Maulana Sheikh NazimBeauty is a Heavenly Light from Allah granted to His good servants Or: Give more time for worshipping to be granted Heavenly Light and Happiness

As-salamu alaikum, welcome to you!
Welcome to you, that Allah Almighty, His angels, (are) welcoming you!
Try to be from those people, whom they should be welcomed! When they
are leaving this life for eternal life, angels (are) coming and
opening the doors of Eternal Life and inviting them, welcoming
(them): Welcome, good servant!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Ya Rabbana, laka-l hamd! Hamdan daima ma a khuludik!
Wa salatu wa salamu ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa
sahbihi, haqqa qadrihi wa miqdarihi l- azim!

O people, ask forgiveness! Everyone needs to ask forgiveness from
Allah Almighty, because we are doing something - Meded, ya Rijalallah
- it is not so precious servanthood. We are doing servanthood on (the)
last level of servant and we are giving our whole power or effort for

That is bala un azim, that is (the) biggest reason of cursing. If we
can do, as we are doing for dunya, for Allah Almighty, this world (is)
going to be like paradise! But believers, they are doing very weak
obediency or servanthood, that is, (those,) whom they are saying: We
are good servants.

You can't say that: I am a good servant! No one can claim (this),
(there is) no any authority for anyone to say: I am a good servant.
Always you must look and you must say: O our Lord, we are never able
to worship to You!

Once Jesus Christ, always (he was) traveling because Prophets, they
have Heavenly Lights, (they are) enlightened from Heavens and that
light or enlightening (is) just appearing on their faces. Also common
people, whom they are trying to worship their Lord, it is going to
appear on their faces lights or enlightening from Heavens.

People they are trying to be seen their faces beautiful or handsome or
to be enlightened - for whom? For other people! Everybody likes to be
seen by other people: Ohhhh, so handsome person, so beautiful lady!
They are using material aspects to show themselves beautiful or
handsome - never!

Beauty or whom handsome (they are) from Heavens and Allah Almighty He
is granting to His servants Lights from Heavens and Allah Almighty
(is) enlightening His servants!

He likes that His servants to be seen and on their faces beauty
appearance, He likes that. Anyone from rich people or sultans or kings
or emperors, you can't find among their soldiers or servants to be
(someone) in an ugly face and dark face; you may see all of them so
beautiful and handsome and their appearance (is) as an appearance of a
hero and heavenly Light (is) just seen on their faces. They are using,
a king around himself, staff; everyone that belongs to (a) king or
sultan, to be their faces good face, enlightened, not to be hated. Not
to be hated ones, no, everyone may look to them and may feel through
their hearts satisfaction and more love and loyalty to their kings.
That is important. And Allah Almighty He likes that His servants to be
seen as much as possible beautiful or handsome and to be seen on their
faces beauty and lightening.

Therefore, now - such a people before our time, they were so many, but
now those people they are all of them hidden, hidden so that (there
are) so many ugly faces, dark faces, darkness through their faces,
filling everywhere and they are saying: We are on Divinely service!
Can't be! Can't be! Whom they are belonging (to the) Divinely service,
must be enlightened, (and the) hearts of people (are) attracted by

Therefore, we as much as giving much more time, perhaps fully our
time, for the Heavenly service of Allah Almighty and His Divinely
service, you should be seen heybet , glory on themselves, and (their)
faces (are) enlightening.

Jesus Christ was traveling whole Prophets (were) traveling, because
people mostly they are ignorant. Ignorant ones, if they are hearing
something advertised by Shaytan, they may run: Oh, coming a famous
pianist, a famous professor (?), a famous that and this - (and they
are) running to see, to meet them. But for Heavenly people even their
hairs (are) not moving, saying: Eh!

Therefore you are looking, every day you may see in TV that some
person, someone (is) coming, (that,) if you are looking (to) his face,
(there is) nothing on his face, only (the) signs of shaytanic signs
on that man or woman! They are beginning to sing or to play on their
instruments ohhh - thousands of people (are) getting up and sitting

That means, people commonly (are) going to be (for) Shaitan's service;
they are only making everything for Shaitan, nothing for Allah,
therefore they are so, so ugly faces and so bad voices they are
shouting, and they are dancing, playing... such a dirty actions they
are doing

Jesus Christ because people, from beginning up today, they like to be
for Shaytan; it is lovely for common people to follow shaytanic people
shaytanic people, whom they are belonging to Shaytan.

Jesus Christ - (Allah) dressing him dress of honor and dress of glory
and he was protected in his secretness, Allah (was) protecting him-
once he was traveling, to meet some people, (that) may be interested
with him.

