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Every day Allah Almighty gives his servants new sustenance. He doesn't give stale food, but fresh! New day, new sustenance. Birds do not keep food and let it go stale, they take fresh food every day and don't use frigidaires. They trust Allah Almighty and they don't need businesses, they don't have any inflation. They are very happy... Often I watch pigeons and doves and they never complain that there is inflation. Animals don't have any inflation, but mankind do. Why? Animals have been created for the honour of man and they are so happy. They don't push prices up, and they are living wherever they want, even in London. No-one prevents them to be here or there. There are no writings like, "Out of bounds!" for birds. Dogs have these signs, but the foxes don't. After midnight foxes run everywhere. They are very free and late at night they run around very friendly everywhere. They have no business; no farming, no planting, no carpenting, no building, no governments... But they have rules! And they are keeping their rules, the rules that Allah Almighty has given to them. They never loose these rules. They are very strict in keeping these rules.

One rule is that early at night they must come to their home, to their nest. All night there is no work. They are only making tesbih, glorifying the Lord all night. Early in the morning, before sunrise, they get up. That is their rule. This is also offered to mankind: to use the night for resting and for praying. That is also the rule for mankind. But no-mind mankind changed it. They are spending the whole night against the rule of Allah. Instead of taking their rest, they force themselves to be awake all night. After sunset the physical powers of the body decrease. It will come to the point of zero. It gives its last strength for the Isha-Prayer, so when that is done, you must take your rest. Don't do anything, leave everything! The body will rest. It must rest. When it has taken its rest, it will awake in the early morning and breath a new life. Because the way your soul leaves your body depends on how obedient you have been. The Lord Almighty Allah makes a special place under the Holy Throne where the soul can prostrate all night.
Until they awake these souls are making sadjda which is giving them mercy and their Lord will give them a new breath, a refreshment. When they awake they will come back with a new and refreshed soul.

So whoever keeps that rule will never be ill. They will have good health, because whoever awakes at dawn will be granted a Holy Wind, a Holy Breath that comes from the Throne to the Prophet sws. past his holy tomb, and then spreads all around the world. Whoever is awake will be refreshed. They cannot be ill. Everyday a new refreshment comes.

Our ancestors lived healthy but nowadays everything is damaged. First of all the minds of the people are damaged. They have filled their minds with rotten ideas. And a rotten mind will give a rotten body. That is why there are countless physicians and thousands of hospitals and thousands of clinics, pharmacies and chemists. People eat more medicine than food. No-one is asking why people are in such a position or situation.

Birds don't need medicine and they don't need doctors, no pharmacies and no hospitals. They eat everything, why are those microbes affecting us and not them? They can eat everything. They don't get ill. But those animals that come too close to mankind, they are also starting to loose their health. In civilised countries dogs and cats also need clinics, dog-clinics, vets... Yes, because they are so friendly with mankind they get infected. Rats run away from mankind, and they don't need any vet.

Whoever keeps the rules will be in safety. Mankind is destroying rules of nature which the Lord has given. Mankind has destroyed these, and therefore they will be destroyed. Keep the natural rules of Allah Almighty and you will be healthy. Everything will help you in nature. It is your servant, if you are keeping the rules of nature. If you don't keep them, everything will fight you... All the bacteria will ask themselves how to get into you. They are saying that cancer is a dangerous microbe which is fighting man. That is the result of disobedience! No-one can fight cancer. That person must surrender and must die.

There are so many very bad illnesses sent to fight disobedient servants. They are so small, Allah Almighty doesn't use huge armies, navies ... No need. He can order these small ones to attack and they will, quickly. How is it possible for them to reach everywhere. If we could see it, we would be crazy. If Allah Almighty would make it possible for mankind to look at those bacteria, they would be very astonished. How do they do it? By car, by plane, by boat? You cannot find a place without a virus, without a microbe. Everywhere it is full. All computers cannot even count them. You can't see them to destroy them.

The Will of the Lord must continue. No-one can win against the Will of the Lord, Almighty Allah. Against the Lord everyone must be a loser. No-one can face the power of the Lord Almighty Allah. And He is not using the kind of armies that we are used to. Keep the Divine Rule on earth and you will be in safety and in happiness and your life will be full of enjoyments. If you go against it, then you must carry a heavy burden. If that was put on everyone, it couldn't be carried.That is how heavy the burden is, if you go against His Rule.

Governments never want you to be against their rule. They get very angry if someone gets against their rule. So what about the Lord of Heavens. Do you think that He wants anyone to be against His Rule? Never! He never wants anyone to be against His Rule.

All of nature; animals and birds, are keeping His Rule and they are living just like they did centuries ago, thousands of years ago, in the form which Allah Almighty appointed for them. They are safe. When we changed, everything just changed. You should be obedient and then everything will help you. If you are disobedient, problems will surround you quickly and you must then understand that something is wrong with you in connection to your Lord. That is the reason which makes you fall into difficulties. Correct yourself! Look what is wrong with yourself. When you are correcting it, you can move easily towards your destination. Everything around mankind teaches him, but mankind doesn't look to learn what everything is teaching them. Everything is created for man and everything teaches him and reminds him of how he should be. How he can reach his perfection. Because everything around him is in perfection. Everything which is created is perfect.

Once a donkey was braying and Abu Jazid was sitting with so many scholars and they were saying, "Auzubillah..." But he said, "Oh, creature of the Lord, you are just on your perfection!". Yes, everything is in its perfection except mankind. They are not on their perfection. They are not on their perfect line, and they are not trying to reach to their perfect level.

The only difference between man and other creatures is that the other creatures are under Divine Will which is controlling them and they have no will power. That is why they are perfect. A donkey is in its perfect level by being a donkey. A cat is on its perfect level by being a cat. A dog is on its perfect level by being a dog. That is its perfection. It bites. That belongs to the perfection of a dog or a cat or a wolf or a fox. But not for a man.

Men are biting each other. For animals that is alright, but not for mankind. The Divine Will decides who is who; whether you are an animal or a human being, a lion or an elephant, a snake or a scorpion. According to their level, they are perfect. They have no will power. The Divine Will keeps them on their level. But mankind has been given will power, Allah has granted that to you. The Lord forces every creature to be on their perfect level, but He is not forcing man. He granted you that honour. Willpower is one of the Holy Attributes of Allah Almighty, and He has given it to you so that you may use it and by using it, reach your perfect levels. If mankind does not use his will power to reach the level of perfection, he will sink under the level of animals. That is the whole wisdom. May Allah forgive us and give us an understanding about that point. "You are the Sultan and we are your servants. Oh, help us to keep ourselves under Your Will and not to leave Your Will and to follow it". Perfection is to follow His Will

London - 15.05.1992
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