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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}} **Avoid Fitna as for Imam Mahdi is Near!**

Wherever there is a crowd, a certain man would always tag along behind them. He knew they were going to a feast, so he would follow behind and enter as soon as they entered. The doorkeepers or guards of that place would assume he’s one of them and welcome him in. One time he saw a another crowd, only now they were surrounded by police officers, whereupon he said, “Let me follow these people around, they must be important ones,” and went along. Subsequently, they all entered through a castle door with this man following behind.

Upon their arrival, the judge said, “Decapitate them!”

The man cried, “Aman! But I’m not one of them!”

“O, shameless one! Then why have you come with them? Bunu falakaya yatirin, beat him on the soles of his feet (bastinado)!” ordered the judge. “Have the rest decapitated, but this one, beat him on the soles of his feet and see if he will ever follow behind them again!”

This is how people are now: they tag along each other, thinking there’s something important, and then they end up falling into problems and getting punished. May Allah keep it away from us!

Therefore, our Prophet (s) is saying, “Do not go to places that are crowded.” If there’s something happening somewhere and a sitting person stands to see what’s going on, he will fall into that fitna. He should stay sitting where he is and not get up! The one who stands up will be subject to punishment. If he says, “Let me go and see what’s happening,” he will fall into it as well. We are in the Last Days. Don’t say, “What’s happening?! What’s going on?!” Shut your doors and sit in your homes; don’t show yourselves.

Now all of what is happening is wrong. All of it is wrong! One person takes to the streets, shouting, then others tag along behind him, and others tag along them. They went walking (on the streets), saying, “What’s going on?” and they too fell in to the punishment. That other jabbar, tyrant, stood up in confusion, saying, “What’s happening around?” and he fell in to it as well. The ones in Damascus, Egypt, and Tunisia are also the same. Everywhere, people are saying, “What’s going on?” And in Cyprus, they go out to the saray meydani, Palace Square, saying, “What’s happening?”

What is there to happen, O shameless ones? Are they giving out money there? Is that what you are going and running after? What is there? They are consuming each other; they are beating, fighting, cursing each other. But this is not humane; neither cursing nor beating have anything to do with humanity. An effendi (dignified person) is he who does not swear, does not beat or harm anyone. An animal kicks, a dog bites; don’t be like them! You are a human being, but who to say this to? We’re speaking to the wall. May Allah forgive us.


So this is how they are but their turn will come; they will all have their turn. When we were little, they used to tell us, “From each and every hair of Dajjal’s donkey a kind of sound comes out; you must refrain from going out the door (to run) after it. Whoever walks out will not be able to enter back into their homes; they will have horns coming out of their heads.” And they said, “In the time of Dajjal, when you enter in it, saying, ‘Ooo! There’s music and dancers here,’ you will also grow a horn and won’t be able to enter back into your home.”

He can’t go back in! How could he, when he is immersed in that revelry? Either he will lose his mind or his life. He will be crushed and gone!

Huseyin’s father, along with our Turkish people, were throwing rocks at the British soldiers by Girne’s border. The Greeks attacked the British soldiers, but what is it for us to get up and throw rocks at them? As soon as the British started getting hit, from confusion they lost their direction of aim and shot at the Turks; our faqeer (Huseyin’s father) died just like that!

Allah (swt) has shown the truth of it all, and our Prophet (s) has informed us, “This is right, this is wrong; this is good, this is evil.” No one is using their minds. If they did, they would be in a relaxed situation in this world, but they keep running after Shaytan.

Everyone should put aside a week’s, a month’s or three month’s supplies in their homes. Let him say, “These are not for me, but I shall also help the poor and destitute.” So this is it, as things will not improve. I mean, once it starts, they will carry on the work, saying, “Now let this collapse, and let these intervene once more, and let the battles outburst once again so Mahdi (a) can come.”

Our Prophet (s) said, “Before Mahdi’s arrival, the Arab tribes will go against one another.” He said, qabaa’il al-`Arab, the Arab tribes, and they were the first ones to begin. This means, Arabs are the first ones waiting for the coming of Mahdi (a), otherwise they would never submit. In any case, we are already under that heavenly command. And finally, also, our people will divide into two groups: one group will take the side of the Russians, the other will take the side of the Muslims. Then Mahdi (a) will arrive. They will abandon old politics and come to a new one. Whatever the case is, the time of Mahdi (a) has entered!

In the old days, they used to uproot dead trees in order to plant new ones that will grow. His uprooting of the old has now begun; all old trees will be uprooted, and he will plant a new one, whether you like it or not. He who gets angry at this should throw himself in the ocean! Therefore, I am telling you that Amik Ovasi, the Plain of Antioch (in Southern Turkey, close to Syria), will be swarmed with soldiers.

(We are weak, O my sultan! What will we do there [how to be safe]?)

Be on the side of Islam! Half the army will remain on our side, and the other half will remain on that side. It is connected to Sham; an army will come from Sham and the Muslims will win the battle. They will expel the opposition group all the way to Istanbul, and will enter “Islambol” with takbeers! Then afterwards, Mahdi (a) will come. It has drawn near now. Allah!


Allah yuzunuzu ak, kalbinizi pâk eylesin, May Allah enlighten your faces and purify your hearts!

Lefke, 22.03.2011, translated from Turkish

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