Maulana Sheikh NazimBe a defender of Truth! Or: S.Muhammad sws was not a lamb!

Ya Rabbi, ya Allah! Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah.
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la
quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ´Aliyu-l ´Adhim.
As-salamu alaikum!... If I knew if I am giving Salam or not... therefore, to be
´mutmainu-l qalb´, I am saying another : As-salamu alaikum! Now I know that I
am giving Salam. Then we shall say: Alfu salat, alfu salam ´ala Rasulillah sws
Ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, we are asking your shafa´at, intercession!
And we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir

We are running away from Shaitan. And to where we must run? Allah, Subhana Hu wa
ta´ala, (is) saying: “Fafiru ila-llah. Run away from Shaitan, run to Allah that
created you and bringing you in existence.” Who (is) bringing you in existence?
Ha? By basket, you are coming from Heavens on this, like parachute? Everyone
(is) coming from up by parachute. Do you think so? Edebsizler, alcak kafirler!
(It is) not for you, this (swearing), (but) for those that they are denying
everything, beyond their minds they are denying everything. They are the level,
under the level, of donkeys and animals! (Animals) they know, who created them,
but those creatures, dirty creatures, they are not knowing or they are so proud
to say that: “The Lord of Heavens He created us!” May Allah forgive us!
Till they are coming humbly and saying: “O our Lord, we are Your creatures; You
created us, we are Your servants! You may order and we are going to listen and
obey”, (there is) no way for their future, no way for their happiness or no way,
generally no way to peace on earth!

Where are those proud people whom they are getting... they think that they are
something? Where they are, those people whom they are claiming they are Chief of
Christians, Chief of Protestant, Chief of Orthodox, Chief of Catholics, Chief of
Anglican Church, Chief of Jerusalem? Ha, Hakam Bashi... Chief of Muslims...
Where they are that they are so proud? Where are you that you are with your so
ornaments dressings to be different a little bit different from another people?
You are such a person, so proud! “O people come to peace, don´t quarrel, be
silent, don’t run through streets...” They are not saying this also, but they
are so proud ones with their clothes that people do think that they are
something, some another kind, not from common people. “We are up, up, up!” Who
(is) making himself by himself up, high, high, higher... (is) coming down, down,
down... X. You have also such a people (in Spain)? Big monasteries, big holy
ones! No, holy ones never! Holy one- who is holy one? Holy one that is (he), who
knows who created him and what He is asking from him or from them. That is (a)
holy one. Not (those that) they are showing a show with their clothes and (are)
making people to think about themselves (that) they are holy ones! They are
liars! They are liars!

Jesus Christ... Our Christian brothers they are blaming (ourselves) that
Muslims, Muhammad sws, say: “The boss of creation, (the) most honoured one, most
glorified one!” They are saying: “He carried (a) sword and Islam just reached
East and West through (the) sword.” Hmmm! What about you, o Christians? Popes
and... I am not saying for Jewish people, because they are fighters. They are
fighters, they used (the) sword to make people to come to Allah, to say: “La
ilaha illa-llah, Moses Rasulullah”, to say: “No one´s Iman, faith, (is) going to
be complete, if they are not saying: ´Moses (is the) Prophet of Allah´!” And
Muhammad sws also Prophet of Allah to whole nations, as we are saying. We are
not making a separation, we are not saying: “Only S.Muhammad sws he is our
Prophet. Prophecy (is) only for him!” We are saying that we are believing (in)
whole Prophets, beginning from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and
(for) 124.000 Prophets we are saying “Yes” and we are not fighting to Prophets.
Fighters to their Prophets they should be in Hells!

Now they are blaming Muslims and for whole creations Prophet, S.Muhammad sws,
that: “He used (the) sword to make Islam to reach East and West!” What about
you, o Christians? Jesus Christ, he used anytime even one knife? Who (is)
inventing so many dangerous weapons, nuclear weapons, Jesus Christ (is) signing
for them: “O Christians, you are on (the) right way, because you are making
nuclear weapons”? Jesus Christ (is) signing: “You are okay”? I must ask (the)
Pope, I must ask (the) Patriarch, I must ask whole Christian Bishops: “Jesus
Christ (is) signing (that) you are on (the) right path? Why you are blaming
S.Muhammad sws that he used (the sword)? He was not a lamb! S.Muhammad, he
wasn’t a lamb like you are making Jesus Christ lamb! S.Muhammad sws he wasn´t a
lamb to sit down and to give his neck: ‘Cut my neck!’ Haaaa! Be straight or you
should be shot down!”

Understanding? Wrong? (Is) anything wrong? Eh! Yes... Allah (is the) Witness!
Allah (is) looking! I don’t think that anyone through East and West may speak on
that point except a very very weak or... I am someone that (is on the) lowest
level. I am (a) lowest level person, I am speaking this. They are claiming they
are highest level. They may say anything! If I am an old person, weak person,
under every level- if I am saying (anything) wrong, if they are saying: “You are
wrong”, they can´t reach up to tomorrow, they may go away...

This world is not empty! (The One) who (is) turning this world, just prepared
everything in its most perfect position. They are saying: “This- who is that!
(He is a) lowest person!” But (he) may keep a secret power from Heavens. That
secret power may destroy everything that they invented and (that they are)
bringing to take away peace from earth! That one that you are saying: “This
(one) is nothing”- (Allah) may keep that power though that person! Allah, Allah,

O people, we are only saying something that no one can be able to object on it.
It is so clear, so clear! May Allah forgive me and forgive you also.
O people, who is (a) believer? Who (is) believing in truth. Who is a Muslim? (A)
defender of Truth. Try to be defenders of Truth, o people, then Allah Almighty
helps you and protect you and shelter you, if not...

May Allah forgive us! Allah, for the sake of the honoured Beloved one, habibi
akram hurmati icin, for the sake of the Tajalli of this blessed month, bu
mubarak ayin tajalli hurmati icin, forgive us, Sen bizi afet! Send the Sahib who
is going to change everything, doenderecek Sabihi goender, ya Allah, Fatiha...
Allahumma salli wa sallim ´ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, Salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam...

Zahir olsun, Senin dini zahir olsun, ya Rabbi! Zahir da, goermeyen goezler da

My anger only to my ego! You are free to be angry with your ego or not. You are
free, but I am fighting with my ego and angry with my ego. May Allah help me!


Lefke, 13.9.2008, Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryMuhammad
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