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At the end of times, every person should put their affairs in order. We have been created for worshipping. Once they left worshipping many disasters fell on them from the heavens. May Allah (swt) protect us. Return to your Lord O people! so He (swt) may save you from the hardships of this world & the punishment of the Hereafter, or there is no hope to be saved either in this world or in the grave or in the Hereafter. Naudhu Billah!

O people. O people! And will be saved... Every person is for another a savior, this is important. The government is not important, but a person to save another is important. If this is not there, they will not benefit from democracy nor elections, nor money nor treasures.

O people! O people! We left the way of Haqq/Truth. The people left the straight path & what came upon them from Heavens is what they were not wishing for. It is not possible to undo it. We are living in summertime but it is as if what is coming on people are disasters that cannot be returned. Except for those asking from Allah (swt) forgiveness and returning to worship. If they do not worship, Heavenly revenge will be taken. Allah (swt) said "Qul Huwa Al-Qadiru `Al An Yab`atha Alaykum `Adhaban Min Fawqikum Aw Min Tahti 'Arjulikum Aw Yalbisakum Shiya`an Wa Yudhiqa Ba`dakum Ba'sa Ba`din.." (6:65)

And surely it is a Heavenly punishment on the criminals. Allah (swt) will take vengence. Because Allah (swt) is the Taker of Vengence. O people take Allah (awj) seriously and obey Divine orders. Take seriously & not lightly, the Heavenly Orders otherwise there is no one who will save you. "and make you to taste the violence of one another." (6:65)

We have come to this point. So, O people, return to your Lord, keep the limits of worshipping. So our Lord (jwa) may have mercy on us and save us from all disasters in this world and from the punishment of the Hereafter. Fatiha.

It's been mentioned by the Saints of Allah (swt) that Egypt shall be under flood waters. This is one of the Signs of the End of times. So beware O servants of the Lord, you have nowhere to run. You cannot arrange anything to save you once the signs of Divine Anger come upon you. The Nile river will flood and it will cover the whole country & the number of victims cannot be counted. Allah (swt) knows best. This is mentioned maybe by Imam Sha'rani. He mentioned that there is a sign on a minaret indicating the height of the flood waters in Egypt; the water will reach up to there. So beware O servants of the Lord, return to your Lord and He (swt) will remove curses from you and stop them from coming on you. Otherwise... May Allah (swt) protect us... Hundreds & thousands of people will be gone with the flood.

O Allah (swt) save us, tawba Ya Rabbi. O scholars of Egypt! Advise the servants of the Lord. Save them! You must save them from the disasters that are at the doors.
O people! It is not possible for a person to rule over another person. A person may rule over a donkey but cannot rule over another person. To rule over people is from Heavens, not from earth. And therefore from the beginning of the world servants of the Lord were ruled by Kings & Sultans. Like this were managed the matters of the servants. Once they left that they followed shaytan & shaytan led nations to the worse situation.

O Egyptian people, save yourselves. Do not busy yourselves with electing this one or that one, rather go back to your Lord, repent to Him (swt). He (swt) will save you. These are few words that came to my heart in the blessed evening of the Glorified month of Shaban, the evening of Juma. May Allah (swt) protect us Ya Rabb tubna wa rajana Ilayk Fatiha.

There are also a lot of (bad) things to come on the Turks. There will be a big battle in the Valley of Amuq. It is in Iskenderun, they call it "Amuq Valley". There will be a battle there. That battle is "al-malhama", the great battle. From Heavens, 80 banners will come down from above to that Amuq Valley. 80 banners will come from Sham. The meaning of one banner is 1 division, more than a division. It is more than one division. There will be war between the Muslim people. The soldiers will come from Damascus in three groups. Three groups from the Muslims, one third will be Shahids/martyrs. One third will escape and one third Allah (swt) will keep them firm & they will be victorious against the Banu Asfar/yellow nation. They will defeat Banu Asfar and reach all the way to Istanbul, Costantinople. Then Mahdi (as) will appear.

May Allah (swt) protect us. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah! Ya Rabbi Ya Allah! These things are mentioned in the books... From Egypt a man will come a mighty man and powerful man, his name is Ahmad and he will attack from the side of Egypt to Syria. And that man will cut the roots of these people who are denying Allah (jwa) & His Mightiness and they deny the glory of the King of Kings. He will take them all out. Then he will reach to Syria until they reach to the Valley of 'Amuq and there will be Armageddon.

It is said that the Muslims will remove those people who are denying Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saws) and they will cut their heads so not one of them will remain to escape anywhere. There is power coming from Sham. Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq.

Lefke, 29.06.2012

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