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Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim…Meded…
Allah Almighty keeps ourselves on His right path. So many exits, Ausfahrten…when I was going on the motorway I saw a writing: Ausfahrt. I was thinking it is the name of a city, but then I saw so many, I asked: ‘How many cities there are with the name Ausfahrt? Must be bigger than Berlin.’ X. saying: ‘This means exit, it is not the name of a city.’

The right path is the safe way for reaching the real target. If a person is going right, left, leaving the main road, he cannot reach the main target. He may reach another target, but he may loose the main target. Allah Almighty created man. You can find two people to be similar or same? Must be a difference between the two, can’t be 100% same, because Allah Almighty is not making a copy, no, you are not a copy. He gives to everyone an independent personality. Here there are so many people. Each one through his different personality appearing in existence, and our inner existence, which is our spiritual being, it is also not same. And really our out looking comes from our spiritual being’s appearance.

So everyone is going to be in his own being independent and one. You can’t find another one same, no. And Allah Almighty grants to everyone from mankind, man or woman, that their hearts are occupied with something. Everyone is thinking something, asking something, making for himself a Kiblah, a target, that he is asking to reach. Kiblah (is the direction), that you are bowing (towards). If your heart is not bowing, your prayer is only a physical body’s movement. If your heart is not going to bow to the Kiblah, prayer is only something belonging to your physical being; it is not a real prayer. Therefore everyone also has a different Kiblah that his heart is bowing to, asking to reach his desire, his last will, or to that point.

So that everyone is just occupied with so many things that we have been put after our maturity age. We have been protected on the true way. When we pass that limit from childhood to the age of maturity an opening is coming. Small ones are just closed. When they reach the age of maturity, opening… Then they are going… I open the chicken stable; they come out like this… running in so many different places, you cannot reach them… Some are jumping… In the stable… quiet. When an opening is coming, you cannot reach to them…

When that opening is coming, beginning to appear so many different desires, forcing them to reach to there. When they see the direct motorway and nothing on it, they look right and left, and when they see something they are very interested in, they begin to run this way or that way, finding so many exits. If they loose one, they take the next one and enter… Very few people remain on the right path. The majority of people runs right or left. The right path leads to Allah and the separated exits go to their egoistic targets. Who leaves the main road, runs after his egoistic desires, and after a while that is going to finish and they fall down. Those who go straight use their will power and also their mind. Those who leave the straight path, the right path, all follow satanic ways and their egoistic desires. And it is going to finish after a short while. Some of them, a few, may come slowly to the right path, but mostly people are going to lose the right path.

And this is the general view of mankind now in the 21st century: Very few people you can find on the straight path, and those who leave the straight path to right or left also swear at the people, who don’t join them and call them: ’Retarded people, no mind people, foolish, crazy ones, that live through their imagination, leaving what is now in front of them and running after imaginations.’ They say even for the existence of the Lord that it is man made imagination. Astaghfirullah! They don’t accept a Creator and they are creatures, they know that they didn’t create themselves. But yet they insist to say: ‘No Creator.’ If there is a creation and creatures, there must be a Creator! That is mentality that is forcing people to say: ‘Yes.’ But they don’t use their mentality and they don’t say. They know, but they are drunk.

And swearing. Those people running after imagination say: ’You should find at the end of this huge way what should be for you forever’, and they carry the heavy burden in walking towards that imaginated target. 'But we: Look, just we put one step and we find what we are asking, we reach pleasure, we reach our target so quickly. How we can leave this and continue on a dry way?' That is 21st century peoples’ mentality and judgment about themselves. And they accuse believers to be crazy, no mind, funny, and they accuse them: ’They don’t believe in this person and such things, but they believe in something they cannot bring a proof for us.’

Mostly these foolish people came in front of prophets and objected to the prophets’ invitation. And when the prophets said to them: ’O people, you have a responsibility, you should be asked on the last Day, Judgment Day, what you did through all your life’, they said: ’How it can be?’ The prophets told them: ’After your life it should be’, and they ask: ’How? Our bodies are going to be dust. How you say we come back to be as before and that a Judgment Day is coming? We cannot understand and reach satisfaction with what you say. Give us a proof.’ That is what they say up today: ’Bring those, who passed away to come for us to see them, and then we may believe.’ They want to see and then believe. But not everything is going to be in our sight to be seen. If we ask them: ’Do you believe in atoms?’ They say: ’Yes. Do you believe in the existence of atoms?’ I may say: ’No, because when we say that there is a Creator you say: Show me so I may believe. Now you ask me if I believe in the existence of atoms. Why? Show me, so I may believe.’ Same mentality. If he may say: ’I can’t, because it is so small that it cannot be through our sight, we can’t catch it to see it’, I may say: ’Our Lord also, He is so great that it is impossible to get in our sight.’ But yet they insist to say: ‘No’. And when they say: ‘No’, they remain in the darkness of their physical being, and the material world is going to grind them and finish them.

