) not getting up, but coming to be less, less and less and when he is going to die, just finished- they lost every pleasure through their lives.

Jesus Christ- peace be upon him- was travelling to reach (to) people with heavenly Lights, because every time (those) people are very rare (and) it is (always) a very small group of people (only) who are interesting in heavenly Lights. Particularly in our times people are never interesting in heavenly Lights; they are only asking for their material being and its pleasures, to fulfil their physical being’s desires. S.Isa, a.s., Jesus Christ, was travelling, hoping that even one or two or more or less people may be interested, to come and ask: “Who are you? What is your mission? We are looking and seeing (that) you are someone that we never see as (being) from our people. You are a strange one or foreign one- who are you? What is your mission? Give us an explanation; give us (information) about your identity, (so) that we may know about you and what you are bringing, open (it for us)! We shall look, (if there is) anything suitable for us. We may ask and we may look.”

Yes- such a person (like Sheikh X. is) coming- who is coming to ask: “This is a foreign person, coming from outside to Cyprus- who is this one, what he knows? He has something that we may take benefit from him?” No one is asking! People are going and coming to fulfil their physical desires only. “Who is that one?” “Eh- leave him”…

All Prophets in such a way (were) faced by their people, their nation. No one of them (was) welcomed from their nation to say: “Welcome to you, you are such a good one, such a glorious one, your looking (is) in such a way!” No one (is) saying (this); always Prophets (are) faced by shaitanic faces!

Jesus Christ was going, travelling and hoping to find someone for his diamonds to be interested for buying and looking. He was travelling and he was through a dessert through mountains, (and) suddenly a heavenly (Voice), a Sound from Heavens (was) saying (to him): “Ya Isa, follow me!” and that Announcement (was) walking in front of him and he was stepping (behind, following). He was not seeing who is that one, but (he was) following, following, and finally (they) reached (the) entrance of a huge cave and (the) same Announcement (was) beginning from inside, calling him: “Oh Isa, come, come, follow me, follow me…” Then he reached to a place that was shining. He stopped and (that) Announcement (was) just finishing and saying: “Look in front (of you), what you are seeing?” Isa a.s. was just in the presence of a tomb (that was all) from gold and shining, and it had a writing on the head of that tomb full with gold, saying: “Come and look and read what is written on that golden head!” He was looking and seeing and reading:

“Oh my visitor! Look! Look and take a lesson from me, from my life, from my situation.” It is written (there). “I am that Emperor- King of the whole world and Emperor- who lived 17oo years. I was that one that I was always running for fulfilling my physical desires. Just I married 17oo maidens, just I built 17oo castles, palaces through towns, surrounded by walls- I reached everything from this life. I reached every pleasure and I fulfilled myself with everything, according to my possibilities how it is written on this tomb.

But when my last moment was coming and I was lying on my royal bed and the Angel of Death was putting his paw on my chest, beginning to take away the secret of life from my material being- that it was standing and doing everything I did through that secret power- (when the) time (of my death) arrived and the Angel of Death was beginning to take it (that secret of life) back- that one breath gave to me the bitterness of death, the violence of death! (And this) just made me to forget everything (that I enjoyed in) that 17oo years: (my) whole Sultanate and royal life, making it all of them to be forgotten! Just I forgot and that bitterness is just with me now, never leaving me!

Oh my visitor, look and take a lesson from myself, from my lifestyle, from my target through this life that I wasted (it)! And that bitterness is yet with me. No one can be able to reach (the same) possibility as I had through this life, it is impossible; you are never reaching from (those possibilities) that I had (in these) 17oo years even one year. You are never reaching to that point. You must take your lesson! I have been cheated and just I wasted my most valuable grant (, my life), (that was given) to me as a chance to find Him, but I wasted it and I ran after material subjects and I lost my chance. I have been cheated, I am just deprived (to reach Him); all my chance (is) just finished for me. I was running in (the) contrary direction; instead to run to my Lord’s direction, Shaitan (was) making me to run from Him to another direction. Oh, that one! Give my message to people, not to be cheated!”

It is a beautiful tale and full of wisdom and it is reality. And it is (the) same problem for mankind now, because people run after ‘ma siwa’; they are running to reach (the) last point of material beings, the last point for fulfilling their physical desires and (there is) no reality there. They are passing away- but the real One that we have been ordered to go and find Him, our Lord, we are leaving Him and we are carrying a heavy burden here and Hereafter.

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, who is making people not to be cheated, calling them to their Lord. Instead to run after Shaitan S.Muhammad is calling us to Allah. Follow him, you should be happy here and Hereafter...May Allah forgive us! Bi hurmati-l Habib, bi hurmati-l Fatiha…

We are asking some drink that when we are drinking (from it) (we are never) getting to be satisfied, (but) to ask more. This drink here we are drinking this, and then our pleasure is coming down, coming down and you are saying: “Enough.” That is ‘ma siwa’: everything that is going through this life and people are running on it. They may drink it and then they are saying: “It is okay for me, no more.” But through His divinely Presence no one is saying: “Enough”, but they are asking more and more and more. And Allah Almighty is saying: “I am giving to you more and more in My divinely Presence! Mazid, wa ladayna mazid”…Fatiha… People are deprived because they leave Allah and run after ‘ma siwa’- ‘ma siwa’ is like the shadow and Haqiqat (the Truth, Reality) is like the sun…

Lefke, 18.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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