Thank our Lord and Creator and pay our highest respect to Him Almighty. He is the
Absolute Owner and Recipient of Absolute Respect and Praise. He Almighty says: “I
alone am the Creator. I have created all that is in existence; from the building blocks of
matter (the smallest particles in existence) right up to the gigantic swirling galaxies, all
are My creation.” He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, and it is He
who directs everything on its individual and collective course. He drives all things to
their destinations. He is the Cause of Causes, and as a sign for those who take heed
He made secondary causes in the Universe by which things move. For example, have
your ever seen a vehicle moving deliberately and accurately towards a specific
destination without either having a driver or being driven by remote control?

Once, in the time of Imam Ghazzali (A king-sized scholar and Sufi master who so
affected the Islamic World that he became known as “Hujjat Ul-Islam - The Proof of
Islam), Allah Almighty sent a Divine trial on the people in the form of a person who
espoused and propagated the belief that the Universe moves on its course by itself
without any hand guiding it. By propounding this belief cleverly he succeeded in
upsetting the convictions of some of his contemporaries as he traveled through the
Islamic World propagating his false doctrines.

As he was very proud and ambitious, and thought himself to be clever enough to
destroy people’s belief in Islam through his arguments, he asked where he could find
the most learned of Islamic scholars in order to further his atheistic cause by defeating
the greatest Islamic authority in a debate. His followers informed him that there lived a
man who was known far and wide as “The Proof of Islam” and was greatly renowned
throughout he Muslim world. They also asserted that, should he be able to defeat him
in a debate, the faith of Islam would certainly be destroyed and no faith in its teachings
would remain in people’s hearts. So off he went seeking Imam Ghazzali.

Imam Ghazzali, like so many other Islamic saints, used to volunteer to be a watchman
on the coasts of the Islamic lands; as this was a lovely from of worship to engage in,
one by which Allah’s pleasure could be earned. To keep the Islamic lands safe from
the attack of enemies by watching for enemy ships was a great service to the Muslims.
Therefore, many of these holy men built watch towers on the coasts and at border
areas, for if no one was on guard the country would be vulnerable to the attacks of
crusaders who came to pillage burn and destroy the country, and to kill and enslave its
inhabitants. So, while the people slept, the friends of God were awake in prayer and
watchfulness to safeguard the lives, honor and property of the people.

When that man arrived at the near-by town asking for the Imam, the Imam was by the
sea at his watchtower retreat on duty as a lookout. Presently he was led to Imam
Ghazzali’s presence. When he arrived the Imam was absorbed in his duty and did not
speak to him, so the visitor just sat down beside him and waited until the Imam could
give him his attention.

The Imam’s eyes were fixed on the horizon, when suddenly he grabbed the arm of the
philosopher and cried out excitedly: “Look, look over there on the horizon: a very, very
strange thing has appeared and is coming our way!” The atheist-philosopher looked at
the horizon and said: “Oh Imam of the Muslims, it is just a ship.” Imam Ghazzali
answered: “No, you are wrong; it is not a ship at all, but a very strange thing that is
approaching.” “No, I assure you it is just a ship,” said the philosopher, baffled by the
strange behavior of the Imam.

The Imam insisted: “It is a very strange thing indeed that approaches: it is a ship that
moves of is own accord – propelled and directed by itself.” The annoyed philosopher
shook his head and thought: “People have led me to a man whom they consider to be
learned, but he does not even recognize a ship when he sees one and knows not how
a ship sails on the sea (with a captain and crew). Not to mention his claim that the ship
moves by itself!”

“Let us go to the port,” said the philosopher, “and see whether the ship is coming by
itself or whether it carries a crew to steer it.” Imam Ghazzali and that person went to
the harbour and waited while the ship gradually moved toward the shore and was
moored. When the gangplank was lowered and the sailors began to emerge, the
philosopher triumphantly cried out: “Look, there they are, the sailors are disembarking
– 1, 2, 3, 4…9…19 sailors. Now, how is it that you said it was sailing without a captain
and crew?

Then Imam Ghazzali caught him firmly by the ear and said to him: “Now look, you fool:
look at me, rascal, and listen. You are the most foolish person I have ever seen in all
my days. Oh people, come here and look, for I have just caught the ear of the most
foolish person in the whole wide world! Come and see him, the fool who argued with me
that it is impossible for a ship to sail on the sea unless it has nineteen sailors aboard,
while contending that this gigantic Universe and its vast firmament of stars, planets and
galaxies are moving on their fixed orbits and exact courses without direction, by

“Look, Oh people, open your eyes and behold a fool. He rejects any notion of a
Creator or Guide of this vast, awesome Universe and claims that it moves so perfectly
on its course by itself without no one leading it; then he quarrels with me and argues
that this ship, this little wooden vessel, can’t steer itself without no one leading it; then
he quarrels with me and argues that this ship, this little wooden vessel, can’t steer itself
without nineteen sailors being aboard!”

Shamefacedly the philosopher admitted that he was trapped by the logical
dramatization of the Imam, saying: “You have proven the truth of Islam. I cannot refute
your words.” Then he ran away and hid himself for a long time before he got up the
courage to show his face again among people.