So many things we accept only through our minds and mentalities; not everything we are reaching. Through knowledge we may understand, and we are not able to ask: How prepared, how was before, how it can be? No, we say: Yes. And heavenly knowledge is coming to us through prophets- no discussion on it. No one can do any discussion on Holy Books; they are over our level, never belonging to earth, but coming from Heavens. And the Lord of Heavens is asking from you to believe only without discussion...

Therefore ‘Muslim’ means someone who accepts without discussion on their realities. Because our understanding level is so low for reaching to that level. If we use our spiritual power we may reach the first level of understanding. Under it we must say: ‘Yes’, like a small one beginning to recite Holy Quran. He must say: ’Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, Alif, Ba, Ta, Tha…’ and he must believe that this is Alif without knowing if it is real or not. When he reaches to join letters and meanings of words come, then he understands that really this was Alif, Lam, Mim…

Therefore- the principles of beliefs just come from Heavens to people. You must say: ’I believe in God, His Existence and His Unity and in the existence of angels, of the Holy Books, the Prophets, Hells and Paradises, and that a Last Day is coming and a Judgment Day’ without bargaining on it; no discussion, because your mentality can’t reach to that point. But the people now are the same like the tribes in our Prophet’s time that were objecting on the Prophet and said: ’We don’t believe in your prophecy. If the Lord of Heavens is asking to send us a prophet, He must send us an angel. You are like us.’ And the Prophet is not like ordinary people. His out looking was like a man, but his inner real being belonged to Heavens, only, he had been dressed the out looking of a man. If not- an angel can’t do anything with mankind. Therefore Allah Almighty sent prophets from mankind for understanding them. He understand men and men may understand from him. But angels don’t understand the real position of man, because they are a different creation.

We are in difficult days, as before. But from the beginning of life on earth with Adam and Hawa, Eve, that separation began to be there believers and unbelievers. And time by time ???? the believers were taking the power through the Ummah and defeated the unbelievers. Now it is a pity for believers that we live in a time that the whole world is against believers, thinking that their technology is more powerful than our belief in Him, Almighty, and that from our weakness we fear their weapons. No! But it is a big loss for believers. To believe in God or the principles of Heavens now, in our days, gives us big honour on Judgment Day. Because we are defending the prophets and the heavenly principles of faith, and Allah grants us a high honour that wasn’t granted to people of past times. You must be thankful to Allah Almighty that you believe!

And now so many believers also run to the ways of western people, asking to be ‘modern Muslims’ or ’westernised Muslims’. There can’t be a ‘westernised Muslim’. It is Batil, false. ‘Westernised Islam’ means to be Christian. And Christians are all on false, Batil. If you like to be in safety here and hereafter keep that main road. If you don’t ask and you are happy to follow your ego and to be its servant- you are free. But death is looking after you. Never leaving unbelievers at any time. Death, they say, is like a dog following a stranger. If a dog knows a man is not from his people, he may bark or not, but he follows him, and suddenly he bites him. But you can’t know. Mostly dogs bark and bite, but some follow silently and any time may bite you… Death follows everyone silently… You can’t know which time may catch you… No safety. Young people say: ‘Old people must look after death, we are so young.’ No. Or rich people. They can’t say: ’We are rich, death may come to poor people only.’ Learned people- they can’t say: ’No fear for us, because we are learned, but may be fear for illiterate people.’ A General- he can’t say: ’We have so many stars, swords, eagles, crowns on us, and here it is full with medals. When the angel of death sees us, he may fear from us, because we are Commander-in-Chief, under us may march’s or millions of armies. We are so powerful.’ No! No safety for anyone. Anytime may catch!

Beware of Shaitan! People write: Beware of dogs. They don’t write: Beware of Shaitan, because 21st century’s people are his friends. They are very friendly with him, saying: ‘O my friend, my holy friend.’ Not their girl-friend or boy-friend, but Shaitan is the holy friend of 21st century’s people. They say: ’O, to be with you- you are so holy. We taste the sweetness of life with you, o our holy friend. If you are not in existence, what we can do?’ Everyone is making Shaitan his holy friend. 21st century’s people say: ’There is only one holy one, only Shaitan is holy, no one else is known on earth. The holy one of the 21st century is Iblis- our holy friend. We are proud to be with you!’ ‘Now it is the time for me’, Shaitan says. He is happy when I say: Sheikh is tired…

Protect us, o Allah, from the evil of Shaitan, and don’t leave us to our ego, because Shaitan is partner for our ego…We must ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty and His blessings also for the honour of the most honoured servant of Allah Almighty Sayidinna Muhammad, salallahu alayhi wasallim.

Lefke - 03.03.2002

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