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**The Balance**

Shah Naqshband Hazretleri, every time he was sitting and addressing people, making association and saying, "You must try to attend such meetings that are like sahabas’ [meetings] (Allah's swt blessings on them.) They were sitting with Rasulullah (saws) and hearing and listening and keeping orders." He was repeating this. For its importance, he was saying this. For eating and drinking, [there is] no need to speak on it and to encourage people for eating and drinking, because they are feeling a kind of pain. [They are] not going to be at rest when they are not eating and not drinking. Therefore their physical being is running on it. No need for cattle to hear from their owners to say to them, "Go to the meadow and eat and drink." No! That need for their physical being is going to appear as hunger and thirst. Hunger it has a pain. And the person who is going to be hungry, is looking for something to eat. No need to say, but his physical being is feeling that hunger and is asking to stop it, to fool himself, to come from unresting to be at rest.

Our animal side is OK. Without saying, it is running to ask for something to eat and drink. But, our spiritual being belongs to Heavens, not belonging to earth. Therefore the spiritual being is never getting satisfaction by eating and drinking. And they are asking something, not from the material world, but they are asking from the spiritual world. Prophets (as) were coming to make people, to make them ..., to give them courage for their feelings, because our physical being is always coming in front and preventing and saying, "I must eat. I must drink. I must enjoy." When your animal side is coming and closing your front, it is then closing on your spirituality and you are mostly going to be happy through your physical being's wishes. And you think that, when you are fulfilling your physical desires, it is OK.

Therefore, Allah Almighty is ordering to people for fasting. When you are fasting, your physical desires, as well as your spiritual desires, are getting and standing up and asking, or your physical being (without eating and drinking) is going to be weak. And your spiritual being (with fasting) is getting much more power, then beginning to make a kind of fighting or struggling between your physical being and your spiritual being. And if you are going to be a most courageous person, a brave one, you may keep that balance through your physical desires, as well as your spiritual desires.

Therefore, whole (all) spiritual teachers, spiritual leaders are trying to make a balance through their followers' real being. Real being is not only the spiritual being alone or your physical being alone, no! The real being is mixed up and coming as your personality. This is water, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If they are looking on it through its being as water, you can't see hydrogen or oxygen. If you are keeping hydrogen alone, and oxygen alone, it is not the real personality of water. Even if two hydrogen atoms are here and one oxygen atom is there, without coming and making a new formula, they can't reach to be something else from their beings, to be water. When getting that balance, between hydrogen and oxygen, there is going to be a new personality. No more are they hydrogen or oxygen. You can't say, "This is hydrogen" and "That is oxygen". You can't say. Therefore Allah Almighty is saying, "Just I put for everything a balance." "For every being in existence, I am putting a balance." Through that balance their personality is appearing. If putting three hydrogen and three oxygen and mixing, it is not going to be a water. If they are putting two hydrogen with two oxygen, it is not water's personality. It is another personality. Oxygen Peroxide? ...that is? H2O2 coming with another personality.

Balance for everything! Allah Almighty is saying, "Just I put balance." Without balance, you can't find anything in existence. Therefore so many philosophers are surrendering to say that there is One Who is arranging balances for everything through existence. There can't be two. Balance for everything ... Balance of worlds ... In everything you are finding ...

Therefore, now 20th century people just invented so many poisons to take away so many creatures, not human beings. They are saying that they are harmful things and, "We must take them away." And I was remembering so many things from when we were small ones. (That means 50 years ago, 60 years ago or 70 years ago.) So many kinds of creatures ... Now just their generations ... Their generations [descendents] are just finished. And those people who reached a perfect understanding through their minds, they are saying that it is dangerous - dangerous dealing or dangerous action that is harming harmony among creatures over this world, because the Lord of Heavens just created everything to be one and a second one in a balance. [For example], you may look: an ant runs. Another ant may run. Among themselves there must be a balance. They can't be any closer, and sometimes can't be further than that distance. Sometimes ... It is so fine ... such a fine balance that our minds can't carry. Can't carry.

And between your physical being and your spiritual being, there must be a balance. And through that balance is going to appear your personality. Therefore your personality is not only a material being or a spiritual being, but when they are coming together this (Allah Almighty The Creator's balance) is going to appear in your real personality as a man or as a woman. That is a very important point.

[An aside, apparently to a translator] Don't sleep! What you are using you must say. Very important point, this...

And you, as a deputy of your Lord Almighty Allah (swt), you have been granted willpower. Use your willpower with a balance, to make equal balance between your physical being and your spiritual being. If you can keep that balance, you are reaching a perfect personality and that perfection may carry you to His Divinely service, to be from His servants. If not, you can't reach to be His Divinely service servant.

Teachings on that point (that teach people how they are going to be able to keep balance through their physical being and spiritual being) are coming from Heavens to Prophets (as). Therefore, Prophets' (as) teachings are directing people for their perfection. As much as you can keep these teachings, you may reach to Heavenly perfection to be among His (swt) Divinely service servants. If not, you are going to lose your real personality and fall down.

This association is for that purpose. This association is teaching you to keep, and how you can be able to keep, your balance in front of your ego, because your ego is never happy to come under a discipline. It is asking to be number one, never accepting anyone else with himself. It is never accepting your spiritual being and saying, "Heh! Carry on, foolish one. I am the first one." The method is going to be different for that purpose to keep balance between your spirituality and physical being. Through Shariah, Holy Commands going to be different in practicing; but for their real target - same, on same point. But they [people] may come. Some of them may come to House of Lord, Kaaba. Some may come from East, some coming from West, some coming from North, some coming from South. Some of them are coming by plane, some coming through ship, some of them coming on cars, some of them coming on camels. But their main purpose (target) is one. Therefore Shariat, according to the conditions of life is changing. It is going to be different. And also through last Shariat, last taste, practicing is going to be in different ways that practicing needs. Capacity is going to be changed.

Therefore we are saying that the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order is just different from everyone else. We are not objecting to any other Tariqa. They are preparing people also, giving their balance according to their capacity and ability. Sometimes written on some instruments that work with electricity, they are saying this: 100 Volts or 200 Volts. If you are putting less hardware and giving more [voltage] than this, [the instrument] may burn. Therefore Islam is just bringing perfect perfection for whole nations, for whole humanity, to give to them their balance between their spiritual being and physical being, and to bring their real personality to the Divinely Presence. And you are...

Therefore, Shah Naqshband (Allah swt blessings on him) was every time saying that his association is obligatory and "the main pillar of my Tariqat", because without it, you can't reach that balance through your spiritual being and your animal side. To reach to your perfect personality, you must hear, you must be present, you must hear, you must listen, you must keep. Understanding, eh?
Sultan Mutlaq....

Bi Hurmat Al Habib, Bi Hurmat Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 2000

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