Maulana Sheikh NazimBanks
We are in a tunnel, and until we pass through it, it will get more and more narrow. Then, when Jesus Christ is coming, it will get wider and wider. Only the one whose foundation is Haqq will stand on his feet. Every Batil will be torn down. If a building has even only one stone of Haram, this will be the reason for its destruction... This system, all the banks, will break down. It is a Jewish invention... Over night all paper-money will lose its value, and only those who have gold may save their wealth. Before, for one piece of gold we got 1 Turkish Lira. Now you must give 25 million Turkish Lira for one piece of Reshat-Gold. The paper is here, but its value is there, in the bank. That is how they are cheating people... And the Jews are buying all the gold that the banks put on the market...
But it is Allah’s plan now that, day by day, Kufr should break down.

- 01.04.1999
BookOnthebridgetoEternity, CategoryEconomy
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