Maulana Sheikh NazimThe basis of true Servanthood Or: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim - the key for all problems

As-salamu alaikum! As-salam qabla-l kalam! Rasulullah sws, Prophet, most
honoured Prophet, most beloved, most praised Prophet, was saying:
„Before you are speaking, say Salam!“ Therefore it is from Sunnah, from
holy Way that leading people to Paradise, to keep that advice from
Rasulullah sws and we are saying ’As-salamu alaikum’!
And you must say, you must ask support from holy people, whom they are
governing anything here on earth and Heavens. We must know that we are
weak people and we are in need support!

And we must say ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’; we must know who
is that one that cutting our ways to reach Heavens! Man must know who is
their enemy, who cutting their ways to reach to their Lord, their
Creator Allah Almighty! Therefore we must say “Audhu bi-llahi mina
shaitani rajim. O our Lord, we are running to You from Shaitan” , that
he was first rebellious person, saying in divinely Presence: “I am not
accepting, I am not taking care what You are ordering to me to do!”
First rebellious person through Heavens was Shaitan and you must say:
“Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, o our Lord, we are running to You
from Shaitan that he did his worst through Your divinely Presence!”
First one; no one can say ‘No’ in divinely Presence, can’t be! Who is
that one to argue with his Lord, with his Creator? How it can be? Must
be worst one who arguing with its Creator or with his Creator, what is
that? How a creature may stand up and say: “O my Creator, what You are
ordering to me it is not true, it is wrong! How You can order to me to
make Sajdah to this one and I have been created before this new creature
and I was thousands and thousands years I am always glorifying You and
praying for You? And I was thinking that my obedience may be accepted
through Your divinely Presence and I was thinking or I was hoping that
You should accept what I did for You and I was expecting for You that
You rewarding me! But now I am looking that You created a new creature that he never did
anything for You, never even one Sajdah, I just filled earth and Heaven
with my Sajdah to You and now You are saying to me that I was expecting
a reward from You, instead reward You are saying to me: ‘Run, bow to

Heavenly Announcement coming: “Who are you to say that through My
divinely Presence? Who are you to make argue with your Creator? Devil!
Go away! Who are you to make argue? Quickly get away, get out from My
divinely Presence! I was granted to you to be through My divinely
Presence and now you are saying this in front of Me, the Lord of
Heavens, the One who created everything including you also, to say to
me: ‘I am not making Sajdah, I am not bowing to that one’? Demon! Go away!”
Worst creature that one and that one he was such a bad person and he was
not taking any care what the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of whole
Existence including him also, (said); (he was) not taking care and
saying to his Creator: “I am not bowing!”

This (is the) first lesson for the Children of Adam: To know that that
creature is worst creature that created. And he was leaving the
Creator and turning and coming to Adam and Eve and their generation,
their children, saying: “I am giving my oath that, as You making me in
that position for all this creatures, I am asking that You are giving me
a time, a period to run after those people whom they have been honoured
by Yourself, to make them like me, not to listen to you, not to obey to
You, not to bow to You! I am going to do my worst”- not best!- “(to the)
whole (of) mankind, that You can’t find anyone from those people, the
generation of Adam and Eve, to be obedient to You. I shall try , as much
as possible to carry them to wrong ways and to make them, to make
argument with You, to make argument about their destinations. I am going
to do everything, every bad thing to make those people, not to be
obedient servants to You and when they are getting disobedient servants,
they never going to reach real honour that You granted to them, not
giving to me!”

Therefore, o people, you must think on it, you must try to know who is
your worst and most dangerous enemy! Therefore, before saying:
“Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’ you must say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim, o our Lord, we are running to You from those most dangerous
enemies attacking on ourselves and taking us from the line of obedience
to the line of disobedience!” Yes, you must say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, o our Lord, we
are asking Your divinely Protection against that worst servant, (not) to
put ourselves in a position that we never be able to reach to You or
ourselves and we can be free to be Your servants without going to be
cheated through that bad creature, perhaps worst creature! O our Lord,
keep ourselves!”

