Oh man, you were created weak! Don't try to balance big things within your small mind. Greatness belongs to Allah. One of his Divine Attributes is to be able to do whatever and forever what He asks to do. Everything concerning yourself He has put into the Quran. You must believe that.
What did Muhammad sws. do during 20 years? He was giving explanations about the Holy Quran, because we cannot enter the wisdoms of it. Even now, you may read a hadith and not be able to give its meaning. If you are not authorised, then you should not comment. But in our days everyone has so many books and they bring them and say, "I know about hadith, I can explain them." From where have they been authorised?

In the old days a learned one used to hand on the authorisation to his successor or to his student who would sit infront of him for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years and then the alim would say, "I am authorising you to speak to people about the hadith and about the Holy Quran." That is why I am ashamed to recite a verse out of the Holy Quran and then to say the meaning. Even if there is such an authority and if in the traditional way I learned from my teacher and he gave me permission 50 years ago. It is written, in the traditional way, "I am giving the authority to address and to talk to people to my student Muhammad Nazim Adil. I am giving that authority to him because my teacher gave that authority to me and my teacher was also authorised by his teacher and he was also authorised by his teacher... this reaches back to the Prophet sws."

If no such authority has been given to you reaching back to the Prophet sws., you will be made responsible whenever you teach the hadith or the Holy Quran. It is a very wrong thing when unauthorised people come and teach, they cannot do that. Allah Almighty is witnessing when we are saying something without authority, and we will carry all the responsibility of the people to whom we teach.

Muhammad sws. explained the Holy Quran in a period of 23 years. During this time millions of hadith came, but now Wahabi people have only made one book with a few hundred hadith and they say that it is all which is acceptable from the Prophet. For 23 years Muhammad sws. was addressing his nation and he knew that it was not only for his companions, it was meant for his future nation, for the Muslims to come through all times. He did not only sit with his companions, he was always speaking. If you take all the knowledge of all the learned ones it will only be like one spot compared to the ocean of wisdoms of the Prophet sws. How can anyone say that they know anything?

People were coming like rivers to listen to the Prophet sws. were are all these talks? I wonder... They have only put a few hundred hadith and they say that it is all. They accept his Prophethood, but they don't accept his hadith? These ignorant people, some of them even being doctors, are proud and think that they can decide according to their minds which hadith is true and which one isn't.

If you are not sure, then admit that you cannot know if it is a hadith or not, just leave it. But don't cut it away. In our traditional books millions of hadith were written. How is it possible to bring the whole Islamic culture into one book. How is it possible?

That is why our belief is losing its power from day to day and getting weaker and weaker. Then there will be no more power of faith and people will get into miseries and sufferings and neverending problems. There will not be enough power in our faith to bring the solutions to the Muslims. That is why the Muslim world is boiling like a pot. And here and there the enemies of Islam are making everything against Islam and the Muslim world cannot do anything.

I heard that many thousands of Muslims here in Sri Lanka were sent away from their homes. Where is the Islamic world? They are fighting and quarrelling with each other. Why is all this happening? Because our faith is getting less. Allah Almighty has ordered us to be together, but we are separated. There is no value. It is a pity for us. We are even fighting Islam within ourselves. Not only our enemies from the outside, no! Foolish Muslims even fight inside.
Sri Lanka - 30.10.1990
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