Maulana Sheikh NazimBeyond Time and Space

If Allah wants to put the whole universe into a thimble, He can. If He wants to put it all into one atom, He can. If He wants He can ask the atom to give up its existence and be like before. It can all be dissolved in His endless power oceans anytime.

There are huge galaxies, which according to reports include billions of stars. Looking at it with the naked eye, it only looks like a spot. But if you were there, this whole universe might even be invisible, because we are smaller than that. You would be invisible, finished, not in existence! When you start approaching it, the world becomes clearer and clearer and by the time you land on it you will disappear.

Everything you see is not in its real position, especially in the sky. It is not the way it appears to be. The moon is not a circle with a diameter of 20 centimetres. That is not the real moon. The real moon is not a circle, but a ball. What you see is not real. If you get closer to it, you will notice. But if you are somewhere else, it will be different. We are cheated by our vision. If Allah the Almighty wanted to put all stars into one place, He can. If He wants to put the whole universe and all galaxies there too, He can. That is the greatness of Allah and His power oceans. He can do anything in perfection. If you look at yourself, it is not perfect. When He looks at you He does so in a perfect perfection, nothing is hidden from Him. It is difficult to speak about the limits of creatures and their connection to Allah the Almighty. No one can understand this connection. He knows them inside and outside, nothing is hidden from Him.

Everyone has been granted physical powers and spiritual powers. What you have been given as physical powers within your physical being is very narrow, but your spirituality is something else. It is beyond time and space. When people train themselves, they can get out of the prison of time and space. When you are beyond time and space a second can be a billion years without any difficulty. But it is not easy to reach such a position. To be able to you must do exercises and train according to spiritual rules. These should enable you to take your soul from the prison of your physical body and free it into its spiritual world. Until that moment you are imprisoned on earth. When Allah opens up this ability you can look anywhere in a second of time without any hindrance. The Prophet* made his Mirage which in actual fact was a journey of billions of years, but when he returned, his bed was still warm. Everyone who wants to reach such Heavenly Positions must get help from someone who already has these powers, someone who can be here and there at the same time.

The wisdom people reach there is very different. You cannot find two holy people saying the same things, using the same words. The wisdom run from their hearts to their tongues and will give something from the universes to common people. Prophets came from Heaven to be such messengers. This is a deep and terribly dangerous ocean. We cannot move in it. We can only stand on the beach and look. Holy people and prophets can go inside and bring back pearls.

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