One day he reached to a place on (a) mountain and (he was) looking and
seeing one abid; abid means, (some)one whom they are giving
themselves only for their Lords service like monks; they are trying
to imitate real one, but they are so far away far away He met a
person, sitting on earth and praying.

Then Jesus Christ (was) asking to him: Who are you? and he was
"O Jesus Christ! How you are asking my name? Why you are not asking
that I am (not?) saying to you: How you are here, O Jesus Christ? Why
you are not asking this and you are saying: How are you? I am saying
about yourself that you are Jesus Christ - you are not knowing, who am I?"

He said: Yes, I know, but I don t like to show you something that
without Heavenly Permission I can't do. Therefore I am asking you, who
are you. And that monk or abid, praying person, was saying: "I am also a weak
servant of my Lord."

What are you doing here? Such a questions that Prophets (are) asking,
it is for talim, (for) teaching and also (for) training

I am here, trying to do something for my Lord, Allah Almighty.

Ohhh! How many years you are here?

I am here about 700 years.

Where is your home?

He is saying: "I am here only, I am not in need to build a house, even
(only) one room."

Asking Isa, Jesus Christ: You are not going to build a building for
yourself. But for protection from (the) sun or protection from (the)
cold, you may do at least one small hut! Here you are living so many
years, there is seasons, changing, sometimes it is hot season,
sometimes it is cold season, and sometimes (it is) raining, sometimes
shining sun you are not in need?

(He was) saying: "No, no time for me! No time for me to build
anything, because just I have (been) informed some of my Lords
special servants, some Prophets, just met me and they are giving good
tidings to me that I am going to live only 700 years and 700 years it
is not so long life, therefore I am not enough time to build anything
here... I am sitting here, day and night, under (the) sun shining,
under (the) snowing - never changing I am happy, because (I have) no
time to put one brick on another brick for a building."

Then Jesus Christ was saying: Oh, that is that person (is a) real
one, who (is) working or who (is) doing his best to make his Lord
pleased with him!

That is (the) most important aim for people: to try to make pleased
their Lord from him, but people (are) running away and (they are)
asking to be pleased! If anyone (is) running away, not to make pleased
their Lord, they (are) never going to be pleased through their lives!
That is (the) Divinely Judgment: Who (is) trying to make Me happy,
pleased with him, I am making that servant through this life to be
happy and pleased! Who is trying to give Me pleasure, I am also
granting to be that servant always in pleasure! That is (an)
unchangeable balance to be known, to be worked on it!

Then Jesus Christ was saying: Ohhh, he was making like this. You
are saying, O my Lords servant, you are saying (that) 700 years only
you are living and you are not looking and seeing to build even a very
simple hut I am wondering and thinking that when (the) Last Days
(are) approaching, Allah Almighty (is) sending the Seal of Prophets,
Sayyidina Muhammad sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam, and his nations
ages (are) never getting much more than 60 or 70 - very few ones
(are) getting up - and they are building such a buildings, as Nimrod
just built, a tower, they should try to make to build such a

- Subhanallah! Before 2000 years ago that news (was) coming that (it
is) reaching to me also such a knowledge Subhanallah! - Surprising
Jesus Christ and saying. "You are saying this and the Seal of Prophet's
umma, their lives, (is) going to be between 60 and 70 years - what
was you are going to do, if your life between 60 and 70 years?
O Jesus Christ! O Jesus Christ! That time I was making Allahu akbar ,
putting my head, bowing in (the) Divinely Presence for His Endless
Glory, making one sajda and I was remaining there, till the Angel of
Death (is) coming and taking my soul! Nothing else I am going to do,
only one sajda and one bowing, (until) I am finishing
That ones that coming the Day of Resurrection and they are on sajda -

Now what people (are) doing? They are so greedy; greedy to give even
very short time for their Lord, to bow and to make sajda for Him!

What is your feeling or opinion, what you can say, what a big event
should face the people of 21st century people? What you are saying?...
Only cursing! Only cursing! Only cursing till they are coming back,
leaving Shaitan, then blessings (is) coming...

O people, keep yourself, give your Lords Rights through their times,
don't fear from anyone! Keep your worshipping and complete your
servanthood as much as possible, then you should find that you are
through your Lords Divine Protection - nothing can touch, nothing can
harm you, here or Hereafter!

For the honor of the Seal of Prophets Say: Astaghfirullah,
Astaghfirullah! Tubna wa rajana ilayka, ya Rabbana!

Bi hurmati man anzaltahu alayhi Suratu l-Fatiha.

Lefke, 9.9.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryIsa
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