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Madad Ya Rijal Allah! O Glorious people in Divinely Presence. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar
La Ilaha illa Allah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd. Salam alaykum Ya
Ibad Allah.

O people who they are living on Earth from the time of Adam (as)... I am a weak servant. I am
not claiming that I know something. Or I am not also claiming that I can speak to people. No!
But sometimes I am... I am thinking on something that we are saying in Arabic,
Waridat/inspirations. Something, Heavenly feelings, inspirations coming to me & I like to speak
sometime to people. Even I am a weak one, very weak one. And I am saying Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Wa Lillahi Al Hamd.

O people! I am saying with the Holy Name of Lord of Heavens, Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.
Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Something that is happening in our time now... In our days, very
strange or another word, surprising happenings in our days. May Allah (swt) forgive us. For the
honour of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). For the honour of all holy
Prophets (as), including first Ibrahim (as), then his noble sons. Yaqub (as) & his 12 honoured sons,
yes! I am very happy with those very very honourable people, that chosen... chosen by the Lord
of Heavens. It is a grant from the Lord of Heavens to them, Banu Israil, they are saying.

And it is well known, Allahu Akbar! Their grandfather Sayidina Ibrahim (as), yes? Yes! From his
way all Prophets (as) coming. Prophets (as) that they belong to Banu Israil & also they are ibn
'amm/cousins of Arabs, also. They have been honoured. Subhana Allah Al 'Aliy' Al Azim. I am
very happy with all Holy Prophets (as). That their grandfather Sayyidina Ibrahim (as) and his
generation (descendants) they have been granted honour not other people granted. They have
been granted such a majestic characteristics. Ok?! Majestic. And... Even though shaytan -
anyone may know that a thief never coming to a poor person. No! Not coming. Who they have a
treasure, going there. Therefore more than any other nation shaytan.... Allah (swt) makes him
away from everywhere - They are... that shaytan running after sahib/the owners of treasures.
Sahib Al Khaza'in/ the owner of treasures. The owner of treasures, (shaytan is) coming there.
Therefore more than other nations they are among themselves they are fighting. And then, they
are fighting other nations.

Subhana Allah! Allah (jwa) granted to them Sultanate of Dawud (as), Sulayman (as), and on their
ways, Subhana Allah! So honour, so honoured ones! We have been honoured, if we are knowing.
Allahu Akbar! Sayyidina Yusuf (as), Sayyidina Yaqub (as), Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! That is a
preface, that key, not I am thinking on it but it is coming to me.

What is happening now, Subhana Allah! The Lord of Heavens. A question... Who can be able
to direct everything on this Planet, dunya? Who can rule this world? Who can be able to keep
the reins of this world? That is a question. Do you think that reins are through the hand of
mankind on Earth? No! That is important. The reins of this world in the hands of Heavenly
ones. Heavenly ones. Subhana Allah! From the time of Abraham (as) & coming. Noble people
they were... they were... keeping Heavenly Sultanate on earth. Yes? Not common people. Reins
of the world was in the hands of noble ones that they have been chosen from Heavens. And,
important point now, dunya no one can be able to control dunya from ordinary people, no, No!
Heavenly people controlling. And an important point that when the commanders or.. Allahu
Akbar! Allahu Akbar! whom they are controling dunya, noble ones. When noble ones loosing
control of this world, the reins of this world becoming through the hands of those shaytanic
people, worst people.

You understand? Fasad/corruption, corruption beginning through the hands of worst people.
Then they are taking away good people whom they are controlling whole world & they are
coming into power. Dunya going to be corrupted? Corrupted! I am... I am asking a question
coming to me. There is a word, there is a Hadith, Hadith of the Honourable Prophet (saws): "If
Sham became corrupt, then the whole world is corrupted." Coming to me last night. They are
showing a show through TV, that in Israel people... coming to me, warid/inspiration, saying that,
"if the Jews became corrupt the whole world is corrupt." If the Banu Israil coming & fighting to
each other that means corruption just reached among themselves. No hope for dunya/this world.
No more control! No more control for good people on Earth.

That coming to me: that if the Banu Israil through the Ard Al Muqaddis/Holy Lands... Holy
Lands they are coming to each other, that means finshed! The order the world, this world is
finished & is waiting for intervention of Heavens. No more control on Earth now, finished!
Corruption coming to the Banu Israil - they have Prophets (as) & books - that means corruption
just spread everywhere.

No more hope. Only when someone coming from Heavens on Earth to make everything in its
right makan/place. Dunya/this world... People now, impossible from dunya someone may do
something for people of the world, to make them to come islah/correct. Finished! Everywhere
this! Now last night coming this. Everywhere finish; no anyone from Earth people may do
anything for people to correct their ways for their lives. That is finished.

Now we are looking up who is coming, Musa (as) coming? Jesus (as) coming? The Seal of
Prophets (saws) may coming or their representative may come. With such a person with
Heavenly power or Heavenly sword with their hands may do anything. Now finished! That is, I
can't say. I am tired. That is a huge ocean, but... Therefore I am saying: I look that in Israel
happening; that means fasad/corrupted Israel, that means finished!

We are waiting now O our Lord! Send us men who may correct everything. We can't do
anything now. Young people old people, religious people, other people, rich ones, poor ones,
governments, revolutions, demolitions... Never can do anything. O people living on Earth from
East to West, from North to South, that is a declaration, Heavenly declaration to all. You must
ask someone from Heavens, Heavenly people who may correct everything, or you are going all
of you finished!

May Allah (swt) forgive us. Everything people making wrong only True ones may do true things
from Heavenly orders. Or people, every kind of nations, they are doing wrong things & finishing.
May Allah (swt) forgive me, forgive you, forgive from every people. May Allah (swt) send us
Heavenly... Heavenly protection for saving His (swt) good servants. May Allah (swt) give honour
for honoured people. Ya Rabbi Wa Lillahi Al Hamd. That is an ocean. We can do more &
more but it is enough. Who may be think on it. Allah! Allah! Allah (swt). Subhansin Ya Rabb,
Sultansin Ya Rabb. You can do everything. Fatiha.

Ok? This specially came.. They are knowing the situation. You can understand my English? (Perfect)

I am...This is...I am not writing and speaking. Al Hamdulillah, but a command coming to me. I
am nothing. May Allah (swt) forgive me, forgive you, forgive His servants and save ourselves with
His Heavenly powerful people, Ya Rabb.


Lefke, 08.07.2012

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