By this demonstration, Imam Ghazzali showed that foolish person and the world that
nothing moves by its own power; everything in the Universe must be steered by
someone. And everything in the Universe moves, though it may appear to be standing
still, for the atoms and atomic particles are always in motion; and even as that ship is in
need of a captain, so the smallest particles of matter must also be directed. Because
of this, because everything that moves must be made to move, we can know that He
Almighty, the Cause of Causes, is directing everything on its own individual course.

If He Almighty had not appointed ‘drivers’ to direct electrons, how could they move
around the nucleus in such an orderly manner? Such a marvel would simply not be
possible. And those drivers are “licensed and authorized drivers” not “learners”, for
were they not granted full capabilities and expertise by their Lord there would be
accidents and collisions. But nothing ever goes amiss, and the creation continues
along its destined course in a most precise manner.

This is purport of the Holy Verse:

“"Glory be to Him in Whose Hand are the Higher Influences (that exercise
control) over everything.”

Or, alternatively rendered:

"Glory be to Allah, the One who from His Divine Presence through His
Heavenly Worlds directs everything and orders its movements.”

It is unimaginable how those galaxies can move in such harmony, or from where they
come and to where they are headed. The galaxies cannot move on their own accord
or by chance, never! The Lord Almighty appoints their ‘drivers’ from among the ranks
of the Angels, and He Almighty declares; “All authority is in my Divine Hand. It is I Alone
who maintains everything, for were I to will their non-existence everything would
instantly vanish. It is I, and I Alone, who initiates all creation and causes it to continue
in existence.”

Allah Almighty again confirms His Omnipotence in the Holy Qur’an by stating:

“"Verily it is Allah who Holds the Heavens and the Earth lest they vanish.”

Look, although all things are moving they can only remain intact through the constancy
of pressure on all sides. The water in this glass can only be claim and appear to be
still (though its atoms are moving) if all the sides of the glass are firm and balanced.
There has to be a certain balance of pressure between the inside of anything and what
lies outside it or else that thing would either implode or explode. These are the
secondary causes that enable the creation to have form, the original cause being He
Almighty, who says: “I am the Maintainer of all creation. If I remove My Power
everything will dissolve, will vanish.”

Therefore everything that exists in the Universe is only an appearance of His Power.
Through the application of His Power everything is created and sustained, and when
He wills, all returns to nothing. Endless Power Oceans – there is naught besides; when
He Almighty issues an order, that Power takes form and appears as He pleases.

Now modern science has at last begun to admit such realities. The twentieth century
has brought new discoveries and opened up horizons of knowledge that lead to the
conclusion that this Universe must be maintained and directed by Higher Forces –
that, at any rate, is the conclusion reached by thinking people. But this knowledge of
the nature of things has been known to Muslims ever since the revelation of the Holy
Qur’an fourteen-hundred years ago, from verses such as the ones we have mentioned
and others. No one should be surprised at this, as, according to the Qur’an itself:
“Nothing has been left out of this Qur’an.”

All of the absolute realities are mentioned therein, and as much as man’s knowledge of
science may improve, it is impossible for it to ever surpass Allah’s knowledge of His
Own creation as communicated to man in that Holy Book. The sky and space are
endless, and no matter how far man may penetrate into it, he is still beneath and within
it. In the same manner the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an always stretches out before
and above him endlessly – no one can ever fathom it completely.

Look, the smallest particles of matter contained in the atom, the ones that scientists call
“indivisible”, can they really be indivisible? If they have a physical existence they must
be divisible; only when something becomes nothing is it indivisible. But at that point we
can’t sense any particle at all: there is no longer a particle, only energy, only the Power
of our Lord Almighty. The Power Oceans of our Lord – no one’s mind can fathom their

If Western people were really thinking, these proofs would be enough for them to
accept Islam, to prostrate themselves before their Lord and surrender to His Irresistible
Might. To try to understand and to ponder over these Qur’anic verses is incumbent on
all scientists. I am only authorized to speak upon them up to a certain point, but
scientists and scholars may study the implications of these verses deeply and expand
upon their purport endlessly, as each verse is, in itself, an endless ocean. Thus they
may gain understanding of the wisdom of their own existence and the existence of the
whole creation.

Therefore, we may say that everything in existence is directed by means of the Angels,
who carry out the orders of their Lord. They can only direct things, even the smallest
particles’ movements, as their Lord orders them, and He Almighty declares: “I am the
Lord of the Worlds, the Lord of everything from the smallest particles to the gigantic
galaxies, and other worlds beyond these – seen and unseen, visible and invisible
worlds. I am the Lord.”

Allah Almighty is aware of all that exists in its minutest detail. All things are built of His
Power, as the only indivisible is His Power. All Universes are in His Power Oceans;
then, when their Lord calls them, saying: “Be! Come into existence!” they appear from
those endless Power Oceans. When He orders them: “Vanish!” they disappear – but
yet they are existent in His Power Oceans. He is the Lord of the Worlds, and if anyone
should try to elaborate fully on this point he would have to speak forever.
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