Maulana Sheikh NazimThe bad smell of people that go against the Shariat Or: O people, don't step on dirt!

As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum!
Allah Allah… Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya. Meded, ya Rijalallah!
Ya Mufatiha-l Abwab, aftah lana khaira bab… Ya Rabb, open to Your weak
servants the doors of good understanding for Your holy religion, for
Your most beloved and praised Prophet S.Muhammad sws! Oh, we are knowing
nothing and we are in need for learning!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
By the Name of Allah Almighty, All-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most

O our Lord, You created us, o our Lord, You are granting everything that
it is best for us, but we are so ignorant ones, that we are not
appreciating Your heavenly Grants! Forgive us, o our Lord, o our
Creator, for the honour of most honoured one in Your divinely Presence,
who you dressed him (the) Dress of Honour. No one (has been) dressed
(with it) before or no one (is) going to be dressed after him,
S.Muhammad sws- Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik alayh! Give him much
more honour, much more lights, much more grants that You have endlessly
Oceans, give to him! And he is our ocean, that we may find everything in
that ocean!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! May Allah first forgive us! We are always
dirty. For what?

Sometimes we are getting dirty through our thoughts and mostly we are
getting dirty for our actions. Always either from mindly or either from
physically, we are getting to be dirty and that dirtiness (is) coming
from Shaitan. Never (he is) leaving a person to be clean in his Lords
divinely Presences, always (he is) carrying mankind to dirty lands,
never carrying them to clean lands. And you may imagine if a person (is)
going through a rained (?) land and you may imagine if a person (is)
going through sewages channels that (are) spread on a land: one (is
going to be) clean, one (is going to be) dirty. Therefore we are asking
from our Lord cleanliness, to protect ourselves from dirty lands.
O people, don’t walk on dirty lands that it is wet through sewage
waters! You must think on it!

And we are asking that from our Lord to
help us and (the) heavenly Answer (is) coming and saying: “If you are
asking, We are reaching to you. If you are not asking, We are not
reaching after you, no. What (is) happening, may happen to you!”
Therefore, (a) Muslim, who surrendered to Allah, he has a good smelling
also, good smelling. We may differentiate a good smelling and also a bad
smelling. It is some knowledge that (is) reaching to me from my
Grandsheikh- Allah bless him and makes his honour more and more in His
divinely Presence and in His most beloved servants heavenly Presence- I
heard that if a person (is) making backbiting, (there is) coming so bad
smelling from his mouth. Angels (are) carrying this to Hells, (and the)
Hells (are) saying: “O our Lords Angels, please take that bad smelling
from ourselves!” Carrying Angels that very bad smelling to mountains,
they are saying: “We can’t carry, take it from us!” (They are) carrying
that bad smelling to lands and lands (are) shouting and crying: “Don’t
leave on ourselves that dirty smelling!” And (the Angels are) taking
(it) to (the) fire again and (the) fire (is) saying: “O our Lord, we
can’t carry such a bad smelling! O our Lord, forgive us, we (are) never
able to carry that bad smelling from backbiting people!” (And the Angels
are) going whole around this world, (but) everything (is) saying: “O our
Lord, for the honor of Your beloved one, S.Muhammad sws, for his honour,
don’t leave that bad smelling on ourselves!” and then Allah Almighty
(is) ordering: “Take this bad smelling, ‘nafes’, breath, take it back to
that ones grave and put that bad smelling through that one that (it was)
coming from him! Make it to pass to him once again; from where (it was)
coming, make it to be there finally!” And that bad smelling Angels (are)
leaving through that persons grave, through this nose...

Therefore- everything, that means, everything (that is) against
Shariatullah, heavenly Orders of Allah, who (is) making his actions
against (the) Shariatullah, against (the) heavenly Orders, against it,
coming so many kinds of dirty smelling, but now people they are not
smelling! Therefore they are running into it, like a fish (that is)
diving in(to) an ocean and it is so natural, normal for (that) fish to
go through that ocean. And that persons bad smellings (remains), even
they are putting so many lotions, so many perfumes, but yet, (even) if
anyone (is) lying in a lotion bath, if (he is) lying in it and getting
out, (still the) same dirty smelling (is) coming from that person.
But Shaitan (is) making ourselves not to smell, saying: “No, good, good,
drink a whiskey, you may forget it… no, no…if you are not drinking
whiskey, you may drink a champagner…” - If (you are) giving(that) to
apes, they are not drinking (it), but man (is) drinking! They may run
away, man (is) running on(to) it! - “Drink and you are not feeling that
bad smelling! Drink it, o Germans, beer…No, Sir, it is no good, but
Vodka, Russians wines, is better, not to smell that dirty
smelling…Drink, o my friend!” Shaitan (is) making countless traps to put
a person in that trap and he or she (is) never understanding that dirty