We are speaking on obedience. That is the base of obedience towards to
our Lord. Shaitan, devil, diabolo, that calling ourselves: “Come, come to me, come
to my way, I am leading you to a very brightened life, to be free for
your willings, for your pleasure. I am here, come to me!” Tu on that
Shaitan! Tu! Make tu on him! Tu! Audhu bi-llah!

But- that cursed one saying: “I am happy to make you, I am trying to
make for you (a) trap” - and we are saying: “Your trap is nothing! We
are running to our Lord and our Lords trap catching you! Whole traps,
whole that ones whom they are running after you, obeying to you they are
like yourself also, you are going to fall in heavenly Trap that just put
on earth!”

May Allah forgive us! And we are saying now, if understanding this, you
may say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’. Ohhh, endless honour, endless
honour to you, to me, to everyone to say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’!
X.! Understanding English? A little bit! He coming from X.stan, not to
much understanding… Yes, o our Lord, You granted us, you honoured Your
weak servants! So weak servants, we are so weak, but You are giving for
ourselves a power Ocean! “O my servants”, saying Allah Almighty, “if you
are getting to be in a difficult position, if you are problems never
going to reach a solution, call Me and say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
That is My sword granted to you against Shaitan, diabolo and its followers!”
Power! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (Dhikr… about 2o times)! So sweet! So
powerful! If dead person may say, standing up, if ill person saying
this, may stand up, if weak person saying this, standing up- with power!
Power reaching from Heavens to you, o mankind, but you are also idiot
ones, following Shaitan! Leave him! Come and say: “Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim!” Subhan Allah Sultan Allah! What honour Allah Almighty granted us!
Therefore, at least 4o times daily say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
If you can do 1oo times, it is better. Through 24 hours make a time;
(it) may take you 5 minutes to say 1oo times ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim’, but coming on you such a power, feeding your physical being as
well as your soul!

Don’t be heedless, o people! That is the key that granted from Heavens
to you, to bring solution for every problem and also to open to you the
doors that shut down. You may say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’ and Allah
Almighty granted to you opening, opening, endless, endless doors. Allah-
jalla jalalahu- Almighty preparing His servants if they are using,
treasures! Not treasures of earth, but heavenly treasures going to be
opened to you! O people, come and listen! Enough your drinking and going to be drunk
ones! No, you must be awakened! You must find a time that you can say at least 4o times ‘Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim’. If you like to make it 1oo times, it is okay!

Some people coming and saying to me that: “O Sheikh, we are running to
Tariqat, to ways of Heavens, heavenly Ways, and we are trying, but we
are not reaching. What do you think on it?” I am saying: “I am giving to
you something, if you can do, you are going to be prepared for a
heavenly Opening!” “What is that?”

“After morning praying, till sun rising, make 1ooo x ‘Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim’. Continue on it 4o days, then going to appear to you
some rays of Nur, heavenly Lights. For every 4o days that rays going to
be more stronger, till you can look and see what is in Malakut,

…When Adhan call coming, we are saying: “Yet we have time, we
may sleep…” Ehhh! sun shining…! I am giving permission! Who can do may do,
through 4o days, must appear
a ray from Heavens to his heart. If you are keeping along that way, you
may reach the Fountain. You can reach Fountain of Lights. It is not from
earth, but it belongs to Heavens. And we are not in need to take missile
to be in it… no no no! You have such a power that you may destroy whole
missiles in a less than one minute, through one second!

We are so powerful creatures, but we are not arranging the power
station, to reach to our position that we have been granted from our
Lord Almighty Allah! We are not putting this in charge, therefore we are
half way, (and then) we are sinking (back down) …

Therefore, o people, we are beginning now to teach people something that
it is real foundation, real base for servanthood. If you are not making
that base, you can’t be able to do your service in divinely Presence.
Therefore we are trying to establish first to be on strong base, then we
can build on it…

May Allah forgive us! It is enough; we are only beginning, we are saying
only ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’. If we were speaking, if they were
leaving to me to speak on it, may be (continue up to) next Sunday, may
be next month, may be next year, may be next century, not finishing!…
O people, you have been created for eternity! Eternity, try to reach
eternal life! Allah Almighty (is) eternal, and (He) granted to real
servants from His Eternity Oceans something to be forever in his
divinely Presence.

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honored
one, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 6.5.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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