Maulana Sheikh NazimBEWARE OF BAD FACES!

Don't cheat! All prophets tell us that people who cheat do not belong to our nation. Jesus Christ said so, Moses said so. Abraham said so. Every prophet said so to their nation: don't cheat! The Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him, said, "Who cheats people, does not belong to my nation." Remember this until the end of your life, and you will be happy. It will make you acceptable in the Divine Presence. You will then be shoulder to shoulder with the prophets, because prophets never cheat people, but shaitan does. Everyone knows that shaitan cheated the first man and his woman.

We believe in what heavens inform us of. We believe in heavenly news, and heavenly news, who we all know. Satan is mentioned in every Heavenly Book and that he cheated the first man and his woman. First he cheated the woman, then he cheated her man. They were in paradise and when shaitan cheated them the Lord of Heavens sent them on earth. What I am telling you is the same which you know from your religion. It comes from the same root. The Bible speaks about it. The Holy Bible, the Thora, the Holy Quran all say the same. Nevertheless people cheat each other. They say that it isn't said in the Holy Quran, or that it isn't mentioned in the Bible. The first cheaer is shaitan, and whoever cheats is a shaitan too. In our days you cannot find anyone who isn't cheated and there are very few people who do not cheat. That is why all problems increase from day to day. I have come to tell the people: fear Allah and don't cheat! Tell the truth.

What are you saying concerning the prophets? What do Buddists say about them? Have they still not understood about Moses? Or do they really not believe in Jesus Christ? Or do they not believe in Sayidina Muhammad? They think that they are still living in the time before Adam. Did they never get any news? They are living in the 20th century, but did they still not get any news about Moses, Jesus Christ or Muhammad, may peace be upon them. These people are now coming to advise us! I just ask them, "Where are you coming from? From the moon? What is the news there about Moses, Jesus Christ or Muhammad?" Truth is one, it cannot be two, no! Until today they are covering themselves with something, they do not eat like men eat, but like animals, only grass! They tell us that they are vegetarians... I am not moving my feet from that point until they stop cheating. I can tell who is cheating. I know their secrets. As long as they are cheating people, there will be no more peace. At the same time everyone claims that they are going to make peace.

If I am wrong, then let them bring an evidence. How many sects are there in Christianity? Is his Holiness the Pope cheating the Patriarch in Constantinopel, or is the Patriarch cheating his nation saying that the Pope is not real? If this is really such a holy meeting, then why isn't the Patriarch here also? It means that someone is cheating, and cheating is the first thing which has been prohibited in all nations: mankind are not allowed to cheat each other. If they cheat, then they are on the same level as shaitan. There is no forgiveness. This is a very difficult point which Allah Almighty is making me to speak on. 800 people are coming to this conference. For what? To cheat each other, or to be hypocrites and praise each other?

I mustn't cheat! If I do, I will be like satan. Don't cheat and don't let anyone cheat you. You must also not be someone who is cheated. That is also not good. When this rule is being followed, then blessings will come by itself on earth. And until that happens you will not find satisfaction, happiness or peace in this world.

You are Italians, French, Germans, Turks, Ottomans, Pakistani, Malay, Portugese... but all of us still come from the same root and we have been ordered to protect each other and to support each other and to save each other and to help each other. Is this written in the Holy Bible, or not? On the day of Resurrection I have a responsiblity to protect you and advise you. You are young and satan is running after you. It could be that you will make one mistake now which you will regret the rest of your life. So my advice to you young ones is to look for good people, to make friendship with good ones. Don't walk with bad ones. Good ones have a sign on their foreheads, but bad ones show on their whole faces. So beware of bad faces and you will be happy until the end of your life. Bad friends always want to cheat you. I am asking forgiveness from the Lord of Heavens and for blessings for you.

Italy - 01.11.1994

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