As the Seal of Prophets (is) teaching ourselves and he was adding every
action against heavenly Orders; they are one trap and making people not
to smell and they are running in it and they are, (it is) going (to come
a) so bad smelling for them. And making people Shaitan not to smell:
“Don’t listen, drink and be happy!” Astaghfirullah! Astaghfirullah

But (there is) coming a day for people, that that it is (their) last
day, (and) it is going to be clear every action against (the) holy
Orders of Heavens through their real beings. (The) real characteristics
of bad actions (are) going to be clear (in that) last moment that from
our eyes curtain, veils (are) taken away (and) we are looking.
But now we are in (the) examining area! The Lord of Heavens (is)
examining His servants; if their feelings is good or bad, if their
knowledge is good or bad, if their actions is good or bad (is) going to
be clear from everyone (in his) last moment. But it should be too late,
(there should be) no (more) time, no time to change it! (It) may be a
grant from Allah Almighty to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, S.Muhammadur
Rasulullah sws”; if he is not granted that, just he (is) never going to
know anything, but that moment (it is) going to be clear every moment
that he did it and passed through his life.

Therefore they are saying now: “You must try to be clean! Walk on (a)
clean area, walk on clean land, don’t walk on dirty land!” But people,
because they are drunk, (are) never listening. “Ad-dinu nasihat”. Whole
religions (are) advising people: “O people, be clean! Don’t walk on
dirty lands, (you are also) going to be dirty!” Whole Prophets (are)
saying this, their advice that is: “O people, walk on clean land that
its cleanliness (is) reaching to you!” That is the summary of (the)
whole prophecy. It is summary to make people to be awakened: “Where I am
putting my feet?” You must know it!

Our Grandsheikh- peace be upon him, Allah bless him- he was saying for
Abdu-l Khaliq al Ghujdawani from our Golden Chain powerful ones. Abdul
Khaliq Ghujdawani- Allah bless him- that he was saying: “O my friend or
o my followers or o my Murids, listen to me! Just up today (it is) 37
years (that) I (am) never stepping on a dirty place or jumping on it
also or going on that direction also!”

They are awakening people!
I don’t think that a person (is) looking a dirty on earth and putting
his foot on it or to step through his shoes on it! I don’t think so, no
one (is) doing this! May be a no mind person (is) making that. Or no
mind people may (even) make under himself and putting on his face! O our
Lord, protect ourselves! But finally should be that for those people, whom they are not using
their good will and minds and mentality and (whom they are) stepping on
dirtiness: finally they should make under themselves and putting on
their faces. That is a punishment.

O people, beware of dirtiness. You must ashame yourself! How you are
ashaming yourself? “O my existence, what do you think? Do you think that
you can choose to step on a dirtiness or (on) a clean place? Say to me
truly. Say to me! You are ashaming to step on a dirtiness- how you are
making so many dirty things and making that dirtiness (on yourself),
putting (it) on your face and on yourself? How it can be this? Are you
not ashaming?” Blame to you o mankind, that the Lord of Heavens (has) granted to you
mind and mentality, but you are not using (it) and (you are) stepping on
dirtiness! What is that! O people, wake up! Open you eyes and look where are you stepping! 21st
century people (are) stepping on dirtiness and just (they are) sinking
in it! Ever you heard (from) a person that (he is) asking to swim in a
dirty beach? No!

There is a dirtiness in Izmir, Turkey, (that) you can’t pass even on
that way, because (there is) so dirty smelling! Do you think that anyone
(is) taking (off his) clothes and divining in(to) it? No!
O 21st century people, you are not looking and seeing (the) dirtiness of
Eastern people, Western people, Northern people, Southern people? In
oceans, on continents- which place is clean? All of you (are) coming in
it and making your dirtiness in it, then you are saying: “We are
civilized people!” Are you not ashaming to say this?
And dirtiness (is) going to be material dirtyness and spiritual
dirtyness. That thing should make them to be ashamed! (On the) Last Day,
the Day of Resurrection, they should be so ashamed, because just (there
is) falling from themselves such a dirty waters and dirty smelling,
(that the) people (are) running away!

And just (it is) reaching to me
from (the) Prophet -peace be upon him- (a) heavenly Knowledge that
(those) whom they are making ‘zina’, adultery people, (there is) coming
through their secret places a kind of… running from their secret places
so bad… so bad smelling water (is) coming from them, that the people of
Judgment Day they should run away from them.

O people, what you are doing against heavenly Orders, that (is) making
you to be ashamed through (The) Last Day in (the) divinely Presence and
(there is) no peace and no pleasure for them here or Hereafter.
May Allah forgive us! Try to be clean, try to be with good people, try
to feel what is bad smelling or good smelling, you should be honoured
here and Hereafter!

May Allah forgive us. For the honour of the most honoured one in His
divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.
Allahumma salli wa salli ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam,
Salatan tadumu wa tuhda ilayh, mamarra layali wa tula dawam…

Lefke, 28.10.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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