Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimBe Small Obedient Servants

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As-Salamu Alaikum.

People chanting: "Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah. Wa Allahu Akbar Allahu
Akbar Wa lillah al Hamd".

Subhana Rabbi`Aliyil a`lal Wahhab. Subhanaka! La uhsi thana'an 'alayka. La ilaha illa Anta
Subhanaka. Wa Aghfirlana wa Arhamna. Wa tub alayna wahdina waskina. Wa aslih sha'nana wa
sha'nal muslimin wansurna alal qawmil kafirin. "Rabbana Aghfir Lana Wa Li'akhwanina Al-
Ladhina Sabaquna Bil-'Imani Wa La Taj`al Fi Qulubina Ghillaan Lilladhina 'Amanu Rabbana
'Innaka Ra'ufun Rahimun" (59:10). The deceased was like my son. He was like my son.
Rahmatullahu alayh. Allah gives to him from His endless Mercy Oceans. His father was like this,
not himself.

Subhana Allah. Subhana Allah. He asking me, the night that he passed away: "My Shaykh is not
crying for me". I said to him "I am crying". And I am crying half night for him. He was so
happy. Subhan Allah Al 'Aliy Al Azim. O poor one.. Ridha an Lillahil Taala al Fatiha! First for
our Prophet (sas), then for all the prophets & saints.

M. Mehmed! Who looks over them now? Who is looking over now in AbdulKarim's place?
G. Luqman Hoja Effendi.
M. Is he here?
G. No.
M. He is there.
G. Yes, in America.
M. Ok good, he is Ottoman. Ottoman. These are all the ones who are in US.
G. Yes, most of them are from US. Mustafa Hoja is the deputy in Germany.
M. Ok, very good. I also give permission for your mission. Continue with it. Collect. There is
nothing like "it is your place, this is my place..." We are all obedient servants for Allah
Almighty. We are asking nothing else. We are asking His forgiveness only. Not to say "I am this
one or I am that one". No! I am nothing. But since 80 years, always my Grandshaykh- I am
kissing (his) feet up to day.
G. I am kissing your feet on behalf of S. AbdulKarim.
M. Astaghfirullah! Allah gives you much more chance to be on right way that he was trying to
keep it. Take up the flag of Islam, up always. Don't come to say "I am this one, I am that one".
No. We are all obedient servants. Allah.. Pray for me. I am weak. I am weak. Asking forgiveness
from my Lord Almighty Allah. Fatiha.
G. Please pray that we can continue his work.
M. You must keep straight way that Prophet (sas) bringing & awliyas keeping it. No anyone or
anything else. All of us, we must try to be all small obedient servants. Masha Allah, Allah giving
to you nur/light. I am happy with you. As you are doing, I am giving to you also
ijazat/permission to keep the way. If anyone, other, giving you may take. Doesn't matter. We are
asking only straight way to the Holy Prophet (sas), to awliyas. Nothing else.
G. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Many people have slandered Shaykh AbdulKarim & his
people & his work saying "we have separated from you". But pray..
M. Separated?
G. We are not separated from you.
G. The world of unbelief claims that we have separated from you? ( in arabic)
M. No, no. We are all servants. Naqshbandi servants. Finished. We are not asking from earth.
We are asking from Heavens- our gift, or reward. That is. Masha Allah Masha Allah.
G. Insha Allah we want to build Sh. Abdulkarim's maqam in New York.
M. Where?
G. In the Ottoman dargah in NY. There is Sh. Abdullah Daghestani's maqam, next to it inshaAllah.
M. Ok, ok. No harm. He will be happy with this. Insha'Allah he will stay as the Master there. His
service is accepted. Are you Turkish or German?
G. I am Turk, Ottoman insha Allah.
M. Really, are you Ottoman? From Menemen (Izmir)?
G. Giresun.
M. New York?
G. Yes, I am in New York.
M. Masha Allah. All of you have nur. Masha Allah Masha Allah. You may take up holy flag of
Prophet, peace be upon him. And keep each one, another. If not listening me, I have.. Where is
my stick? My stick may reach from East to West! I am nothing but sometimes something!
Anything you may ask, ask... No, not to me. Who is now on yourself,cwho is appointed?
G. Luqman Effendi.
M. Luqman Effendi? Ask him.
G. You accept him as deputy?
M. How I won't accept? They will put me as deputy rather? They are..
G. If you accept.
M. It is accepted. Show respect & make service. May Allah make you plenty & your majesty go up.
G. Allah bless you. Allah gives you health & strength.
M. Amin. What can we do? Our situation is like this. Pray for us, in this holy night- the Night of
Baraat. Where is this one from?
G. This one is Greek. He is building our mosque there.
M. Iranian?
M. Speaking Iranian.
S.N. He is Greek Sayyidi.
M. Greek? Speaking Greek & joking. Athens?
G. My mother, yes.
M. He has nur on his face. Sadiq/True one. Keep all of you, yourself. If anything, you may ask,
you may understand.. You may ask anyone from Naqshbandi people. It is ok. I am giving it,
Masha Allah. Speaking Greek & joking. I am tired! Fatiha. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.
G. This is for Sh. AbdulKarim Effendi (sweet).
M. You eat it. As-Salamu Alaikum

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